20 Daily Habits That Will Make You Successful

Real success is created by habit and action. You might be motivated to become successful however it is very hard for you to achieve anything if you don’t start taking action. You must also develop cer

Real success is created by habit and action. You might be motivated to become successful however it is very hard for you to achieve anything if you don’t start taking action. You must also develop certain habits that are common among successful people. There are very few successful people in this world because most people don’t take action. Successful people chase after their dreams. They concentrate on doing things they are passionate about. They have also developed very rare habits that lead to their eventual success.

If your daily routine is dominated by constructive habits aimed at getting you closer to your dreams, you will definitely find yourself doing what you are passionate about and earning exactly what you wanted to earn or more. If you happen to be interested in discovering common habits of highly successful people, you are in the right place. Below are 20 habits that will surely make you extremely successful.

20 Write Down Three Things you are Thankful and Happy about Every Day

This habit makes it to this list because it helps you view success with the right attitude. According to numerous studies, optimists achieve more than pessimists in life. If you really want to be highly successful, you must develop this optimist habit and then combine it with the other habits below to create the success you want in your life.

19 Review Your Journal Monthly

This is also a very important habit that is bound to make you very successful. Maintaining a journal gives you clarity. Your journal is, however, a more powerful tool for success if you review it frequently to assess your progress and adopt new strategies.

18 Develop a Habit of Making Sacrifices

To be highly successful in life, you must be able to sacrifice things that you really want in life for the things that will bring success in your life. This habit is very important because the path to greatness isn't characterized by easy living and excess spending.

17 Spend More on Things That Grow or Propel your Dream

Although spending on entertainment isn't bad, over 80% of your money should be channeled on personal development such as your business in order to fuel growth. Avoid the habit of spending to boost your image or impress people at all costs.

16 Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthy

Highly successful people understand the importance of having a healthy body and mind. You can’t work if you are sick. You must therefore do everything possible to remain healthy. Exercise 3 to 4 days weekly and eat healthy diets to be able to keep you body and mind healthy.

15 Avoid the Unsuccessful

You should avoid ''suckers'' and the unlucky at all costs because they will destroy your dreams and influence you in a negative way. If you happen to have friends who are ''suckers'', stop spending time with them. They are not worth your time if you really want to achieve success.

14 Share your Dreams

You must also develop the habit of sharing your dreams and aspirations with others. This is an important habit you must develop to be highly successful because it makes you more accountable. People also give you priceless ideas you wouldn't otherwise have thought about if you had kept your dreams to yourself.

13 Use a Board

A white board is an important accessory to help you keep your goals close and visible. Most highly successful people have big boards in their places of work that remind them why they are working so hard.

12 Develop the Habit of Working Harder and More Effective than your Competitors

If you purpose to work harder than everybody else, success won’t be able to evade you. Forget about the saying that you don’t need to work hard but work smart. You must combine both and make them a habit to become highly successful.

11 Your Family Comes First

Highly successful people will admit to valuing their families more than money. This is a habit you must develop. Your loved ones have to come first. You must work for a greater purpose than achieving your own monetary gains, otherwise you won’t achieve true success.

10 Wake up Early

This is another very important habit developed by highly successful people. Forget about those opportunities that promise you overnight success while you sleep. You have to wake up early. Good luck finding a highly successful person who wakes up late. You have to wake up early before everyone else for you to achieve what most people haven’t.

9 Take Active Breaks

It is worth noting that taking breaks between working sessions isn't enough to make you extremely successful in life. Those breaks have to be active and effective. They must enhance or benefit your working experience as opposed to taking you away from it.

8 Take Breaks Between Working Sessions

You must have a disciplined and effective work session free of distractions to become highly successful in the long run. This can only be achieved if you take breaks. Consider working for and hour and a half and then taking a break to avoid getting easily distracted while working.

7 Measure Everything

You must also get into the habit of measuring everything if you really want to become highly successful. For instance, you must be able to measure how you are doing with each and every goal you have set. Measuring everything helps you discover what works and what doesn't which are crucial discoveries for you to succeed in life.

6 Keep a Journal

You also have to develop the habit of keeping a journal to record your plans, schedules and work. Journals are part of the day to day lives of successful people because they have realized that dreams, goals, to-do lists e.t.c. become real and tangible when written down. A journal also helps you avoid being forgetful.

5 Keep Your to-do List Scaled Down

You should have at most two important tasks to finish everyday if you really want to become highly successful. The remainder of your tasks must be done only after you have completed the most important ones. This habit is important because it keeps you focused on the most important goals.

4 Always Finish Your to-do List

You also need to develop the habit of doing what has to be done every day to become highly successful. This is a very important habit because success is a journey. If you fail to complete your daily tasks, you most definitely won’t achieve your long-term goals.

3 Wake up at the Same Time Daily

Having a good sleeping routine is also an important key to success according to most highly successful people. A good sleeping routine ensures you have enough energy to work hard during the day.

2 Read Before You Start Your Day

Many highly successful people admit that they had to develop a reading culture somewhere along the way in order to succeed. You must spare at least 30 minutes every day to read. Reading is important because it grows your knowledge base. Reading also keeps your creative juices flowing. All of which are crucial keys to success.

1 Develop the Habit of Viewing/Defining success in Relation to Happiness

This habit tops the list of top habits that are bound to make you extremely successful. According to most highly successful individuals, happiness is the most important thing in life. When you develop a habit of seeing yourself successful and happy you will surely become highly successful.

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