18 Celebrities Who Used Surrogacy

In today's present world, the possibilities are endless for couples who are wishing to expand their family. The use of surrogacy or gestational carrier has become a very popular way for couples to still have biological children when the mother cannot physically carry out a full term pregnancy. Here are eighteen celebrities who have used surrogacy in order to fulfill their dreams of having a family.

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18 Robert De Niro

Via: wikipedia.org

Oscar winner, Robert De Niro and wife Grace Hightower, welcomed a baby girl in 2011 via surrogacy. De Niro wasn't afraid to start fatherhood over again at age 68 since he has five other children that have given him plenty of practice. This was also not the first time that De Niro used a surrogate. He has sixteen year old twin sons that were born via surrogacy when he was with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith. De Niro also has two older children, a daughter in her forties and a son in his late thirties from his first wife, Diahnne Abbott.

17 Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Via: usmagazine.com

Actress, Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband, Keith Urban used a surrogate in order to have their second child together, Faith Margaret. Kidman spoke publicly about being on a roller coaster ride when it came to fertility which is why the couple decided to go with a gestational carrier. Kidman gave birth to her and Urban's first child, Sunday Rose, two years earlier. Kidman also has two older adopted children, Isabella and Connor, from her first marriage to Tom Cruise.

16 Jimmy Fallon

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15 Elizabeth Banks

Via: nydailynews.com

Actress, Elizabeth Banks has been very vocal about her and her husband, Max Handelman's, usage of a surrogate for her two sons, Felix and Magnus. Banks has explained that she had womb issues since the embryos would not plant. However, the couple lucked out with an amazing surrogate that has remained in their lives and is like an auntie to the family.

14 Chris Daughtry

Via: parenting.com

Musician, Chris Daughtry and his wife, Deanna welcomed their twins, Adalynn and Noah on November 17, 2010 via surrogate. Daughtry had explained that due to his wife's partial hysterectomy in 2006, she was not able to carry a child. Thus, they used IVF and went forth with having their embryos transferred to a gestational carrier. The twins were also welcomed by their two older siblings, Hannah and Griffin.

13 Elton John

Via: celebritybabyscoop.com

12 Marissa Jaret Winokur

Via: celebritybabyscoop.com

Actress, Marissa Jaret winokur and her husband, Judah Miller welcomed their son, Zev in 2008 via surrogate. Winokur was unable to carry children of her own due to her battle with cervical cancer, where she lost her uterus and part of her cervix. She was still able to use her own eggs due to her preserved ovaries. Winokur has been very vocal for of her love for her surrogate, stating that the surrogate will be in her baby's life forever and Winokur is even making her surrogate her baby's godmother.

11 Ricky Martin

Via: mirror.co.uk

In 2008, singer Ricky Martin welcomed twin boys, Matteo and Valentino via surrogate. Martin didn't wait to find the perfect partner, rather he opted to take on the journey as a single man. In Vanity Fair's Spanish edition, Martin is reported as stating that he would give his life for his surrogate as she was not just a "rented womb" as many like to refer to their surrogate. Martin explained that he had a deep bond with the woman and viewed her as an angelic being.

10 Giuliana & Bill Rancic

Via: parade.condenast.com

9 Kelsey & Camille Grammer 

Via: irealitytimes.com

Actor, Kelsey Grammer and his then wife, Camille Grammer produced two children, Mason in 2001 and Jude in 2004 via surrogate. The couple utilized The Center for Surrogate Parenting in Encino, California. Camille was straight forward on her show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when discussing the topic of surrogacy, stating that she thinks it great to know that there are options for people who can't physically birth a child. She has attributed her usage of a surrogate to her diagnosis of severe irritable bowel syndrome.

8 Dennis Quaid

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Actor, Dennis Quaid and his then wife, Kimberly Buffington, welcomed their twins, Thomas and Zoe on November 8, 2007 via surrogate. Quaid was 53 and Buffington was 35 years old and it was never made clear as to why the couple choose to go the surrogate route. A few days after the twins' birth they suffered a large health scare when they were accidentally administered an overdose of blood thinners. Thankfully the twins recovered and Quaid and his wife sued both the hospital and the maker of the blood thinner.

7 Katey Sagal & Kurt Sutter

Via: madamenoire.com

Sons of Anarchy actress, Katey Segal and her husband, Kurt Sutter, used a surrogate to expand their family and on January 10, 2007 their first daughter together, Esme Louise was born. Segal has two older children from a previous relationship and has spoken about how medical issues that she incurred after the birth of her two children had made it where she was not able to carry another child. Segal and her husband had also looked into adoption, but surrogacy fell into place for them.

6 George Lucas

Via: nydailynews.com

Director and producer, George Lucas and his wife, Mellody Hobson, welcomed a baby girl on August 9, 2013. This is Lucas' fourth child and Hobson's first. Although it is the first biological child for Lucas, as his three older children were adopted when he was married to Marcia Griffin. The couple's baby was born just two months after they wed on June 22, 2013 at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California.

5 Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance

Via: wikipedia.org

Actress, Angela Bassett and her actor husband, Courtney B. Vance were finally able to fulfill their dreams of having children by turning to surrogacy. Bassett explained in a candid interview to Oprah, that she and Vance had been undergoing fertility treatments for seven years before considering surrogacy. It was a very difficult time for the couple, but was very grateful to have surrogacy as an option. Their twins, Bronwyn and Slater were born January 28, 2006.

4 Neil Patrick Harris

Via: bubblews.com

Actor, Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka welcomed fraternal twins, Gideon and Harper on October 12, 2010. The couple had been together for seven years before deciding to go through with the surrogacy process. Harris explained to People Magazine, that they used two eggs from an anonymous donor and sperm from both men and the both took, which is how they made fraternal twins.

3 Deidre Hall

Via: soapoperafan.com

Days of Our Lives star, Deidre Hall and her husband at the time, Steve Sohmer used a surrogate to have their two boys way before the procedure was as common as it is today. This couple's case was fairly different than others since they were only able to use Sohmer's sperm to fertilize their surrogate's egg, rather than taking one of Hall's eggs. This type of scenario didn't matter to the couple as they just felt it was important that their children were biologically related to one of them at least. Their sons were born in 1992 and in 1995.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker & Mathew Broderick

Via: www.tvguide.com

Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker and her actor husband, Mathew Broderick turned to surrogacy when the couple acknowledged their difficulty in being able to conceive after their first son, James. Parker told Access Hollywood, that she had her fair share of disappointments in trying for a second child, which is why the couple decided to go the surrogate route. They were beyond excited when they found out their surrogate was expecting twins and the girls, Marion and Tabitha made their debut June 23, 2009.

1 Joan Lunden

Via: blog.joanlunden.com

Journalist, Joan Lunden, and her husband Jeff Konigsberg, welcomed two sets of twins via surrogate. Lunden has been straightforward with her use of a surrogate stating that her and her husband had undergone five failed Invitro attempts before looking at surrogacy as an option. The couple also spoke about how they did not use Lunden's eggs or the surrogate's, although they will not disclose whose eggs they did use. The couple created a wild ride for themselves by having four children under the age of two.

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