17 Lessons Learned From Your First Serious Relationship

Everyone’s first romantic relationship usually has a deep impact on them. There are a number of emotions involved and it is almost impossible to end it without feeling a deep emotional loss. A loss that most people carry around with them for years to come. Even when you believe that you are over it, something small can trigger a memory and leave you watery-eyed.

These relationships do not always have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend situation, they can consist of a first sexual experience, or the worst one of all, a purely emotional connection, like a close friendship between the opposite sexes that never escaped the friend-zone. However, as bad as first break-ups of any kind can be, there is always a silver lining; we can learn a thing or two about life when we take the time to reflect on what happened.

Such lessons can sometimes be harsh, you don't always appreciate it in the moment, and it is not always something that you want to believe you have learned from, especially while you are trying to nurse a broken heart. As much as most people do not want to admit it, these lessons have helped their future relationships thrive, or at the very least show them the signs of a bad relationship ahead. Ultimately, you are grateful for these lessons and would not have it any other way. Here is a list of what people have learned from their first serious relationships.

17 Choose Your Battles

16 Your Partner Can't Be Your Only Friend

15 You May Not Be Good Together (And That Is Okay)

14 Don't Ignore Red Flags

13 Trust Is A Necessity

12 Good Time In The "Bedroom" Does Not Mean Good Relationship

11 The End Is Not Always The End

10 Time Should Not Determine Your Status

9 The Single Life Can Be Refreshing

8 Let Your Opinion Be Heard

7 Long Distance Relationships Suck

6 You Cannot Fix Anyone

5 Being Cautious Is Okay

4 Don't Put In More Than You Get Back

3 Honesty Is Key

2 The Honeymoon Phase Is Just That

1 You Can Convince Yourself Of Anything

When someone wants something to work so very badly, they tend to convince themselves that they can recover and nothing is wrong. People fail to realize that a bad person is a bad person, and a bad relationship is a bad relationship. Yes people like the idea of flirting with danger, and the excitement that comes from it, and this is what makes it so easy for you to convince yourself that it is not all bad, and everything will be okay. The upside of realizing this is that you can also convince yourself that you deserve better than whatever is taking place, and quickly gain the confidence to fix what is broken. The idea of being in charge of what happens to you is foreign to many people as most allow the chips to fall where they may. But once you have let that happen one time too many, you find a better way to better outcomes.

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17 Lessons Learned From Your First Serious Relationship