16 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Their Bodies

Women talk a really big game about men not knowing what's what on their bodies, but men have the same complaints about women. There are things women still don't know about men's bodies, even if they'd like to think that they do. That's in large part due to the fact that men aren't really very forthcoming about this. I asked a group of men this exact question: if a woman asked what it was like to be a man, what would you tell them? The single answer I got is that it feels "normal." While that wasn't the most informative answer I could have hoped for, it did tell me a lot about men in general. However, men do have answers to this question, and I went out of my way to find them.

Just as much as women want to educate men about what's what on their bodies, men want to do the same. Here are 16 things that men want us to know about their bodies, whether women really want to know or not.

16 Men have bigger bladders

15 Some men actually need to manspread

14 Men don't really get cellulite

Men actually don't get cellulite! Women everywhere are probably pissed off reading that, especially the 85% of women who currently have cellulite, but men just aren't built to have cellulite. While men are more muscular, women have more fat, less connective tissue and thinner skin, which means that fat is more visible, and that shows up as cellulite. It sucks to have it, but that's just how it is.

13 Men's brains only put half the effort in for listening

Women have always complained that men never listen to them, at least not as attentively as women listen to men. However, whenever women bring that up, men just say that they were listening, which just infuriates us. In actuality, men do listen to us, they just don't use as much of their brains to do it. Researchers used fMRI machines to map out the brain, and while they found that women's brains lit up as a whole when they were listening, only half of the men's brain did.

12 The "helicopter" thing comes from somewhere

11 Testosterone makes men way more aggressive

10 Men don't actually have a ton of testosterone

9 Excess booze is not a man's friend

8 Men should be doing kegels too

7 Men can slow the aging process

6 Myths about circumcision

5 Men can lactate under certain circumstances

4 Men can get yeast infections

3 Men need you to be straightforward

2 Men really don't like to share this stuff

1 All men are different

Just like women, all men are different. Some men might be great at intrapersonal reflection, or have really small bladders. Still other men might not be all that aggressive at all, regardless of how much testosterone they have. Some men are comfortable talking about the intricacies of their bodies, and some very much are not comfortable with any of that. Some men might listen with their whole brains (if you manage to find yourself one of those, hang on and never let go), while some guys have the memory and listening ability of a goldfish. We're all different, and just like women are different, men are more than capable of being different as well.


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16 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Their Bodies