15 Ways To Not Get Caught Cheating On Her

Being a successful cheater is not easy. Lots of men have tried to cheat and get away with it but most have failed. You have to be a certain type to do it well with no consequences. You have to be sly, you have to be smart, and you also have to be really, really dishonest.

Are you up for the challenge? If so we have some ideas to help you get out of some sticky situations. How are you going to keep her from finding out? Then, if she does get a clue, how are you going to throw her off the track? Figure it out now, because if you try and do it on the run, you are going to be in trouble, and you are going to be in trouble fast.  And we know you don't want to be in trouble.

Here are TheRichest's 15 Ways To Not Get Caught Cheating On Her. Don't screw it up.

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15 Practice

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This one may sound silly but when you think about it, practice is important in everything. If you have never cheated before you are probably going to get caught, but if you make it into a lifetime thing, then you are going to get much, much better at it over the years. Sure your first girlfriend caught you cheating and dumped you - who cares? You like your new girlfriend way better anyway, and she has no idea what you are up to.

14 Set Up Separate Email Addresses


This one is straight from  "Having an Affair 101". You need to have a separate email account that your girlfriend knows nothing about. This way when she snoops in your email (and she will) she will have no idea what you really have been saying behind her back. Just remember to log out and you will be golden.

13 Join a Gym

Your girlfriend wants to stay in and watch The Bachelor again and you want to go meet your girl on the side. You have to figure out someplace to tell her you are while you are really hanging out with your side-girl. What about the gym? It's pretty hard for your girlfriend to give you a hard time about trying to get in shape and better your body. Tell her you're going to work out and more than likely it will offer you cover while you go get a different kind of work out.

12 Clear Your History

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Now, don't clear all of it, because that looks suspicious. If she checks the history on your computer and nothing is there at all, you are screwed. But still, get rid of incriminating evidence on your computer every day. The computer, and your phone, are the first places she is going to look if she is suspicious.

11 Don't Do It With Someone At Work

The affair at work is fun. I mean really fun. You're going home at night, and having "Nooners" with some hot chick at work every day. Life is sweet, right?  Well no, sooner or later things at work will go bad, and when they do the chick you have been banging on the side is still going to be there. Every day. Waiting to get you fired or maybe even ratting you out to your girlfriend. Stay far away from this scene.

10 Hide Your Phone

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Act like the phone is a part of your body. If you don't have it with you- you die. And you might if she gets her hands on it and reads your text messages. Take it to the shower with you, keep it on your side of the bed at night. Don't ever let her see it and also turn off your sound notifications so she can't tell how much you are being texted.

9 Don't Take Needless Risks

I know, I know. Risks are half the fun! But still, don't do her in the bed you share with your girlfriend, don't be seen in public with her, basically just don't do anything with her at all other than have sex with her in a safe, quiet place. Preferably like three miles deep in the woods.

8 Don't Keep Condoms Around

So you don't use a condom when you are with your girlfriend, but yet you have them in one of your drawers at home? You're busted, dude. Buy what you need (and no more) and throw away what you don't use on your way home.

7 Act Like She Is Crazy

This is always a good one. When all else fails just act like your girlfriend is completely insane. How could she doubt you? You are the best boyfriend ever and here you are being doubted by your insane girlfriend! You would be surprised at how well this one works. If you play it right she will end up apologizing to you.

6 Get A Prepaid Phone

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Remember before when  I suggested you hide your phone? Well, there's another option. Just get prepaid phone. This way she will see you with your real phone all the time and not suspect a thing. Just make sure she never finds it or you are busted and in a big way. You will be out the door in no time as there really is no excuse for having a secret phone.

5 Watch What You Put On Your Credit Cards

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This one should be a no-brainer. If your girlfriend looks at your credit card slips and there are charges for motels (or God forbid, romantic dinners that you never took her to),  she just might come at you with a knife.  When you are hanging out with your secret girl, pay in cash. Or better yet? Make her pay.

4 Laugh At Their Suspicions

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Okay, so don't laugh like "AHAHAHAHAHA - you're so stupid"! That one won't work. Just act like her suspicions are the silliest thing that you've ever heard. You? Cheating on her? I mean how silly is that? That would never happen in a million years...

3 Tell Her You Love Her Forever

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I know, this is kind of horrible. But it still works. If you're really on the ropes and she has you cornered, just break out the whole "but baby, I thought things were going really well. I was thinking we were taking this to the next level. I love you." This one is risky because if she knows too much she might punch you in the throat, but if she doesn't she might go from accusing you of cheating to making you dinner and folding your laundry.

2 Have A Trusted Friend For An Alibi

This one is important. You need someone that will be your alibi if it all goes down. When she asks where you were this weekend you need to be able to say stuff like, "Oh, Chuck (or whoever) and I went up to his fishing cabin and had a great time." In reality, your great time involved you doing the deed 20 times with someone who wasn't your girlfriend, but as long as your buddy backs you up? You're all set.

1 End The Affair

We know you don't want to. It's been fun after all but sometimes this is your only choice. You know you're about to get caught- your girlfriend knows too much. You're going to have to end it. This is always tricky, of course, there's always the possibility that she will rat you out, but if you weather the storm, and keep your head held high, you should be out of the weeds soon. Hey, just think, in another couple of months you should be ready to start cheating all over again!

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