15 Ways To Not Get Caught Cheating On Her

Being a successful cheater is not easy. Lots of men have tried to cheat and get away with it but most have failed. You have to be a certain type to do it well with no consequences. You have to be sly, you have to be smart, and you also have to be really, really dishonest.

Are you up for the challenge? If so we have some ideas to help you get out of some sticky situations. How are you going to keep her from finding out? Then, if she does get a clue, how are you going to throw her off the track? Figure it out now, because if you try and do it on the run, you are going to be in trouble, and you are going to be in trouble fast.  And we know you don't want to be in trouble.

Here are TheRichest's 15 Ways To Not Get Caught Cheating On Her. Don't screw it up.

15 Practice


14 Set Up Separate Email Addresses

13 Join a Gym

12 Clear Your History


11 Don't Do It With Someone At Work

10 Hide Your Phone


9 Don't Take Needless Risks

8 Don't Keep Condoms Around

7 Act Like She Is Crazy

6 Get A Prepaid Phone


5 Watch What You Put On Your Credit Cards


4 Laugh At Their Suspicions


3 Tell Her You Love Her Forever


2 Have A Trusted Friend For An Alibi

1 End The Affair

We know you don't want to. It's been fun after all but sometimes this is your only choice. You know you're about to get caught- your girlfriend knows too much. You're going to have to end it. This is always tricky, of course, there's always the possibility that she will rat you out, but if you weather the storm, and keep your head held high, you should be out of the weeds soon. Hey, just think, in another couple of months you should be ready to start cheating all over again!


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15 Ways To Not Get Caught Cheating On Her