15 Ways to Escape The "Friend Zone"

Are we just friends, or are we something more? That is a question that most people ask today in relationships that are not properly defined. Some women dread asking this question because they find that the man in their life is treating them well, but isn't making any serious steps or relationship proposals, and they want to know what intentions he has for them. Other women hate getting to the point where they have to define their relationship with a guy, because they do not see the guy as "boyfriend material" and are not attracted to them in any way, but the guy is clearly head over heels over them.

The "Friend Zone" is the worst type of a relationship that a guy can be stuck in with a very attractive woman, because most guys think that in this zone there is usually nothing they can do to make the woman look at them in a different light. The friend zone is even more complicated where the girl you are attracted to has a seriously committed, handsome, and rich boyfriend, meaning that the chances of ever being with her are too slim to even consider.

Here are 15 ways that a guy can use to escape the friend zone with a girl that he is attracted to, ways that will prove fruitful in almost every situation. Following any or a combination of several of these ways will ensure that regardless of the outcome, after all is said and done, the chances of anyone getting hurt will be very slim. Can you think of any other ways of escaping the Friend Zone?

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15 Show her that you enjoy your life

It is natural to come off as shy and hesitant when you meet a very beautiful and attractive girl for the first time, especially if you do not want to come off as too forward and ruin your chances of ever ending up with her. However, if you never show her that there is more to you than just being cute and shy, your girl will relate with you on a friendly level and you will find yourself stuck in the bottomless pit of the friend zone. Make it your priority to show her that you enjoy your life as it is, and make her feel that she is welcome to share in your fun life. When a girl sees that you enjoy your life, she will want to become a part of it and will be open to a more serious relationship with you.

14 Do not come off as desperate 

Being too needy or desperate is both unattractive and weird, and is not a quality that most women love in men. When you come off as too needy and desperate, you will be denying your girl her space and the independence that she rightly deserves. Refrain from pestering, stalking, begging, trying too hard, and constantly badgering her because all these are just uncomfortable for her. When you come off as desperate and too needy you probably won't even make it on her list of friends, let alone her list of potential life partners. Girls love men who have a sense of independence, men who respect their girl's space, men who have a life, and men who love them in a way that makes them comfortable; all the qualities that desperate men do not have.

13 Go out with other girls on friendly dates

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More often than not, a girl will want to get serious with a man if she finds out that other girls are also interested in him. It's normal for girls to want to date guys who are at the top of the "food chain" and totally ignore or just feel sympathy for the guys at the bottom. If you want to climb to the top, let your girl see that many girls out there find you attractive and enjoy spending time with you. Just like in the commodities market where high demand pushes up the prices, your high demand out there will make your girl want to invest in you. It sounds mischievous and dishonest, but the reality is that a girl will want you and love you even more when she knows that you chose her from a group of other attractive girls.

12 Flirt with her wisely

Are you constantly flirting with a girl with no response? Do you keep using your best lines on her and all you get are blank stares? Then, my friend, you have been "friend zoned." However, all is not lost, there is still hope for you, but you have no choice but to step up your game. One way to get the attention you need from her is to tactfully dig deep into her life and personality, and learn what it takes to activate her romantic bone. Spend some time with her girlfriends and discover what she hates, what she likes, what turns her on and what her definition of a grand gesture is - and surpass it. Let her know that you are on to her and that you are never giving up until she realizes that she completes you and that you will love and respect her in a way that no man ever will.

11 Give her an opportunity to miss you

A wise man once said that absence makes the heart fonder. If your "friend" is used to seeing you around all the time, you need to take some time away from her to make her appreciate you a bit more. If you are always there with her, even before she realizes she needs you, she could be taking you for granted. Make yourself scarce and give her time to miss you. Regardless of how much you want to spend every minute by her side, find something new to do for the short-term and give her an excuse to look for you. If she does not start looking for you then probably she does not feel the same way you do, but chances are that she will realize just how important you are to her and would even be willing to commit to a more serious relationship with you.

10 Wow her by changing something about yourself

Girls will always see you as one thing until you prove to be another, especially if they have known you for a long time. If you have been friends since you were little, you will need to make some changes in your life in order to create a "wow" moment where she sees you as something more than just a friend. Join a gym and build some abs, change your aloof sense of style, move out of your mother's house, or shake things up in your life to trigger some romantic intrigue. However, do not try to be something that you are not in the hope that you will suddenly become her dream date. The point here is to make her look at you differently, hopefully in a way that she will become attracted to you because she will see you in a way she had never seen you before.

9 Make her want you 

A romantic relationship is a two sided coin. If you do all the work and you get no response, chances are that you are working too hard for nothing. For you to successfully graduate from the "friend zone," you have to make her want you. Always go up to ninety percent and wait for her to go the other ten. For example, in the event that you are trying to give her a goodnight kiss on the lips, you should wait for the right time, lean forward, but do not go the whole way; if she does not respond appropriately, it will definitely be weird and it will be a confirmation that she only regards you as a friend. Be a gentleman and treat her better than any guy she has ever been with. Compliment her, support her, and love her; do everything you can to give her reason to want you.

8 Tell her exactly how you feel about her 

It is common to find men doing nice things for women and forgetting to say exactly how they feel towards them, which is often a big mistake on their part. Guys should understand that girls react more to what they hear as opposed to what they see, and if they want to win over any girl's heart, they have to combine their actions with beautiful words of love. If you realize that she only needs you in her life to pick her up when she is stuck, to buy her groceries, to bail her out of jail, or to just share her problems with you when on the other hand she is dating a total loser, just know that the "total loser" knows how to use words correctly. Simply tell her how you feel about her and how attractive you find her, and you might be surprised to learn that she feels the same way. As simple as it sounds, tell her what you feel. Once you do you will thank me later.

7 Let her know your intentions soon enough 

The natural order of the sexes is that the males have to prove to their fellow males, as well as the females, that they are worthy of a mate, and it is natural for females to like to be pursued. This means that you have to make your intentions clear about pursuing a woman while taking care not to come off too forward. If you want to spend time with her, let her know that you love spending time with her instead of stooping to tactics such as leaving your phone at her place, or "accidentally" running into her at the mall. Make her feel that you like having her around as opposed to making it seem like you spend time with her because of coincidences or unavoidable circumstances. Let her have the clear understanding that you are interested in making her your "one and only," and treat her like the queen she is.

6 Touch her in a way she will know you do not want to be "just friends"

The most romantic men always end up with the girl, a fact that is true regardless of how much of a cliché it might sound. A man can be romantic in the way that he talks to a woman, and especially in the way that he touches her. The way you touch a woman can help her to determine whether you are trying to be romantic or platonic, and you should therefore strive to touch her in a romantic way. You have to be very careful when breaking the touch barrier since it defines whether you will eventually become her friend, her boyfriend, or just a weird freak. Knowing how to handle a girl is a bit tricky because different girls have different touch boundaries, and it is not acceptable to be inappropriate in any way. Therefore, make it your responsibility to understand your girl and touch her appropriately.

5 Be mysterious 

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Being mysterious is a great way to get a girl's attention because you will give her an opportunity to want to know more about you. If you are so simple or you stick to a strict schedule every day such that a girl will know everything about you in no time, you will automatically fall into the friend zone, or she will just see you as a brother. If a girl wants to spend time with you because she describes you as mysterious, intriguing, or fascinating, then she will find herself falling in love with you in no time. However, note that being secretive and hiding things from her is different from being mysterious; you should be mysterious enough to trigger attraction yet open enough to gain her trust. In a way, let a girl want to find out more about you, and let what she finds reveal the fact that you love her and want to be with her.

4 Change your attitude about everything 

We all hated that math teacher who kept telling us that we were failing math because of our attitude towards it, and yet we thought that the reason we were failing was that it was just hard. However, that teacher knew exactly what he was saying. Nobody wants to be stuck with the person who complains all the time and sees nothing good in the world or in people. The only problem is that he or she has a negative attitude. If your attitude puts off even the people who like you, they will eventually start to dislike you and begin avoiding you. To attract that girl, you must be an attractive person and learn to see the glass as half-full in every situation. The above means that you will always be seeing the good in her, and she will appreciate and love you for that.

3 Make a move

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When it comes to making moves, nothing is more annoying for a woman than a man who clearly wants her but does not make a move. Although these days some girls have the confidence to ask a guy that they are attracted to to go out on a date with them, the girl you are eyeing might not be that type of girl. Girls can always tell when you like them, but they will not admit it until you make your move. You have a small window to make your move before another guy comes along and sweeps her off her feet, consequently turning you into that friend who gets to listen to her as she goes on and on about her new date. To avoid looking like a coward or a tease, you need to make that bold first move and you might end up becoming more than just a friend.

2 Ask her to go out on a romantic date with you

The answer that you get after asking a girl out for a date is what lets you know for sure whether you've been "friend zoned" or not. Escape the comfort zone of group dates, hanging out at the work cafeteria with her, or giving her free sports tickets that she might not be so interested in, and take a leap of faith and ask her out on a real romantic date. Ask her to go out with you to a classy restaurant where you can have a romantic candle lit dinner with soft music playing in the background. If she turns you down, ask her on a non-romantic date and craftily sneak your way into making the non-date into a real date. If she is your friend, you can use the date to carefully explain to her how you really feel about her and why you think you should take your friendship to the next level.

1 Make a huge sacrifice for her

If you want a girl to know that you love her, make a huge sacrifice and you will pass the message loud and clear that you want to be more than just friends. Actions have always spoken louder than words, and an act of self-sacrifice will tell her that you love her over a thousand times. A sacrifice, in this case, would be something that would leave you uncomfortable, discomfort that will be worth it if it means making her smile. Of greater importance is also sacrificing something that you love in order to be with her, giving up a habit that makes her uncomfortable to make her happy, or ending relationships with people she does not like just to show her that she is your number one priority. Make that one sacrifice and you will not believe how much you will have touched her heart and caused her to love you even more deeply.

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