15 Ways Men Shame Their Entire Gender

Being a man is great, a fact that hardly any human being on the planet would dispute. As controversial as it sounds to refer to men as being superior to women in numerous fields, many people can easily find evidence to support that controversial claim. Some men have used their superiority to push the human race further towards development whereas others have taken society back through upholding useless traditions that do more damage than good.

However, being a man is not all great; there are those men whose behavior can embarrass the entire human population, let alone just other men. Some men have disturbing predispositions that they feel are great and worthy of praise, but are the complete opposite. Other men are into habits that they innocently adopt from other men before them, habits that they have never thought about critically. Since the beginning of time, there are habits associated with men that question their claim to being the superior gender.

Almost all men are guilty of doing some of the following things on this list; some hate themselves for doing them while others couldn't care less. The worst affected group by the following behaviors, apart from the women, is other men. Having a friend with even half of these traits is embarrassing and can even make you hate to be a man, because of how your friend makes other people feel. Therefore, if there is a point where being a man is not as exciting as it is supposed to be, it is when you have a friend who is doing the following:


15 Still Sagging in This Day and Age


There was a time "sagging" was really cool, but the important thing to note is that that time is in the past. Some grown men still find it "a thing" to go around showing everyone behind them the underwear they are wearing, or even worse, the lack of underwear. It is just not cool to be sagging these days, because it is a sign that you are immature and that you are embarrassing your fellow men. Just buy clothes that fit your body or get a belt to hold your pants up and you will discover that you will walk with greater ease and command the respect of everyone who looks at you.

14 Refusing to Pay for Dinner


A lot has changed since the days when men had to be the "knights in shining armour," who would remove their shirts and place them in a pond for a woman to walk across. These days the men just have their women walk around the pond, which makes more sense either way. However, regardless of whether your woman is working and earning a bigger salary than you, when you ask her to go out with you for dinner, you had better pay the bill and leave a good tip for the waiter. If you are not in the financial position to pay for food in an expensive restaurant, you can choose a much cheaper one or cook her a delicious meal at home. The men who refuse to pay look cheap, and not just in front of the women, but in front of their fellow males as well.

13 Leaving Pubic Hair in the Urinals

Some men out there would not understand this point because they are the ones responsible for this seriously uncomfortable aspect of being a man. Men, have you ever gone to a urinal in the mall, your favorite restaurant or anywhere you like to take care of that business, only to find a strand of pubic hair in the only available urinal? This can get very disturbing when all the thoughts of how that hair got on the urinal start running through your mind. A few bold men will not mind carrying out their business without feeling disgusted, but others will wait for the next available spot. Many men out there do hate this situation, are you one of them?

12 Neglecting Personal Hygiene


Personal hygiene is just one of those things that separate us from some of the really filthy animals out there, and it is normal for human beings to try their best to always be clean. However, some men out there are just ignorant and do not care about hygiene. It is very easy to identify the men described above; they need no introduction because you can smell them a mile away. It is so embarrassing to walk with an awful smelling brother, let alone go to his place and find smelly socks and dirty laundry everywhere on the floor. Please try to shower regularly, do not wear your clothes over and over without washing them, and make sure that your sheets are clean as well, it is only right to do so.

11 Having Serious Toilet Seat Issues

Men and women are very different when it comes to using the all-important device we refer to as the toilet. For a short call, it is only polite to lift the seat up just in case your aim is not what it used to be, and later put the seat and the cover down after flushing the contents. The problem with a few men out there is that they do their business all over the seat and forget to flush the loo. This leaves an awful stinking smell that will most likely cause next person using the toilet to throw up before doing anything else. In addition, some men leave the seat up and forget to put it down; this is just unfair for the women who have to use it after them.

10 Neglecting Their Relationship Responsibilities


One very important quality of a relationship is that the man and the woman have to set aside time to spend together. If the above does not happen, the relationship is likely going to fail. However, some men out there are just out to tear down relationships. When their women want to meet up with them, they claim that their women are too clingy, but when their women are out with other girls, they claim that they have no time for them. Every mature man out there should sit down with his woman and agree on the time to invest in the relationship and what time to spend with other people.

9 Judging Women and Calling Them Ugly

It is almost certain that whenever a woman passes by, the men around her will more often than not start talking about her body. Some women like the attention but others do not. Having the thoughts like, "she is a perfect 10," or "she is somewhere between a 5 and a 6" are all best left in the mind. When other men start whistling at a woman or even start calling one ugly, it gets really uncomfortable for all other men out there, not to mention the women as well. The worst bit is that the men who are so vocal about a woman being "ugly" have nothing desirable in them.


8 Complaining When Their Women Refuse to Get Weird in the Bedroom


Whatever happens in the bedroom is supposed to be private, and it is important for both parties to respect each other's privacy with regard to such matters. There is, however, a section of men out there who complain that their women have refused to have a threesome with them and their woman's best friend or some other weird thing they saw in a film. The person you should be talking to about this issue with is your woman and not spreading bad vibes about your woman to other men. All men should be content in the fact that since not every new invention in the bedroom works for them, not everything they will desire will work for their women as well.

7 Making Idiotic or Sexist Comments on Social Media

Social media is a place where many people think they can say anything and get away with it because most, especially if they are "nobodies," do get away with it. One thing that puts everyone off, including other men is when one of their own makes sexist or idiotic comments on a post or a picture that a woman has posted. Yes, at times the content that you are commenting on is probably ridiculous, senseless, and deserves an even worse response than you are making, but please exercise self-control and move on to the next sensible post. Do not contribute to the women thinking that all men are jerks, because the jerks out there are very few.

6 Objectifying Women on the Streets


Some women on the streets hardly wear clothes that hide anything, and this is usually very disturbing and disrespectful to everyone else they are sharing the streets with. Regardless of the above, women's scanty dressing is not an excuse to make some funny comments, turn to stare at some of their prominent parts, or keep talking about her chest or her behind long after she has gone. This is especially bad when those men are walking with their women right next to them. Many men should learn to treat all the women out there as their older or younger sisters, and the comments, staring, and weird behavior will stop.

5 Comparing Their Woman With Their Ex

Comparison is everywhere you look, whether one is comparing products, food, gadgets or even people. Some men in relationships cannot stop talking about their ex-girlfriends and this can really get disturbing, both for his friends and especially his current girlfriend. The fact that the two women are different individuals means that the two are very different in numerous aspects. It is always very important to appreciate the woman you are with, and do not compare her with anyone else. Even when you notice pronounced differences between your past and your present women, keep the details to yourself, because voicing such comparisons will sure destroy what you have now.

4 Getting Angry Over Her Period


Periods are the mysteries that a small percentage of men out there will understand, with the other bigger percentage either too ignorant to listen or too dumb to know that they are not the woman's fault. Every man out there should understand that during the woman's period, her moods might not be what they want them to be, and she will be in constant pain for a few days and develop cramps. The manly thing to do during this time is to stand by your woman, hold off any bedroom demands you might be having, and tolerate any mood swings that your woman will express. Remember, it is not her fault; it is just how her body works.

3 Getting Into Fights Every Time They Drink

Alcohol affects an individual's self-control, which is why there are laws against driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol makes people react differently; some people will start to sing, others will start making confessions about bad things they did, and others will begin to feel invincible. Men usually tend to feel the latter after a few drinks, and the slightest disagreement can spark a fight. It is so embarrassing, even for strangers, to see grown men fighting over small issues that look big to them because they are drunk. If you cannot quit drinking altogether, keep the company of people who will keep you grounded, especially when you have had one too many. Society hates this quality in many men.

2 Being Unemployed


Although this point is not as common among men as the others in this list, it is one of the worst. When a man is not working it means that either he is living in his mother's house, or that his woman is paying all the bills at home. When a decent man loses his job for any reason, he will try his best to make ends meet and at least put some food on the table. The thing that all men hate is coming across a brother who sits on the couch the whole day and expects his woman to come home from work and prepare dinner. Some are in this situation because they are lazy and think that the government owes them.

1 Hitting A Woman

A man hitting a woman is wrong on so many levels that we should not even talk about it. It doesn't matter whether you are drunk, your woman is not listening to you, or if she's just begging you to hit her. As a man, you never hit a woman. Men are stronger than women, and should use their strength to protect them, not fight them. It's so embarrassing for all the men out there to hear that there are men out there who hit their women, some to the extent of sending them to hospital with broken bones. This is definitely the worst thing that some men do that makes all other men hate sharing a gender with them.


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