15 Tricks Girls Use To Make Guys Think They're Hot

Girls trick guys all the time. They lie about their age. They lowball their weight. They exaggerate their salaries. But the biggest trick of all has got to be how they fool guys into thinking they’re hot. Looks can be deceiving, and girls know every clever, devious little way to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Guy are so easily beguiled by this trickery because they think seeing is believing, and who wouldn’t believe their own eyes?

The thing is, girls are adept at illusions – both optical and otherwise. Celebrities do it all the time. Most of their photos are airbrushed, or at least taken from the best possible angle with the best possible lighting. Stars also have glam squads that work on them from head to toe. No hair is out of place, and no toenail goes unfiled. But real girls are just as sly. They use the same tricks as models and actresses, just in a slightly more remedial way.

And don’t think girls just trick guys into thinking they’re hot by highlighting their physical appearances. Girls wouldn’t be girls if they didn’t have a couple tricks up their sleeve. This piece describes all the methods girls use to fool guys into thinking they’re hotter than they are. We’re giving you the tools to crack the code. Use them at your own discretion.

15 Shiny Jewelry

14 Fancy Shoes

13 Dim Lighting

12 Accents


The way to a man’s heart isn’t just through his stomach. It can also be through his ears. Guys love accents – it doesn’t matter what kind. It can be a classy English accent, a southern drawl, or a New York accent straight from SNL’s “Coffee Talk.” An accent is mysterious, and as humans we are drawn to the atypical because it piques our interest. It doesn’t help that every accent is associated with something attractive. A French or Spanish accent is romantic, an Australian accent is sporty, and even the awful dropped-R of Boston has its legions of fans.

11 Tanning

A golden glow makes everyone look better. It makes you look healthier, thinner, and shows off your bone structure. As long as girls don’t overdo it like the “New Jersey Tan Mom,” a tan can be a real problem solver. Tanning evens out skin color which means under eye circles are gone, discoloration disappears and even acne is stopped dead in its tracks. Girls have been keen to this long before Paris Hilton popularized the spray tan - which means they’ve been fooling you guys for years.

10 Lingerie

9 Going Blonde


8 Sunglasses

Sunglasses make a person look chic and sophisticated – even the dorky Ray Bans that hipsters wear. This is precisely why they are so dangerous. Girls wear them because they know that they will look better with them on. Some girls are so addicted to this trick that they wear sunglasses past sundown, and make it a point to wear them when they approach a new guy. So why do sunglasses work so well? It’s mainly because they cover most of one’s face. Everyone looks better when you can’t see half of their face!

7 Bras

6 Hairstyles

Girls try to trick guys into thinking they’re hot by the hairstyles they wear. Some girls follow the trends, but the smart ones know that choosing a style is more about finding one that will hide her worst features. A girl with bangs is either a hipster or is trying to hide a prominent forehead or hideous birthmark. A girl with a strong jawline will wear her hair with layers toward her face to cover up her unfortunate bone structure. A girl with flowing hair like Rapunzel is trying to make you look at her long hair and less at her below average face. And a girl with big hair is only acceptable in Texas – if she’s in any other state then she is trying to distract you from everything from her tiny head to her wide hips.

5 Downstairs Hairstyles

If you know what kind of downstairs hairstyle your girl has, then you’ve been intimate and probably like your girl a lot. Well, we’re prepared to ruin it for you. Let’s just say that we all know that what a girl has between her legs can be very enticing for a man - so much so that he may disregard her physical flaws. But familiarity breeds contempt, and we’re betting that once you’ve had the whole smorgasbord that you’ll start to be more picky. That’s when you’ll realize that her downstairs hairstyle had you fooled.

4 Strategic Friends

Girls try to trick guys into thinking they’re good looking by surrounding themselves with certain types of friends. There are two basic types of girls that use this method. The first is a girl who is average looking at best. She’s the one that makes sure to hang out with girls that are more pretty than she is, because she hopes some of their beauty will rub off on her by proxy. Sound crazy? Guys totally fall for this. When they are looking at a group of beauties, it can be difficult not to be stunned and awed.

3 Optimal Clothing

Girls don’t just dress for success at work. They pick out their clothing carefully to maximize their hotness. They know their bodies intimately, and pick outfits that accentuate their best features. A girl with a good rack is forever wearing low-cut shirts. A girl with a plump booty will always favor skinny jeans. A girl that is pin-thin will wear a midriff all year long. While girls dress for their own self-confidence, and to show off to other girls, they also know how to dress for guys. Girls show up to bars in mini-dresses not because it’s comfortable, but because they know it’ll drive guys nutty. They wear backless shirts to grab men’s attention. And they even wear cute little plaid skirts to play into men’s whole schoolgirl fantasy.

2 Makeup


Makeup is for girls what money is for guys. If you have a whole lot of it, you’ll be so hot that you sizzle. Makeup was invented for the sole purpose of making women more attractive. It literally does anything and everything. Foundation evens out skin tone. Eye shadow and mascara emphasizes the eyes. Lipstick makes lips look kissable. Blush gives a healthy glow. For a long time, those were the basics. But with the advent of the makeup tutorial on YouTube and other sites, makeup application has become an art. Girls can learn how to make their noses more narrow, how to add definition to a full face, and how to sculpt eyebrows into every shape.

1 A Good Personality

There’s only one thing that can make a girl hotter than makeup – it’s a good personality. It’s a scientific fact that people who are warm, friendly and funny are judged to be better looking, and that others seek to be around them. Girls with good personalities draw men to them like bees to honey. Girls that can sweet talk you so good that you get a cavity will never be alone. Girls that make you laugh until you poop your pants always have scores of admirers. And girls that listen with a sympathetic ear just glisten from the inside out. No matter how hot a girl is, it’s useless if she had a bad personality. So having a good personality is a definite plus. When it becomes trickery is when girls are phony and only act like good people so that guys will like them more.

It usually goes down as follows. There are several girls that are all about equal in terms of looks, but the one that you find the most attractive is the most outgoing. You gravitate toward her. She’s smart and funny and asks how your day went. Then time goes on and she starts bossing you around, criticizing your friends and spending your money. Suddenly you realize you hate her – and that she’s not that hot after all. That’s when you start wondering what would’ve happened had you chosen one of her quieter friends.

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15 Tricks Girls Use To Make Guys Think They're Hot