15 Tricks Every Woman Uses To Make Herself Beautiful

Being a girl is hard; we never catch a break and could never just be. When we were kids we were taught to be ladies and play nice. We were dressed up in cute, little dresses and fancy outfits that restricted what we could do. When we moved on to being teenagers we had to worry about everything that we learned in our childhood and then some. All of a sudden we have a monthly visitor, we feel all these feelings; a mixture of insecurity, infatuation, and the struggles of being a teenage girl.

Instead of getting easier, things only get harder; as we get older we realize the benefits and harsh truths of how hard it is to be a woman and the undeniable fact that life will always be “this”. There are a multitude of steps that every woman goes through to be what they feel is beautiful, to be content with how they look when they step outside of the house. These steps are never easy. They normally cost a lot of money and they are havoc to pull off. Even the low maintenance girl who tosses her hair in a ponytail and throws on a baseball cap (instead of putting on makeup) has had a moment (or maybe two). The saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is quickly losing its value especially when the beholder is yourself. We are our own worst critics and because of this, we feel the need to take several steps that are meant to enhance our beauty. What are some of the crazy steps that you ladies have gone through in order to make yourselves more beautiful?

15 Expensive Facials

14 Painful Hair Extensions

13 Ridiculous Booty Pads


12 Any Kind of Eye Makeup Routine

11 Extreme Mani/Pedi

10 Intense Exfoliating

9 Hair Washing Routine

8 Drinks A Crazy Amount Of Water

7 Tight Spanx/Waist Trainers


6 Intricate Contouring


5 Constant Plucking

4 Forever Starving

3 Sweat Till You Drop

2 Tattoo The Makeup

1 Waxing

It is safe to say that most men do not realize that when women have no hair down there (or anywhere), it means that they have gone through some excruciating pain to be hairless. That sought-after perfectly smooth skin is a process that involves pulling hair out of the skin by the root with a hot sticky wax that sometimes burns a woman’s skin. In 2015 a study showed that men are not partial to either side of the waxing coin; they definitely get excited to see a female who embraces the art of waxing. However, most men are yet to understand the depths of how hardcore it can be; waxing is sometimes used as a way for females to feel more comfortable in their own skin, but truth be told as we get older we are less preoccupied with hair and more involved with so many other more important things.

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15 Tricks Every Woman Uses To Make Herself Beautiful