15 Times Blake Lively Nailed The Maternity Game

Blake Lively is the extraordinarily beautiful actress married to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Of course Blake's rise to fame started long before her marriage to the 2010 sexiest man alive, when she earned the recurring role as Bridget in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series. Thereafter, Blake skyrocketed to fame in the CW series Gossip Girl. Playing the elite New York socialite, Serena Van Der Woodsen, made Blake a household name for tweens and young girls. Seeking another chapter in her career Blake started appearing on the big screen in movies such as The Town, Savages, and Green Lantern. It was when she was playing Carol Ferris in the superhero flick Green Lantern that she met her sexy now-hubby, Ryan Reynolds.

Now flash forward five years and the power couple are expecting their second child. With Blake as elegant, sexy, and powerful a fashion icon she is, there's no doubt she's been killing the maternity game. Reynolds and Lively are close to their due date with their second child and Blake has been making the media rounds promoting her movies The Shallows and Cafe Society at Cannes Film Festival and other media junkets. And it's no question in the mind that Blake has been looking amazing! They say pregnancy gives you a glow and if that's true Blake is shining brighter than the sun. Here's our top 15 pregnant Blake Lively fashion moments to show you what we mean!

15 Looking Like Elsa

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14 Monse Mini For Moi

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13 Fab In Feathers

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12 Scarlett Red For A Scarlett!  

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11 Today Show Stopper 

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10 Lady in Red  

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9 Upper East Side Class 

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8 Met Gala 2016

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7 Sunny And Yellow 

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6 Cinderella, Cinderella! 

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5 Cut Outs In Sexy Dress 

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4 Bringing High Fashion To Jimmy Fallon! 

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3 Who Can Rock Leather Flowers? Blake Can! 


2 "L.A. Face With An Oakland Booty" 

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1 Sizzling While Repping The Bump!  

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Last but not least, we present you with this sexy David Koma dress worn by Lively during the after party of the premiere for The Shallows. Blake's baby bump was on full display as she partied with co-stars and cast members - without the bubbly, of course! Blake was also representing her trademark high ponytail and some killer Ofira jewellery hoops. Lively must be getting a discount at Louboutin for the amount she represents them because, yet again, Blake chose to wear some Lou pumps. Not that we're blaming her, Blake looks awesome in everything!

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15 Times Blake Lively Nailed The Maternity Game