15 Things Your Girlfriend Says About You Behind Your Back

If there is one general rule of thumb that seems to be clear when it comes to heterosexual relationships, it is this: women tend to talk about men in much more depth than vice versa. Sure, guys will tell each other about some stuff, how they met, how hot they are, etc., but to many men’s horror, it turns out a lot of women talk about pretty much everything. That’s right, everything. While that may be shocking to some, a lot of us guys have moved on and as long as it isn’t blatant, we try to ignore that this happens. Considering you clicked on this article, however, you must have at least a passing fascination about what your girlfriend could very well be saying about you while you’re not around or are a woman wondering if you agree with us.

In an effort to inform our curious readers about the things they say and do that may be getting reported to the female friends of their lady, we put together this list. While we clearly can’t be present during every conversation women have about their fellas, we are smart enough to be able to tell you about some agreed upon things women talk to one another about. Also, keep in mind this is a generalized list and doesn’t apply to all women, as there are exceptions to every rule of course, so if you know this doesn’t apply to you, then think about common things women discuss.

15 What You Tell Them about Your Exes


14 Where You Take Them


13 How Much Effort You Put In


12 Anything Embarrassing You Do

11 Any Fantasies You Tell Them About


10 Your Personal Hygiene

9 Sweet Gestures


8 Describing Your Privates

7 How You Treat Waiters/Waitresses

6 When You Stick Up For Them

5 Anything Rude You Said to Them

4 The Things You Fight About

3 How Attractive You Are

2 How Good You are in Bed

1 How Well You Treat Them

When putting together this list, our number one entry was clear from the very start. While guys need to come to terms with the fact that women talk about us far more than we talk about them, some things are universal. When we talk about our girlfriends the number one topic will likely be how great they are or aren’t to us and how they make us feel. So the idea that the same doesn’t hold true for them is just silly. Everyone associates the people in their lives with the emotions we are most likely to feel while we are around them, so if you treat your girlfriend well, she will think of you in a positive manner and tell people that. It really is that simple. You know, until they get into everything else on this list.

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15 Things Your Girlfriend Says About You Behind Your Back