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15 Things You’d Be Surprised Women In Their 20s Fantasize About

15 Things You’d Be Surprised Women In Their 20s Fantasize About

We have all sorts of preconceived notions about what women in their 20s are interested in: clothes, getting a boyfriend, drinking cosmopolitans in cute outfits with their girlfriends. And some, if many, girls really do want that. (And why not? It sounds like fun.) But they also want other things, that perhaps aren’t as widely represented. That’s where this list comes into play: we’re here to expose the things that don’t get as popular coverage as the fantasy described above.

Some of the things below might seem a little crazy, a little farfetched. But they aren’t. They have a documented history of being fantasized about by young women, specifically women in their twenties. Like Britney Spears said on that song, they’re no longer girls, not yet women. They’re at the halfway point, when they shake off the frivolity of youth, but are still unprepared to don the nun’s habit of adulthood. They aren’t twelve year old girls, desperately craving the new shade of nail polish from Limited Too (what year do I think this is???), but they aren’t grown ups, thinking to themselves: “Hm, I should probably contribute to my RRSP!”

If you’re sufficiently intrigued, keep reading to find out what 15 things girls in their 20s fantasize about.

15. A Boyfriend

This might seem to you like the first logical thing on this list, but bear with us: we don’t mean PRINCE CHARMING, the Disney hunk that every young woman is taught to adulate. By “boyfriend”, we mean something a little more staid: someone with decent hair, clothes that won’t embarrass her in front of her friends, and enough courtesy to answer a text within reasonable time of receiving it. This is the point where the fantasies of perfect boyfriends fall away, being replaced by fantasies of sort of socially acceptable boyfriends who will give them a couple of big Os a week and keep them company when they run errands.

14. Getting A Promotion



We’re in our twenties: past high school, past college (if you’re lucky), we’re now on the daily grind, drinking coffee to stay alive and hoping that someone on the corporate ladder notices how hard you’re working and offers you a hand up to the next rung. Women now, enlightened and liberated as they are, also hope for promotions. No one, except for the most servile (and least ambitious) of us, wants to be the little errand b*tch whipping boy for the rest of his/ her life. Like you, alpha that you are, think you should run the joint within hours of walking in, women want promotions, too.

13. A Boyfriend Who’s Good in Bed


Prince Charming fantasies down the drain, women are now free to dream of something more realistic: a boyfriend who really knows what he’s doing under the covers. We’re now past the point where relationships come and go really quickly: we aren’t meeting all that many new people, and those we do meet perhaps don’t capture our attention as easily or vividly as they once did. One major way of cutting yourself outta the crowd is to really know what you’re doing with your hands, mouth, or thunder-down-under. But not that many people, men or women, do (or care to). So when you happen upon a person with a really good sense of sex, it’s a literal dream cum troe, oops, we mean “come true”.

12. Her High School Physique


Now, we’re about old enough to be nostalgic. Back in high school, we still hadn’t been of-age adults for long enough to really have anything but childhood to look back on. But now we’ve been hustling along in life for long enough to really have a sense of time passing. With Facebook, it’s also easier than ever to check back on what life USED to be like (and Facebook really capitalizes on that with features like the Friends video, or — and that includes what you used to look like. Even though some people in high school didn’t look as hot as they eventually would, some did with their poreless skin and impossibly tiny waist. Never again… time to become funny!

11. InstaFame and YouTube Fortune



No one can possibly look at famous Instagrammers or YouTubers without a tinge of jealousy. They have amazing clothes, bodies, friends, houses, cars, dogs, and meals. It’s an infinite stream of beauty and superiority (literally: Instagram has a feature called infinite scoll). Given that social media is so popular with the young’ins, they’re especially going to be the ones looking at it and thinking: “Ugh, I wish I had that.” It’s doubly pertinent because, unlike people in their 40s and 50s who are already resigned to their fates, there still is the possibility, albeit far off, of that being us.

10. A Lesbian Fling



By no means do we think that being gay just comes and goes like the full moon, but we do think that perhaps there is a tiny bit of gay in everyone. Your 20s are the perfect time to explore that streak: you’re young, you’re cute, you’re free to experiment. Even if people do it just in the remotest fantasy, it’s still something that many 20s-year-olds think about. It’s especially true since this is also the age where we realize that perhaps the birds and the bees aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and increasingly seek “exciting” experiences to jolt some new electricity into a love-life experiencing cardiac arrest.

9. Going to Prison



Your 20s are a time of constant social struggle: before you have a family and a domain all your own where your place is very clearly established, you’re constantly struggling within groups of friends. But we get the sense, from narratives floating around the ether (especially in Piper’s speech to the wheelchair girl in Orange is the New Black) that prison is a place where your true character comes out. 20s-year-old girls who still haven’t found themselves, or who find themselves and then lose themselves just as quickly, wish to visit this “feral” place where their true character would have nowhere to hide.

8. An Affair With A Married Man



This is another VERY exciting way of getting your kicks. We don’t encourage adultery (or seduction…), but we can’t deny that all the sneaking around/sharing the attention is a lot more grown up and less little-boy/little-girl than “teehee I love you, too” romances of high school and college. Just because a girl fantasizes about it, doesn’t mean she’ll go through with it. We don’t doubt the moral tenacity and ethical toughness of an entire generation of women, but we do believe that today is a thrill-seeking culture, and it crosses most peoples’ minds…

7. Going Off The Grid


With all these apps, computers, and traffic jams, life these days has become increasingly hectic and stressful. Especially for girls, who are forced to occupy a million different roles: sex kitten, homemaker, bad-bitch career woman, and demure Victorian all at once. Impossible! Sometimes, they dream of just hopping on a Greyhound bus and heading for Montana, the only state in the Union where nothing has really changed since its star was added to the spangled banner. They wanna go off the grid, where left and right swipes are moves in a square dance, not in the self-esteem lotto constantly present in our pockets.

6. Being Part of Taylor Swift’s Girl Group



With the release of 1989, Taylor Swift cemented her place as one of the most important A-listers of our generation. And, like every A-lister, she needs an entourage. But unlike Vinny Chase, who made his entourage out of his back-home friends, Taylor Swift made hers out of the sexiest, most beautiful, most powerful women in Hollywood. Getting a handwritten invite to become part of Taylor Swift’s girl-group would be the highlight of a person’s life, meaning they had reached the apex of earthly fame and silver-screen desirability. Not bad!

5. Travelling the World



Another Instagram-born fantasy is that of travelling the world (or, if not Instagram-born, at least heavily Instagram-fed.) Now at the touch of a button, we can explore the most exotic locales, always tagged with a geolocator. Think back, for instance, on that instagram account that blew up a few years ago of a guy who traveled the world with his beautiful girlfriend, taking pictures of her from behind, as she faced some of the world’s most far off locations. It doesn’t hurt that at some point along the road, we all agreed that youth basically didn’t EXIST unless it was accompanied by lots and lots and LOTS of travelling, and so girls want to get on it to take advantage of their accumulating days on earth.

4. Taking A Sex Seminar



Third in our mini-series of spicing things up would be taking a sex seminar. We’ve all collectively moved past the terrible-in-bed fumbling from our first year or so of lovemaking. Some of us, from relentless practice, might have even become quite adept. But I feel as though a lot of us have plateaued in terms of sexual improvement. We still don’t know what to do with our hands. We’re still not sure if we’re kissing well? We’re still not sure if we’re supposed to go fast or slow or a combo. Many girls might think they’d like to go a place, exclusively for women, where they could learn to please themselves and their partner better in bed.

3. Being Children Again


Instead of running off to the primal state of Montana, some women might simply lie in their beds and think of how much they’d like to be kids again. Wouldn’t it be nice? Not having any body issues or broken heart or bills to pay — just being a kid running around with your friends in your old neighborhood again. Sometimes, we personally miss the ignorance of youth (remember not knowing what a calorie was??? — I don’t). Even though education and awareness is amazing, it’s also a curse — the burden of knowledge combined with the Herculean temptation of inactivity makes adulthood this experience in pressing on the gas and the brake at once — very tiresome and much less fun than being a little kid.

2. Having Children



So if you can’t BE a kid, the next best thing is to HAVE a kid. They’re so cute and cuddly, plus they say the darndest things and all around make the room a more fun place to be. If you’re fighting in your relationship a lot and need another presence just to diffuse the tension (because doing the deed doesn’t even cut it anymore), the best thing to do would be to have an adorable little baby, with adorable fuzzy little socks and baby food that’s surprisingly delicious for adults (although it’s very expensive and comes in portions…). Their chipper outlook on life will remind you of who you used to be, and having something to live for aside from Netflix will make you want to be a better person.

1. Making Babies!


That’s right: the #1 thing women in their 20s fantasize about is the same exact thing that people of every gender and every age fantasize about: DOING THE NASTAY! Who doesn’t love a good roll in the hay? It’s fun, it reduces tension, it brings people closer together, and it burns calories (not that many, but hey it’s better than drizzling Nesquick right down your throat). During the Big O, all of the above-listed fantasies come true: you’re rich, famous, young, beautiful, promoted, young, old. Whatever you want to be. The Buddhists who came up with the concept of Nirvana had clearly never had a body-rocking, toe-curling climax to make their nether regions tingle for an hour. Too bad for them… they missed out on a hell of a party!

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