15 Things You Should Start Saying 'Yes!' To

It's so much easier to say "Yes!" than it is to say "No!". So why is it that we say "No" so much more than we say "Yes"? Why not try saying "Yes" to things and see what happens? Will saying "Yes" to s

It's so much easier to say "Yes!" than it is to say "No!". So why is it that we say "No" so much more than we say "Yes"? Why not try saying "Yes" to things and see what happens? Will saying "Yes" to something push you out of your comfort zone? That's the point!

You will find the best things in life are outside of your comfort zone. Career success, new friendships, hobbies you never thought of trying but after saying "Yes" you've now come to love, even saying "Yes" to trying new food!

Try saying 'Yes!' more often. You never know what awaits you until you gather the courage to walk outside your comfort zone. What are you going to say "Yes!" to today?!

15 Kids Birthday Parties

Say "Yes!" to your best friend's sister's nephew's 4th birthday party invitation. Why? Many reasons, including: It's important to remember what it was like being a kid; meet new people and make new friends; free food—including cake and ice cream! Who doesn't like cake and ice cream?

Kids birthday parties are full of fun, laughter and chaos. Everyone can use a little more laughter in their life. Laughter cures the blues, mends hearts, and brightens days. Say "Yes" next time you get invited to your best friend's sister's nephew's 4th birthday party.

14 Seeing The Dessert Menu

How many times have you been asked, "Would you like to see the dessert menu?" and wanted to punch the waiter in the face for even tempting you! Well next time you get asked, say "Yes" and see that sinful dessert menu. You don't gain calories from looking at a scrumptious menu filled with chocolate and swirly caramel goodness. So what if you decide to order the chocolate lava supreme, it isn't like you eat one every day! I mean if you do....maybe just have a sliver of apple pie instead of the chocolate lava supreme.

13 Visiting Your Grandparents

This one shouldn't be too hard to understand. Visit your grandparents; if you don't have grandparents that you can go visit, go to a nursing home to visit the elderly or visit an elderly neighbor.

They tell the most amazing stories and almost all are so excited and more than willing to share them with anyone that asks. You can learn some valuable life lessons from your elders if only you would say 'Yes' to the chance to go and spend some time with them.

12 Chivalry

If your guy offers to hold the door for you or open your car door—let him!! Chivalry doesn't have to be pushed into the history books.

If the guy in front of you offers to help you with your luggage that you are struggling with, say "Yes". Finding a true gentleman is hard to come by these days so please take them up on their offer when they ask if you need help or offer a helping hand. It is more rude to decline than to say "Yes"—especially when you really do need the help!

Note: Obviously, use common sense and always make sure you're in a well lit area with people around you.

11 Travel

Did your boss ask if he could assign you to a last minute business trip? "Yes!" Does your best friend want to go to Vegas for the weekend? "Yes!" Go on as many trips as you can to soak in as much of the world as you can. The world is a vast place and there are so many beautiful places that we won't get to see in our lifetime but we should at least try to see as many as we can!

Create a bucket list with a significant other or best friend and commit to checking them one-by-one.

10 A Cup of Coffee

You know that friend you run into every so often and always say you will call each other to grab a cup of coffee and catch up? Well, in the words of Nike "Just Do It!!". Take the initiative and call them to set a date. Yes, call them. It's so easy not to see a Facebook message or to glance over a text but a phone call? It's more personal and it means you really do care about getting together to catch up.

9 Licking the Spoon

Yes, as a kid we were all told at one time or another to not lick the spoon. As an adult we now know the dangers of licking the spoon. However, how many of us can fill up the mixing bowl that contained chocolate cake batter with Dawn dish detergent and water before we take a quick lick? Be honest. Even the gluten free- GMO-free-HFCS free person on an Atkins diet licks the batter off the spatula!

Say "Yes!" next time you bake a cake and that bowl is just calling your name.

8 Volunteer

Say "Yes" if you get asked to volunteer at an event or soup kitchen, etc. Not only does it help out a good cause, it will make you feel great doing it! Volunteer as little as an hour or two a week. You'll feel great and you'll meet great people!

You can find something that interests you or that you are passionate about and find an area that needs help. If you love animals, go walk dogs and cats at an animal shelter. If you love reading, go read to kids at the public library. The list is endless for volunteer opportunities.

7 Receipt

How many times do we get asked if we want the receipt and we say "No, thank you"? All the time, right? Well say "Yes" to getting that receipt. Why? Returning merchandise is one small part of keeping the receipt these days. Now there are all sorts of savings associated with hanging on to that receipt. Depending on the store and location you can find some great coupons printed on the backs of the receipts. There are also stores such as Wal-Mart that offer a scan code so that you can check within the following days if something you just purchased goes on sale. They will give you the difference if you check it on their app and use the code on your receipt.

So, when asked if you want the receipt say "Yes!".

6 Donate Blood

The American Red Cross is always looking for blood donors of all blood types. Next time you see a sign notifying you of a nearby blood drive, say "Yes!", and get over there. You'll feel good doing it. You are taking 15-20 minutes to save a life. Pretty incredible.

If you're a little nervous, just know that once you do it once, it becomes a piece of cake. There's nothing to be nervous about.

5 Friend Request

You've had those friend requests sitting at the top of your Facebook page for the last month. Why not say "Yes!" to those requests. Everyone can use more friends, even Facebook friends.

Are these high school classmates that you really didn't know and now they're requesting your friendship on Facebook? How dare they! Just realize that these people requested YOU as a friend and are therefore interested enough to find out what's going on in your life to reach out make contact with you. Who is it hurting or what's the worst that could happen if you just approved the friendship?

4 Singing & Dancing

Everyone sings. Everyone just doesn't sing in front of other people. That's okay! Next time you're in the car with friends and your favorite tune comes on, start belting it out! Don't be afraid to just sing loud and sing proud! You can't sing? So what! Neither can 90% of the population! Go ahead and sing!

Sing loud and proud in the shower, driving, walking your dog. Singing makes you feel good. Your whole body feels more energized and happy. Also, get dancing! Go wild and crazy! Think Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, dancing with the vacuum to Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady". Get down with your bad self!

3 Puddle Jumping

Have you ever seen kids splashing in puddles and getting mud everywhere? Doesn't it look like a heck of a lot of fun? Of course it does!

Invest in a pair of $10 rain boots from Target or wherever and the next time after it rains, go find some puddles. You'll be amazed at how refreshing it is to just act silly! We all need to take a break from our adult lives and act silly once in a while. You can't take yourself too seriously all the time. Say "Yes" to finding the biggest puddles on your street!

2 Coloring Outside the Lines

We were all told in preschool to color inside the lines. Well, color outside the lines. Have you seen the recent surge in popularity of adult coloring books?! It's crazy! At the grocery store checkout and even a section at Barnes & Nobles. They're marketing adult coloring books as great for stress and anxiety relief. Giving people a legitimate excuse to be caught coloring at the office or waiting in the dentist office.

Go ahead and color! Who knows you might just get some stress relief from it!

1 Working Outside

Get outside! If the weather is nice and the sun is shining, take your work outside! Maybe you have a company picnic table or even a tree with shade to lean against. If you're allowed take your work to the beach or park. Who needs florescent lighting and sitting in cubicles or studying for a class in a stuffy room? Get outside!

Your brain and body will thank you for it! Say "Yes" to going outside. Fresh air will do wonders for your productivity and overall attitude. You'll feel more positive and optimistic. Even if you can't escape for the day, escape during your lunch hour or breaks to the great outdoors. Take a walk or just sit and enjoy some sun.


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