15 Things You Do That Your Girlfriend Secretly Despises

In a perfect world, men and women would get along swimmingly. However, we don't live in a perfect world. Men and women, no matter how much and how long they love each other, are going to fight.

Big fights usually happen within the first few years of the relationship, and usually if the relationship can sustain those, it'll grow and develop just fine. After the first couple of years are over, all that's left to fight over are small things in the relationship or pet peeves each member of the relationship has. Often times, being the man in the relationship means just trying to keep your girlfriend happy. Rest assured this doesn't mean being "whipped," - it actually means you give a damn about the state of your relationship and the one that you're with.

Men are the way that they are and it's often said that you can't change the way a person is - women, on the other hand, are the same way. So, how is one to keep a relationship alive if there are so many obstacles in the way? Lots of love, and lots of determination.

Men, it's not a secret that women ask a lot of you. However, it's not a secret that you ask a lot of them, as well. Unfortunately for women, there are a ton of things that men do that just drive women up the wall. The relationship can be brand new, or five years old - regardless, there are some pet peeves that'll never fade. Here are 15 things that men do that drive their girlfriends crazy.


15 Leaving clothes laying on the floor

To you, leaving a pile of clothes on the ground is just easier than picking them up and throwing them in the nearest hamper. To your girlfriend, it screams “lazy” and “I’m just waiting for her to pick them up.” It doesn’t help when the pile gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. If it was just a pair of jeans or a shirt every once in a while, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal; however, it’s usually dirty socks and dirty underwear. There’s not one girlfriend out there that enjoys getting to pick those up off of the bathroom floor.

14 Choosing not to be proactive


Being told to be proactive can get annoying. You know what you need to do, it’s just… You don’t want to do it. Your girlfriend is going to be one of the people who tells you to start being more proactive, so it’s best to just start doing it. If you know what needs to be done around the house, it helps if you do it without having to be asked. If you know she’s been dying to go out on a date without having to be the one planning anything, be proactive and plan a fun night out! She isn’t expecting you to be proactive 24/7 (because, come on – that’s just not how guys operate) but she does expect it every once in a while.

13 Farting without warning

Most guys are absolutely horrified at the thought of girls farting or pooping – so why does it make it okay for you to do it all the time? Guys have no issue flaunting when they just destroyed a bathroom or holding their girl under the blankets when they fart. Girls don’t think it’s cute. We might laugh the first few times, but after that, it’s just gross. Be courteous. Spray some air freshener in the bathroom after you’ve gone number two, and don’t drop a silent-but-deadly in the car while the windows are rolled up. Respect her nose.

12 Making too many sex jokes


Usually, girls are into sex just as much as guys are. However, girls are much more private about their sex lives and don’t feel the need to make sex jokes as much as possible. If somebody says something that sounds a little risque, or can be altered to be, that doesn’t mean you have to take the chance to joke about sex. Sometimes it’s funny, but if it's constant, that gets a little annoying. Not only does it make you seem like a pervert, but it makes it seem like you don’t have the capability to think about anything else. So, next time, take a pass on embarrassing your girlfriend with the sexual innuendos and save it for when you’re with your bros.

11 Selective memory

No matter how many months or years you’ve been together, fights are going to happen. They’re going to happen even after you get married, and even after you’ve been together for fifty years. One thing that’s really important to work on is selective listening and memory. If she says she remembers you telling her something, chances are, she remembers. Guys always seem to forget things to work an argument in their favor, or just to be the one who gets a benefit in the end. Additionally, if she asks you to do something for her before she gets home, get up and do it right then and there so you don’t have to admit that you forgot once she gets home.

10 Lack of social media mentions


Without question, most girls are guilty of posting frequently about their boyfriends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Mostly it's to express affection and gratitude. It’s also pretty common that girls have some nod towards their boyfriends in their bios, too. She might not ever tell you, but girlfriends normally are pretty annoyed, and even hurt, if you don’t ever have anything to post about her. Even if it’s just a Woman Crush Wednesday mention on Instagram or tagging her in something sweet on Facebook, it’ll mean a lot – don’t make her feel like you're not proud to have her.

9 You mess with her food

One thing that is true about all humans beings is that we all love food. Girls might order a salad or something light on the first date, but after that, forget it. Girls can get down with some Taco Bell and pizza just as hard as guys can. Girls also hate when people mess with their food, just like guys. If you like Sriracha on your food, that’s great! But that definitely doesn’t mean that she loves it, too. So don’t take it upon yourself to drizzle her Pho in hot sauce or salt her fries for her if she doesn’t ask. Also, don’t take a bite of her food without asking (especially if you’ve only been together for a short time).


8 Not texting back as soon as possible


Even if your girl is on the lowest level of crazy, there’s one thing that makes every girl mad: not texting back as soon as humanly possible. It doesn’t matter if the conversation is unimportant, or even boring. You had better text her back before you check Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, because you can bet that she sees when you’re liking and sharing things on the internet when her text is unanswered. Any man that so chooses to reply to his girl’s Snapchat before replying to her text is probably not thinking straight.

7 Getting mad over small things

One thing that drives girls crazy about boys, and vice versa, is their dire need to get upset with ridiculously small things. Girls tend to get upset over small things in a relationship, but guys tend to get mad over small things in general. For example – she doesn’t find it cute that you’re in a horrid mood because your KDR got destroyed in Call of Duty, and she doesn’t think it’s cool that you won’t talk to her because she accidentally broke your favorite mug. Some things are worth letting go and laughing about. Don’t make her feel like she has to walk on eggshells in your relationship, because that’s no way for anybody to live.

6 You still watch p*rn


Most guys tell their girlfriends they don’t consume videos of the adult kind or look at pictures of naked women once in a relationship – if that’s the truth for you, you’re one of the golden ones. There are many guys who still continue to watch p*rn or ogle over pictures of other naked women even while in a relationship, and this can cause a major strain if the girlfriend finds out or is continuously upset by it. By doing this, you’re making your girlfriend feel as if she isn’t physically attractive or pretty enough for you. Drop the dirty magazines and appreciate what you have with you in person.

5 You're sexist

Nowadays, more and more women are jumping on the feminism train – which isn’t a bad thing. However, this often means bad news for boyfriends who still think it’s okay to laugh at sexist jokes, have sexist friends, or to be sexist in general. Being this way is nothing to joke about - sexism is literally about seeing women as lesser than men, and not as counterparts. If your girl is ever upset because you think it’s okay to joke around about sexism, take her feeling and her sense of self-worth into consideration. That just might cost you your relationship.

4 You don't defend her


A lot of girls, especially in this day and age, can put up quite the fight for themselves whether it be verbally or physically. From time to time though, girls can get in a little over their head. As a boyfriend, it’s pretty much one of your duties to jump in and defend her if you’re able to. If a guy is harassing her or speaking poorly of her, you don’t just sit back and let her take it. Sure, if she starts the battle she should be the one to end it, but sometimes she’s going to need your help. It’s best to be the good boyfriend and jump in rather than let her feel alone and unprotected, whatever the situation may be.

3 Being too nice with other flirty women

Whether you think so or not, girls can tell when other girls have eyes for their boyfriends. Just like men know when other men are trying to make a pass at their girl – it’s a sixth sense that everybody happens to develop when in a relationship. If your girlfriend makes it clear that a girl is trying to flirt with you, or it seems like she’s getting upset about a girl being around you, it’s best that you distance yourself from that girl instead of intensifying the situation. Don’t stick around and talk to the girl just because you like the attention, or you feel pressure to be “the nice guy” – it’s usually best to respect your girlfriend and avoid the fight.

2 Not helping around the house


Moving in with a significant other is a big deal. When you move in together, not only is that usually the step right before marriage, but that’s when everything really gets to be 50/50. Half of the stuff in the home is usually yours, the other half hers, and in an ideal relationship, the chores are shared as well. Don’t be that guy who lets her do the dishes, do the laundry, and all of the miscellaneous housework by herself. Even if she isn’t blatantly asking for it, she wants it. Coming home from work and not having to spend a couple of hours cleaning up after you and your mess because you’ve already taken care of it is going to earn you some major points.

1 Being annoyed that you have to hang out with her family

In most relationships, it’s common for the girlfriend to get close the boyfriend’s family. Your sister usually becomes her best friend and your parents (along with the rest of your family) absolutely love her. After years of being with the same person, it becomes commonplace to bring your significant other to family events and holidays. Respect the fact that she wants that as well, but without the fight or feeling of guilt. Even if you don’t want to hang out with her family, or go out for the night with her and her friends, hide your annoyance and put a smile on for her. If you make her feel like she and the people she loves are burdens in your life, it’s not going to last long.


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