15 Things You Do That Your Girlfriend Secretly Despises

In a perfect world, men and women would get along swimmingly. However, we don't live in a perfect world. Men and women, no matter how much and how long they love each other, are going to fight.

Big fights usually happen within the first few years of the relationship, and usually if the relationship can sustain those, it'll grow and develop just fine. After the first couple of years are over, all that's left to fight over are small things in the relationship or pet peeves each member of the relationship has. Often times, being the man in the relationship means just trying to keep your girlfriend happy. Rest assured this doesn't mean being "whipped," - it actually means you give a damn about the state of your relationship and the one that you're with.

Men are the way that they are and it's often said that you can't change the way a person is - women, on the other hand, are the same way. So, how is one to keep a relationship alive if there are so many obstacles in the way? Lots of love, and lots of determination.

Men, it's not a secret that women ask a lot of you. However, it's not a secret that you ask a lot of them, as well. Unfortunately for women, there are a ton of things that men do that just drive women up the wall. The relationship can be brand new, or five years old - regardless, there are some pet peeves that'll never fade. Here are 15 things that men do that drive their girlfriends crazy.

15 Leaving clothes laying on the floor

14 Choosing not to be proactive

13 Farting without warning

12 Making too many sex jokes

11 Selective memory

10 Lack of social media mentions

9 You mess with her food

8 Not texting back as soon as possible

7 Getting mad over small things

6 You still watch p*rn

5 You're sexist

4 You don't defend her

3 Being too nice with other flirty women

2 Not helping around the house

1 Being annoyed that you have to hang out with her family

In most relationships, it’s common for the girlfriend to get close the boyfriend’s family. Your sister usually becomes her best friend and your parents (along with the rest of your family) absolutely love her. After years of being with the same person, it becomes commonplace to bring your significant other to family events and holidays. Respect the fact that she wants that as well, but without the fight or feeling of guilt. Even if you don’t want to hang out with her family, or go out for the night with her and her friends, hide your annoyance and put a smile on for her. If you make her feel like she and the people she loves are burdens in your life, it’s not going to last long.


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15 Things You Do That Your Girlfriend Secretly Despises