15 Things Women Only Do In Front Of Each Other (Sorry Guys)

Men normally have a hard time deciphering women and what goes on behind closed doors between them. This list will not help that situation -- it may provide insight -- but mostly men will still be confused. Women feel comfortable around each other, this is not rocket science, it is only natural for women to feel comfortable around one another. It does not matter their body type, their circumstances or their background, it is innate for women to just click. That being said, this native connection allows women to feel comfortable talking about and doing just about anything in front of another woman. When it comes to men, women feel the need to hide certain things that may make them look a bit unappealing, or what may make their boyfriends, crushes and even husbands feel awkward.

The secret life of girls is one that men think they want to penetrate, but instantly regret it when they do. But at the end of the day, the reality is that girls fart, smell themselves, envy other women’s breast and even cuddle, yes cuddle. Who doesn't like a good spoon? And the fact is, girls will do something shady in front of one another faster than they will in front of their boyfriends, or even their husbands. Have you ever wondered why your girlfriend is always on the phone with her friends or at their house all the time? Simple, she can let loose without feeling like she has to be perfect and hold in that gas until you fall asleep.

15 They Share A Bathroom Stall

14 They Smell Themselves

13 They Fart Just As Much As Guys

12 They Talk About Their Vajayjay

11 They Diss on Their BF’s Family

10 They Cyber Stalk Their Exes

9 They Pick Out Wedgies

8 They Change Clothes Together

7 They Walk Around Naked

6 They Burp Intentionally

5 They Eat Food Out Of Their Bras

4 They Adjust Their Spanx

3 They Wax Their Upper Lip

2 They Talk About Aunt Flo

1 They Cry Uncontrollably

Not the cute cry we try to do in front of our boyfriends in fear that we have an ugly cry face (see Kim Kardashian). We are talking about the bawling, snot filled, uncontrollable crying; the one, that makes us hyperventilate and can come off looking quite dramatic if we do not reel ourselves in. Be real, unless it involves death, no girl will cry like this in front of a guy. Not only do guys not know how to react but an immature guy may never speak to her again (this has actually happened). In front of her girlfriends however a good cry is welcomed and sometimes suggested.


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15 Things Women Only Do In Front Of Each Other (Sorry Guys)