15 Things Women Hate About Themselves

Every woman is different and every woman is self conscious about certain aspects of themselves. Women are often times overly critical when it comes to themselves, however in a society that is so consumed by perfection it's hard not to hate certain things about yourself.

Women often want to be perceived as having it all, which is hard to do. Having it all means something different to everyone, but regardless of your definition, it is a hard task to accomplish. Today’s generation of women wants to be taken seriously and at the same time wants the world to think they are beautiful. The following fifteen things that women hate about themselves are not based off of every woman in the world, it is just a general understanding of the things which many women hate the most about themselves.

There are so many great things about women, however it is hard for us to see it in ourselves. Whether you hate your stomach or you think you spend too much money, this list will give you a better understanding of what women dislike about themselves.

The following list is filled with physical and emotional aspects that most women wish they could change in their lives. I can promise every woman that there is something in this article that you can relate to. We all have things we hate about ourselves, and as humans we should be working on bettering ourselves every day.


15 Shopping Addiction

Okay, let's get one thing straight. I am not saying we hate shopping, I am saying we hate how addicted to shopping we are. It is almost physically impossible for some women to walk into a store and buy absolutely nothing. Most women are incapable of showing restraint in retail settings, which is something that often gets us into trouble. It is known that most men are better at saving money than women are, which usually bites us in the ass. Women are the type to spend what they have as opposed to saving it. This is a quality we really hate in ourselves, which is why most women need to find men to help organize our finances.

14 Hair


This one may seem funny to men but it is true, a lot of women are self conscious about their hair which is why so many of them work so hard on it. There are extensions and straighteners, curling irons and of course highlights. Women and hair can be compared to the age-old saying “The grass is greener on the other side.” Women with straight hair want curly hair, women with curly hair want straight hair and women with short hair want long hair, the list could go on forever. The point is that there is always something a woman doesn’t like about their hair and most women can't stand something about their hair. Women and hair have a love-hate relationship that men will never understand.

13 Boobs

As much as men love all sorts of boobs, women are extremely self-conscious when it comes to their breasts. Unless a woman has fake breasts, boobs are rarely perfect. The perkiness and perfect shape is rarely captured in natural breasts. Although men don’t seem to care about these details, it is something that drives women crazy. Many women have opted for surgery to modify their breasts, sometimes that means augmenting, other times that means lifting them. There are numerous surgeries woman can do on their breasts and they are all very popular which is proof enough that a lot of women hate their boobs.

12 Skin


Skin is a very sensitive topic for many women. There are a lot of ladies out there who suffer from bad skin and it's something that can drive someone crazy. The thing about skin is that there is no magic cure, yes some products work but there are numerous cases in which they don’t. Women will spend thousands of dollars in the hopes of revamping their skin but often procedures are not as successful as they would have hoped. Even if you do not suffer from bad acne or scars on your face, your skin is something that you are always self-conscious of, especially when you have a pimple. Many women face many different problems with their skin and it is something most woman can agree on as one of their most hated qualities.

11 Nosiness

It is something we as women just can't control. Our need to know everything is more powerful then we are. Women tend to be the nosier of the sexes and it comes as no surprise that this means we like to gossip more than men. Although we participate in gossip and need to know everything, we wish we didn’t. Being nosy often gets women into trouble. There is no explanation as to why we are like this, but I am convinced it is part of our genetics as women. It is hard for us to sit back and not know what we are getting for our birthday and although we strive to know everything, sometimes we miss the element of surprise, which is why we hate ourselves for being so nosy.

10 Jump to Conclusions


One of our worst qualities is our habit of jumping to conclusions. Every woman does it, even the women who say they don’t. Many girls have found themselves in situations they shouldn’t be in with people they care about because they have jumped to conclusions. For some reason, women like to always think the worst is happening, when most times they are completely off. This is a really big turn off for guys and annoys them so much they often find themselves disconnecting from their partner. This dreadful quality we have doesn’t only backfire with relationships, it backfires with everything. Most women won't admit it but we hate how our mind always jumps to the craziest conclusions.

9 Sensitivity

It is known that women are more sensitive than men. However, being sensitive is something that women often don’t like about themselves. For many women, being sensitive can be associated with being weak, which is something no woman wants to feel. Women need to prove themselves emotionally more than men and often times when a woman wants to cry, she will do so in private. This is because of the fact that women hate their sensitive gene. Although it makes us more compassionate beings, being sensitive definitely has its downfalls. Our sensitivity and lack of control over it is definitely one of the things women hate the most about themselves.


8 Weight


Even if we are comfortable with our bodies, our weight is not something we love. Either we weigh too much or too little, but it's not something we as women like to talk about simply because we hate it. There are very few women in this world who actually like the number they see when they step onto a scale, and most of us are not fans of our weight. Weight is the thing that most women try to change about themselves and it can be very difficult for some ladies. Men should know that in no way is it ever acceptable to ask a woman how much she weighs, even if she is your wife or your girlfriend, it is just a line that should never be crossed.

7 Biological Clock

So there is this thing called a biological clock that lives inside all women, and at one point or another it begins clicking. This is when a woman realizes that she only has a certain amount of fertile years left. Women hate that they have this pressure because it makes them feel out of control and women like being in control. Many choose to ignore their biological clocks and wind up single at 50 with no kids, which is what other women fear. There is something unfair about men being able to have kids until whatever age they want and women having to make sure it is done within a certain time frame, not too young, not too old. Our maternal instinct and want for the fairy tale life is something many women hate about themselves.

6 Stomach


Women are often self-conscious about their bodies and most women hate their stomachs. Our society gives off a specific image of beauty and sometimes when a woman doesn’t fit that frame, they are hard on themselves. Women like all the Victoria's Secret models make women think that being hot means having a flat stomach. For many women, having a flat stomach is not part of their reality and for a lot of them it is something they hate about themselves. Women are extremely self-conscious about their stomachs. It is safe to say that for women, the stomach is the most hated body part there is.

5 Stalker Tendencies

Okay, it may be our greatest talent but it is something that we definitely hate about ourselves. Women are natural stalkers, give us a name and we will find out everything about them in less than an hour. From their birthday to their mother's maiden name, women are pros when it comes to getting information. Although this may seem like a gift that should be used in the CIA on one side, on the other it is an extremely unattractive quality. There is nothing less sexy than a woman who has stalked everything about you, but to us it is just normal procedure.

4 Periods


I know, I shouldn’t even be speaking of them but I had to. Women HATE their periods. It is that one time of the month where they want to crawl into a hole and never come out. There is nothing more unpleasant than getting your monthly visit from mother nature and I am sure every woman can agree that we wish we didn’t get periods. Yes, we know it is part of life but that doesn’t mean we can't hate it. It is painful, mood altering and has the power to take you off your diet in a matter of minutes. Periods are by far one of the things women hate the most about themselves although I am positive they will never admit it, since we all hate talking about them to begin with.

3 Jealousy

Women hate how jealous we are. We are jealous without even realizing, even women who aren’t jealous are jealous. Jealousy is one of our worst characteristics as women and it is so hard to fix. We are jealous of girls in magazines, random women in malls and any girl who has ever dated our boyfriends. We don’t know why we are like this, all we know is that we hate it. Girls are often jealous out of insecurities and self-consciousness. The present emotion of jealousy is a character trait that women hate in them and have such little control over which makes us hate it even more.

2 Love Handles


Men claim they love these chunks of fat we call love handles but women despise them. The muffin top, as many like to call it, is that layer of fat that falls over your jeans. It's the part of your body your boyfriend most likely enjoys grabbing and the part of your body that just never looks good in clothes. Women can’t stand when men grab their love handles because it's a reminder that they are still attached to your body. They may call them "love" handles but for women who known the pain of having them, we know they should be called hate handles.

1 Self-Consciousness

This is hands down the thing we hate the most about ourselves. There is no explanation to why women are so self-conscious, but we are. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are self-conscious about numerous things and we all wish we had the confidence of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lopez. Being self-conscious has been the root of many problems in the life of women and it is a quality we despise in ourselves. Being self-conscious leads us to being jealous, which leads us to never being satisfied with the person we are, which is a big punishment to ourselves.


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