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15 Things Women Are Programmed To Be Attracted To In Men

15 Things Women Are Programmed To Be Attracted To In Men

The laws of attraction in nature are quite different from the laws of attraction between a man and a woman. It is not just enough to be male in order to attract a woman; her standards are far higher than that. A man has to possess a number of qualities in order to attract a woman, some of which make a lot of sense and others that make no sense at all.

Every man out there knows that women are complicated, and trying to understand them has been a challenge that no man has been able to conquer since the beginning of time. The best thing that men can do is to be content in knowing that they know so little about women, and to make use of the little knowledge that they have to make their women happy.

However, man has discovered that he can possess some qualities that can make him irresistible to women, and others that can make him repulsive. Every man out there should know of the following 15 things that can get him any woman that he desires, things that women are programmed to be attracted to in men. Some of these qualities can stand on their own, but a man needs to have as many of these as possible, just to be on the safe side.

Which other quality do you think is important and is not on the list?

15. Relationship With His Mom


Have you ever heard that men marry women who are like their mothers? It’s true. Women will be helplessly attracted to a man who has a great relationship with his mother, but not to the extent of the man being a mama’s boy. A woman will picture herself in the shoes of his mother and if the man loves his mom, then the woman will know for sure that he will also love her. A man that manages to get along with, respect, and treat his mother well has been taught well, and this will ensure that he treats every woman with love and respect; ingredients of being a woman magnet.

14. Beautiful Eyes


The eyes are definitely a window to someone’s soul and if a woman loves what she sees in a man’s eyes, she will be head over heels in love with him. Most women confess that the most attractive feature that can sweep them off their feet even without hearing a man’s voice is his eyes, which is why a man needs to take good care of his eyes. Furthermore, eyes are a great indication of an individual’s state of health, they can reveal whether one is telling the truth or not, and how a man looks at a woman tells her exactly how he feels about her.

13. Strong Beliefs


Women are immediately attracted to a man who is passionate and holds strong beliefs and opinions on issues that matter because his passion and beliefs tells her exactly what kind of a man he is. Not having an opinion on anything just tells a woman that you are shaky and that you can be swayed by anything that comes your way, and that is not attractive in any way. How a man expresses his beliefs and opinions on all matters reveals a lot about how he sees and interprets things, and a woman will not be able to resist a man who shares in her beliefs and opinions.

12. Ability to Play an Instrument


It is amazing how women will be attracted to a man who can play an instrument well, especially if it is an instrument that she loves. You will hardly ever come across a rock star or a musician who cannot get a girlfriend; actually these people often have to try so hard to be faithful to their women owing to the attention they receive from other women out there. A man who can play an instrument and sing is an unstoppable woman magnet; he only starts to repel them when he becomes too proud. Learning an instrument takes time, patience, commitment, and passion, qualities that are great especially when exercised in a relationship.

11. Positive Attitude


There are so many things going wrong around us that just thinking about them is enough to cause someone to fall into stress and depression. A man who understands and accepts the fact that there are things he cannot change and decides to have a positive attitude in everything is very mature and women will find him very attractive. Such a man will hardly get angry or misinterpret a woman’s intentions, and he will be looking for good things in his woman and not only the bad. Every woman out there would love to be with a man, who comforts her in every situation and one who makes her feel valuable and loved, and that is exactly what a man with a positive attitude will make her feel.

10. Loyalty


Loyalty is one of the most important qualities, if not the most important quality, that women look for in a relationship. A woman will always be attracted to a man who shows no sign of cheating on her with another woman, and a man who will always support her and always be there for her. Women hate getting hurt and would rather stay single if they knew that they were getting into a relationship that would lead to a heartbreak. Therefore, women are always on a lookout for a loyal man, because such a man is very attractive and rare, and is worth keeping by all means.

9. Great Sense of Humour


Women know that a man who makes them smile is a keeper because such men are great to face the storms of life with. Furthermore, a woman will be attracted to a man who finds her funny, because it is an indication that he “gets her,” especially when other people find her weird. A man with a great sense of humour is an unstoppable woman magnet, as long as his idea of humour does not include putting other people down or making fun of the woman in ways that leave her feeling uncomfortable. Women love to spend time with men who make them laugh because such men make them feel comfortable and appreciated; something every woman wants to feel.

8. Ability To Listen


Women love to talk, and the best thing that a man can do is simply listen to them. Most men hardly have anything to say because that is how they are wired, and their ideal afternoon off involves spending all their time on the couch watching their favourite game. When a woman discovers a man who listens to her all the time and gives her a shoulder to cry on regardless of what is happening on TV, she will never leave that man. A woman will know that a man values her more than anything if he gives her his undivided attention whenever she needs him; every woman finds this to be very attractive.

7. Style


The first thing that women notice about men is how they dress. A man can dress in a way that can make a woman to fall in love with him instantly, or he can dress in a way that a woman will never take him seriously. If a man is serious about making a lasting positive impression on a woman, he has to look like he at least thought about what he wanted to wear. Different types of clothes are ideal for different occasions, and it is important for a man to always dress up for the occasion. In addition, a man has to pay attention to the shoes that he is wearing, his body spray, and his watch; all these seemingly small details speak loads to a woman.

6. Height


Ever heard that every woman out there is looking for a tall, dark, and handsome man to come sweep her off her feet? What you heard was true. The only compromise that most women are willing to make is the dark part, because a tall, light, and handsome man will still do. Sadly for some men, they stopped growing a long time ago, and they have to make do with the height that they have attained. All women are attracted to men that are not only handsome, but also taller than they are. Women love men that they can look up to, in every sense of the word.

5. Intelligence


When a man and a woman meet and start trying to find out as much as they can about each other, the question “what do you do?” will always come up. For a woman to be instantly attracted to a man, the man’s career or area of study has got to be the same as that of the woman or better yet, more prestigious or complex. In addition, how the man talks and how he thinks can blow a woman away, especially if through his speech he proves to be a very intelligent man. No woman wants to go out with a dummy because if for some reason she felt attracted to him, his lack of intelligence would bring her to her senses.

4. A Great Body


As much as men are obsessively attracted to women with gorgeous bodies, women have similar if not stricter standards when it comes to a man’s physique. A man can knock a woman off her feet if she were to get a glimpse of his perfectly toned abs and reasonably sized muscles. A strong and athletic man is in every way physically attractive, and every woman knows such a man when she sees one. The problem with most men with great bodies is that they are often rude and arrogant, but a polite, kind, and masculine man is the dream guy that most women in the world would die to have.

3. Romance


Weird enough, a man can lack everything else on this list but get any woman that he would desire, only if he were romantic. A romantic man is so attractive to women, because such a man would make a woman want to go crazy through the beautiful words that he uses on her, the small but thoughtful things he does for her, and the spontaneity he brings in the relationship. Most times, the short, fairly handsome, and not so rich guys tend to work as hard as possible at being romantic, which is why you can spot some of these men walking with supermodels wrapped around their arms and think to yourself just how unfair the world is.

2. Fame

shutterstock_Justin Bieber

Famous people, especially those who got famous for all the right reasons, will always have people who love them. Women will be attracted to a famous man because such fame will be an indication that the man is important, and according to women, an important man is very attractive. Think of all the famous actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, philanthropists, or business men, who have fans all over the world and women dying to meet them in person. A handshake, a smile, a wink, or just a wave from a famous man is enough to make a good number of women’s dreams come true.

1. Wealth



People say that money can buy you anything except love or happiness, a statement that has its fair share of faults. For instance, if all a man wants is a wonderful woman to spend the rest of his life with and he is lacking in all the above qualities except money, then he can sure get his wishes. Women are attracted to men who can provide them with comfort, excitement, security, and the power to shop anywhere and spend any amount without caring how much, and a wealthy man can provide this with ease. Money has a way of softening even the hardest hearts, and the hearts that are most easily swayed using money are the ones that belong to women. A decent and rich man is the dream guy that every woman is truly looking for.

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