15 Things That Men Do That Drive Women Crazy

After being with a man for several years, that seemingly perfect guy you are with every so often falls into bad habits that just seem too difficult to look past. At times, we think he may not be listening, he may rely on his mother too much, or he may just be a rude person altogether. Eventually we will fall in love with a man and those cute little “quirks” that made us fall in love with him now start to really annoy us; the adorable face that we fell for may now be a little wrinkled, and the way he constantly flosses his teeth now leaves specks of ick all over the bathroom mirror, but women still love that man, even if he still calls his mom when there is trouble, or constantly acts like our ideas are “unimportant.”  And no, just because we are irritable, doesn't always mean that it’s our “time of the month,” he just might be behaving like a buffoon, and we are merely not in the mood to put up with it.

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15 He Doesn't Pick Up After Himself

Sometimes a man expects a woman to be his 24-hour maid service and leaves his laundry all over the floor. Or perhaps, he doesn't feel like he should have to rinse his plate off or pick up the trash that is in front of him because “he didn't do it.” A woman is not a man’s servant; not ever. If you feel that you need to have someone clean up after you, hire a maid. Just make sure that you are able to pay her first; because nobody likes to clean other people’s messes, expect to get paid and then end up getting cheated.

14 He Is Not Exactly Clear On What He Wants

Okay, so we have all heard men say that women don’t know what they want; when asked where they would like to go, apparently the answer is, “I don’t know,” or “I don’t care,” (which, in fact, men are equally guilty of, as well). Are men really any different when it comes to relationships or dating? They will say they like a woman who is smart, but you will see them walking down the street with someone who is known for their looks, and not really their brains. He might also say that he likes a certain band or movie genre, but after being together for quite a while, you find out that that is not so much true.

13 Too Much Too Soon

Women aren't really that much different when it comes to wanting to go slow in a relationship, and want to make sure that they are with the right person before settling down. So, why are there so many men who want to rush into something without really getting to know a girl? Sure, there are some women out there who are looking for someone just to settle down and have kids with, but isn't it worth it to get to know someone really well before deciding on that long of a commitment? Not every girl wants to get married after two dates.

12 Overly Possessive or Extremely Jealous

Sometimes a little jealousy is cute, or sporadically even sweet, if it doesn't go overboard.  Then there are the people who take it just a bit too far. The movie, Sleeping With the Enemy, with Julia Roberts, shows how a man can become overly obsessed with his wife and make it so she fears to go anywhere with anyone because he might beat her. It doesn’t take a licensed therapist to tell that if you are in this type of relationship, then you need to leave. And if you’re a man treating a woman this way, just stop. If you have these kinds of issues, please go see a professional.

11 Saying He Is Going To Do Something, But Doesn't

This is one of the biggest pet peeves of many; when men say they are going to do something but never do. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. Most women get picked on for “nagging,” when all they want is for you to do what you promised. It’s all quite simple, really. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that nobody likes a broken promise. Some things are understandable, though; if your dog dies or your car breaks down and you just can’t get to that leaky toilet, just say so. The majority of women are actually pretty compassionate.

10 No Passion For Practically Anything

This is the man who spends all day staring at a computer screen, and then comes home and does the same thing. Or merely stares at the television. He says absolutely nothing about the crazy man stalking you or the dog that is barking incessantly. Nothing seems to rile him up. This drives woman bonkers. They want to see a man who has a favorite football team and yells about his team not making it to the playoffs. Now, this isn't to be confused with a man who has anger issues and just yells at everything, but it is nice to see a guy who is very enthusiastic about something; it makes us realize that he might just be passionate about us, too.

9 He Treats Others Better Than He Treats You

This is one thing that is probably a sign that he has some issues to work out, or it could be you. Perhaps he just doesn't feel the same way about you that you feel about him, or maybe it basically appears that he is treating you worse than that girl that he works with.  Normally, this is something that is all “in the eye of the beholder,” which is why it is occasionally best to ignore how he is treating that woman in the office and try to concentrate on how he is treating you at home. It may be all in your head, but then again, it might not.

8 Constantly Looking at Other Women

Okay, men will look at other women, we get it; but if you practically break your neck just to get a peek of the waitress’ neckline while we are seated together, then that is just plain rude. We all like to look at others; there really is no harm in it, unless it goes too far, but that’s an entirely different article altogether. Sometimes just glancing and then looking away is enough; just stop being so obvious about it. Women don’t like to feel inferior, no matter how beautiful she is. You may think she knows that she is gorgeous, but most women are always thinking of one thing that she doesn't like about herself; and if you are staring at, or telling her how great someone else’s body part is, it just might be that one thing that your wife or girlfriend doesn't like about herself, and that is what may cause her to become jealous.

7 We Just Want You to Listen, Not Fix Everything

When we are telling you about the horrible day we had at work, we really don’t want you to run off and torch the office building. Although it is a really sweet thing to do (in a warped kind of way), all we really want you to do is listen. We don’t need advice, we don’t want you to chase down the man who cut us off in traffic, or try to lecture us on what we were doing wrong to make the waiter throw the drink at us. Sometimes just lending an ear is all we require to get us through our evening.

6 He Can No Longer Do Things For Himself

Sometimes a man gets too comfortable in a relationship and all of a sudden, we feel like we need to take care of him. Just because a man no longer lives with his mother, doesn't mean that he has moved in with someone who desires to replace her. We really don’t want to replace her, look like her, or even do anything remotely close to what she does. This includes cooking, cleaning or taking care of you while you’re sick. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing the love of your life in his jammies with snots running down his nose, crying because he can’t reach the remote. We try to do things for ourselves (and even other people); even when we are sick, there is no reason for men to not be able to do the same.

5 He Is Unappreciative

A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Even doing something in return for her spending three hours of her day making your favorite meal can be a good way to show appreciation.  Instead of picking at it and saying, “it’s too dry,” or douse it in ketchup before you even taste it; take the time to ask how her day was, or say that you will do the dishes when dinner is over, if those two words aren't in your vocabulary. Just make sure to keep your promise, because another pet-peeve of women is a broken promise (which has been covered already). It doesn't matter if you grew up thinking that women should be the ones cleaning the dishes; if she cooked the dinner, she should not have to clean the kitchen, as well. This is 2014, not 1952.

4 He Has Horribly Bad Habits


These aren't the obvious ones; we all burp and let out the occasional bout of flatulence (yes, women do that, too, contrary to popular belief). These are the ones that go beyond the normal encounter with needing the antacids. A horribly bad habit could be drinking too much and turning into a complete moron (or a total jerk), he could have ten girlfriends on the side (assuming it’s a habit), he eats pizza three times a day, or he possibly has an excessive drug problem. These could all be reasons to leave him, or it could also be a motive for him to get some much needed help.

3 He Wears Way Too Much Cologne


If a man wears too much cologne, it is no longer a lovely scent, it is borderline nauseating.  Women will think either, A: He is trying to cover up something that he doesn't want us to know about (such as an affair), or B: He is trying to cover up the fact that he hasn't bathed in several days (eww). Your significant other will most likely not want to be near you (let alone, be intimate) if you are stinky. Jump in the shower and wash all that off! We want to smell you, not your choice of fragrances, no matter how freshly aromatic it may be to you.

2 He Is Way Too Comfortable


When a woman first meets a man, nine times out of ten, the looks are the first thing that she notices. Granted, we all say it is all about the personality or sense of humor, but more likely than not, it is the sexy eyes or the way he dresses that captures our attention in the beginning. Yet, something happens along the way, where that man who used to iron his clothes and spend hours (okay, maybe several minutes) on his hair, now just grabs something out of the laundry basket when going out (if he even goes out at all), and we are lucky if he even runs a comb through his hair. This isn't just a man thing, women do it, too; we should all work on this one. It keeps the relationship from going “stale,” and it is nice to see your loved one dressed up every now and then, even if you aren't going anywhere special.

1 The Ole’ Double-Standard


So just what is a double-standard? The standard definition is, “A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another, especially the granting of greater sexual freedom to men than to women.” Basically that means when one person can do something, but the other one cannot; without repercussions, of course. If a man has a slew of female friends that are completely platonic, then wouldn't it make sense for a woman to be able to have male acquaintances, as well? If that does not seem appropriate, then maybe that man should not have so many women as friends. If there is complete trust in the relationship, then who each other is friends’ with should not make a difference at all.

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