15 Things Men Do That Women Find Creepy

Meeting a new guy can be exciting and offers a lot of new adventures and benefits; a budding relationship brings new challenges and sometimes creepy vibes. Men seem to collapse at the idea of having to talk to someone new or going on a first date and being so afraid that they will ruin it that their kind and well meant gestures come off as creepy, shallow and a huge turn off. Men tend to shoot themselves in the foot in the presence of their crush or just simply a pretty woman. They normally think they look cool trying out their obnoxious, foul and sometimes offensive moves on all these unsuspecting girls, but they actually look creepy, eerie, disturbed, menacing and any other adjectives that can describe a not-so-sane man. Realistically, no man wants to be labeled as anything but a nice guy and to be honest, chances that they are actually a menace is slim to none; so maybe their reason for taking things overboard every once in a while is to prove that their intentions are good and that they are a stand up guy. None-the-less, it unfortunately makes them seem like they are trying too hard and desperate for attention. Here is a list of a few reasons as to why guys can come off as some of the most creepy human beings on the planet; keep in mind ladies that their intentions actually might be good, so cut them a tiny bit of slack.

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15 Stroke Their Beard

Long gone are the days where facial hair was trim and tamed, where a 5 O’Clock shadow was considered unruly and rebellious (how stupid we were to think that was the worst it could get). Hipster men and hipster boys are now growing these long beards that they could hide packs of gum in and that is cool; it works for others and not for some. However, what makes it weird is how they caress and stroke it as they are having a conversation or deep thoughts; it is as though they are thinking “hmm how can I get this girl in my bed tonight?” His thoughts consume him as we can already tell he is not paying attention to a word we are saying.

14 Cutting Your Food


Does he see you as a child? A delicate little pet? Maybe he is trying to be nice but does not know how to go about it. Cutting up anyone’s food would be instantly seen as creepy and questionable; how awkward it must be to sit with your hands in your lap as he slices your food into small morsels so you do not choke. This goes the other way around as well; if a girl cuts up your dinner for you, you would be totally turned off and probably creeped out. Maybe you are looking for a mother, not a girlfriend.

13 Hovering

When a guy likes you but has no idea how to approach you, he does a move called hovering; no matter where you are he always seems to appear. Unfortunately, it is more creepy than appealing, especially when you are in a crowded club and he always seems to know where to find you. Sometimes it’s kind of cute because you can tell that he likes you, but he is just at a loss of words (how flattering). Other times it is annoying and weird because who wants to be followed around and pinpointed by an awe struck guy. Have that cat let your tongue go and at least muster up the courage to say “hi”.

12 Talking About Another Girl

Okay, so we get you've had other girlfriends, in particular one who is apparently better than the current girl you are courting because you will not shut up about her. Your obsession has lead to you talking so much about her that it is disturbing; if you miss her that much maybe you should try to get back together with her. Oh wait, maybe she too was creeped out by your eerie behavior. Sometimes it is better to not say anything than opening your mouth and continuously putting your dirty foot in it. Maybe you should get over one girl before trying to date another.

11 Stroking Your Face

In any other case, terms of endearment like holding hands, cuddling, stroking the side of your wife’s face while looking longingly into her eyes is cute and sweet and gives you all of those feelings in your stomach. That being said, if this is done by someone who you are newly dating or just “talking” to, it sends off a level of creepiness that is off the charts. You may think you are being mature and loving by cupping the side of her face into your palm, but you are being ridiculous and some would think you are moving way too quickly. Please note that you should keep your hands to yourself the first few dates and even longer than that until she is sending you yes vibes.

10 You Look Just Like My Ex

No, no, no. Even if the girl you are dating does look exactly like your ex, do not mention it to her at all; better yet, forewarn your friends and tell them to also shut their mouths about it. No girl wants to get a compliment like that and it makes it look like you are trying to date someone like your ex as much as possible, which to an over-thinking girl (which is basically any girl) it looks like you are not over said ex. Also, to further save your butt in the future, make sure all of your old photos of her are nowhere in sight cause that would be weird.

9 Clutching/Rubbing The Back Of Her Neck Unannounced

For some reason, some guys like to do this thing where they hand out half-neck messages; this is done by taking one hand and roughly grabbing the back of your neck and rubbing it. There are several things wrong with this but a few crucial problems are: 1. We are not dogs therefore, we do not have excess skin on the back of our necks so that skin you are pulling at is actually super uncomfortable and sometimes painful and 2. We did not ask for a pseudo message and you are not a certified message therapist. We know you are trying to be nice but, no.

8 Staring From Afar With A Half Grin

Okay, so we get it, you are staring because you may find us attractive, and you are contemplating the risky move of coming over (or you are inviting us to come over). Unfortunately, it comes off creepy before it comes off as endearing. You quickly look down as you get caught staring; when you do not look down, that is where the problem lies. Is this a form of confidence or cockiness? Or is it just plain creepy that you have locked eyes with someone from a far and he happens to be grinning at you like a complete freak? We have seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds to fall for that one.

7 Too Many Compliments

You already made it to the first date, so ease back a bit on the compliments. Yes, they can be flattering and endearing but they can also be overwhelming, weird and annoying. If you are constantly complimenting her but not carrying on a real conversation, then it is safe to assume that you are more interested in staring at different body parts then getting to know her. There is such a thing as too many compliments, and it's the kind of thing that will most likely come off as creepy.

6 Asking About Sexual Experiences


How many guys have you been with? What is your favorite position? Would you say you are good at foreplay? These are just a few of the bizarre questions that some guys think it is okay to ask on a first date. The fact that you are even thinking about sex already is annoying and the stupid grin on your face as you ask them is not cute. It is downright disrespectful and frightening that you think it is okay to even take it to that step. Save the sex talk until you are in an actual relationship, or if you prefer a "friends with benefits" situation; it is less creepy and more acceptable.

5 Text You But Pretend It Was An Accident

Have you ever received a text from the guy you like or are casually dating only to be told, “Oh, sorry that text was not for you” or “Sorry, that was an accident”? We are not dumb, unintelligent, slow, dunce or whatever way you want to put it. Clearly this was a set-up and clearly you have too much time on your hands. “Accidental texts” are a juvenile move and come off as weird. The thought of you having that much time to think up a stupid ploy like that is manipulative and cunning. If you can sit around and think of ways to manipulate her, she will think she has a weird freak on her hands.

4 Running Into Her One Creepy Time Too Many

It is not flattering that you keep showing up to the same place that you know your crush is going to be at. Especially when it is not a place where a social gathering would normally happen; a local coffee shop that is not your actual local coffee shop, her gym that you all of a sudden have a membership to, or walking by her home and “accidentally” running into her on her own turf. All of this and more should be put into a PSA for guys who do not know when they are stalking a girl they are crushing on.

3 Meeting The Parents Too Soon

There should be a handbook written by a woman telling guys about the top 10 things they should not do when newly dating a girl; like a detailed book that hammers the truth into their heads. One of the top 5 things should be not inviting a girl to meet your parents after a few beginner dates. No, it does not make us feel important. No, it is not a way of expressing how much you like her and no, we do not care if you think we would get along great with your mom or your sister. It puts us in an awkward position and it makes you look like you are rushing something that should be taken slow. Stop being weird, please.

2 Adding Every One Of Their Social Media Accounts

This is also known as online stalking; if you just met this girl and you decide to take the leap and add her on Facebook, great. However, if you go that extra mile and take it upon yourself to extend an invitation to add her Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and everything in between then we have a problem. One is enough, you are not dating her yet and let’s be honest, you have not had a real conversation with her yet. This is a budding romance and you adding yourself to all her social media accounts sends red flags that warrants an immediate shut down of any potential relationship.

1 Making Sexual References

Again, sex is not considered a proper form of communication; this includes making sexual references towards a girl. Asking sexual questions is one thing, but saying things that elude to you wanting to jump into bed with her that night is weird. A sexual reference can be anything from; “I bet you can do a lot of things with your mouth/tongue”, “I love how you can move that behind girl”. Sex is not the game that most people make it out to be and unless you want a clingy girl on your hands, keep the creepy, overly sexual conversations to yourself.

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