15 Things Girls Think Rich Guys Do When They Are Alone

Everyone does weird things when they are alone. There are just some habits that are not meant to be witnessed by other people, and that's totally normal. For the most part. There are the obvious activities like personal grooming, singing Britney Spears in the shower, and eating questionable things for dinner, that everyone does once in awhile. But regular people are always interested what the more financially well off people do when no one is looking.

Having more money means not having to spend time doing things like grocery shopping, cleaning, and balancing the cheque book. So with all that free time on their hands, what do rich people do? The women shop, and primp, and redecorate their 12 guests rooms, but what about the men?

We all need our alone time, and we all need habits, and hobbies to fill that alone time with. Rich people have so many opportunities at their disposal that it's hard to imagine them ever being bored, or ever struggling with every day stresses like running out of paper towel in the middle of cleaning the kitchen. When we imagine what rich people do with their time, we tend to err toward the extravagant. Here are 15 things girls imagine rich guys do with their alone time.

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14 Screen action movies in their private theater

Sometimes no one is available for movie night, but does that mean his private movie theater should go to waste? A private screening of Con-Air, or Die Hard is the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he can't appreciate a well made action-comedy, and some movies are so much better with surround sound.

13 Test drive their sports car collection

What is the point of having all that money if he can't own every car he dreamed of owning when he was a kid? Porsche? Check. Mercedes? Check. Jaguar? Check. His next purchase is a yellow Lamborghini, like the one Vin Diesel drives in Fast and the Furious 6. He knows everything there is to know about what car can go the fastest, and he sometimes rents out a track solely for the purpose of driving his cars to their limit.

12 Plan trips to Vegas for their 12 closest friends

Guys this rich love to party. And where better to do that than in Las Vegas? He will pay for all his friends to come along if he has to, in fact, he's the go-to guy for bachelor party planning. He loves to splurge on all the best strippers, clubs with bottle service, and making sure everyone has the time of their lives. He can afford it, so why not?

11 Work

He had to do something to get that rich, didn't he? Girls like to imagine the rich guy of their dreams being a hard working go-getter who rose up from poverty to become successful despite all the odds. Not that a rich guy who inherited all his money and has never worked a day in his life is bad either... okay, never mind, no girl actually wants to date Scott Disick.

10 Wonder whether their grey hair makes them look distinguished

Rich guys care about how they look too, probably even more so than regular guys. They have the best grooming products, spas, and let's face it, plastic surgeons, at their disposal, so they must consider using them right? Grey hair is rarely considered a bad thing on men, but there still must be that moment when a guy realizes how grey his hair really is and wonders if he should dye it.

9 Fight their stylist about their "casual" clothing choices

Rich guys have stylists, that is a given. They probably welcome someone who knows what they are talking about telling them what to wear to fancy events. But no guy wants to care what he's wearing during a lazy Saturday trip to the organic farmer's market. What's wrong with the jeans he's had since college? The band T-shirt he got at his first trip to Coachella when he was 22 and only moderately wealthy? Still cool. Not even rich guys want to spend $500 on a pair of sweat pants. He would like to stay rich, thankyouverymuch.

8 Wish they had a nice girl to shower with gifts

You can only spend so much money on yourself before it gets a little boring. He probably has everything he could ever want, and he's already made his way through his entire family and his closest friends too. If he found a nice girl, he would be able to take her on trips, and buy her surprise gifts, and invite her to events. Spending money would be fun again!

8. Work out in their private gyms

Of course he has a private basketball court. Where else would be perfect his 3-point shot and invite his buddies for a friendly game of 3-on-3? He has to keep himself in shape too, so hitting his private gym is a must on a daily basis. He is already in peak condition so he no longer needs a personal trainer to tell him what to do. He usually finishes off his workout with a relaxing soak in the hot tub, or a steam in the sauna.

7 Approve plans for their custom built chalet in Italy

Rich guys are super into real estate. Especially custom built real estate on foreign land. He already has his mansion in L.A, penthouse in NYC, and beach house in Barbados, so he's set his sights on the rolling country side of Italy. Tuscany is his dream location, but he loves skiing so much that he might just splurge for a lodge in Switzerland as well. Such a hard decision, but he's rich, so why pick just one!

6 Brainstorm ways to get even richer

Just because he's a millionaire many times over already doesn't mean he can get lazy. There are always new companies to invest in, new products to endorse, and the stock market is shifting on a daily basis. He'll probably never stop looking for new ways to increase his wealth. When you are already a millionaire, the only goal left is to become a billionaire.

5 Pine after the one who got away

Rich guys need love too. He probably had a volatile relationship with a beautiful, but hard to pin down girl when he was in college. She was the kind of girl every guy wanted to be with, but she was with him. They broke up when she realized he would always care more about making money than her. She's married now to some middle class guy who actually has time for her. But she'll always be the one who got away.

4 Watch Netflix on their 65 inch

3 Make pro/con lists for buying their favourite sports team

2 Play video games in their underwear

They may be handmade, custom 100% silk boxer shorts from some obscure European designer, but rich or not, all guys like to lounge around in their underwear. Add a PS4, high definition, surround sound game of Call of Duty, and these guys are as happy as they could possibly be. He might be alone in his mansion, but with the wonder of head sets and Wifi, he can kill the enemy with 10 of his best friends, and no one will think it's weird he's half naked and drinking Crown Royal Black right out of the bottle.

1 Contemplate how empty their lives are with all this money and no one to share it with

The reason he wants a girl to spend some of his money on is not because he is sick of buying things for himself (that will never get old). It's because going on lavish trips, and buying expensive real estate just isn't that exciting without someone to share it with. What he really needs is a beautiful, thoughtful, amazing woman to help him choose between a beach trip to Tahiti and an African safari. If only he had some way to separate the gold diggers from the girls who are worthy of all he has to offer...

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