15 Scariest Realizations You Have About Your Parents

From the moment a person is born, they are immediately loved by at least one or two individuals, and those individuals are the parents. A parent is someone who raises you, who cares for you, and who looks after you, and whether they are a single parent, a common-law couple, married, or members of the same gender, their roles towards you never change. There are instances in which a parent does not deserve the right to hold that title, whether it be due to neglect, abandonment or abuse, but in most cases a parent will never do anything to harm their child, as said child literally means the world to them.

Your parents are likely a part of the majority who are indeed great at parenting, and because of that, you probably viewed them as sort of almighty figures who were always there when you needed them. As you got older, your parents were, and likely still are, always by your side, aiding you in every which way they can. But as you do get older, you come to realize some things about your parents that can truly be considered scary in one form or another. Here is a list of 15 of the scariest realizations you have about your parents.

15 They Don’t Actually Know Everything


14 Their Opinions Change

13 You Mean Everything To Them

12 They Know How to Have Fun


11 They Still Do... The Deed 


10 They Absolutely Have A Favorite

9 It’s Okay To Disagree With Them

8 They Have Demons 

7 They Fear Adulthood Too

6 They Are Not Always Happy

5 They Are Flawed


4 They Won’t Always Baby You

3 Sometimes They Need Love Too

2 At Some Point You Will Have To Look After Them

1 One Day They Will Be Gone

Death is something that comes for every living thing in existence, and it is a fact of life that you are often introduced to from a young age. Usually, your first experience with death comes when either a pet, a friend, a grandparent, or another family member passes away, and sometimes, you are far too young to understand what death means. As you get older though, you do come to understand just how sad and painful death can be in regards to losing something you really care about. At some point or another, your parents will die, and that is the scariest realization of them all, because you know that one day, the people who raised you, did everything for you, and loved you like nothing else on Earth your entire life, will be gone.

Sources:  EliteDaily

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15 Scariest Realizations You Have About Your Parents