15 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Increase Your Wealth

We’d all like to increase our wealth. There are so many benefits to doing so—being able to afford the lifestyle you and your family would like, being able to handle unexpected situations and having overall financial security.

But how can you increase your wealth, besides winning the lottery or marrying rich? There are actually a few very simple ways to do so. In fact, some of them may be so simple that you’ll wonder why you aren’t already doing them. From ways to directly earn more income to ways to save wisely, here are 15 tips you need to start following now if you want those numbers in your bank account to start going up.

15 Start Using Coupons


One way to stay within your budget or save more than you had planned is to use coupons. Many of us seem to be too embarrassed to use coupons but they’re there to be used, so why not use them? Do you really want to pay full price for cereal when you have a coupon in your wallet to save $1.00 on it? To convince yourself that there’s no shame in using coupons, check out this list of (wealthy) celebrities who admit to using coupons.

14 Turn Hobbies Into Income

13 Negotiate Your Salary And Bills

One thing that most books about saving money will stress is the art of negotiation. If you know how to negotiate properly, you can save money on bills and the things you buy and even get a salary raise. First, have a look at your monthly bills. Surely, you’re not paying the least that you can possibly be paying. This is especially true if the industry is competitive. In fact, we can almost guarantee that there are at least six bills you can negotiate down. You can save a ton of money by negotiating your monthly payments. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask because the worse that can happen is that they say no and you just continue on with the way things were.

12 Price Match


11 Budget And Save Gradually


10 Invest In Your Education

9 Drink Water

Water is good for so many things: curing headaches, giving you clearer skin, giving you an energy boost and much more. If you committed to stop buying beverages other than water, you’ll find some surprising changes. First, you’ll notice that you’re directly saving a ton of money by not stopping at your local Starbucks and dishing out $5.00 per drink each morning or by not visiting your local bar every Friday night where you spend at least $10.00 on beer.

8 Invest Your Money


7 Walk, Don't Drive

6 Use The Library

5 Surround Yourself With Successful People

4 Volunteer

3 Become A Minimalist


2 Get Promoted

1 Invest In Your Health

True wealth means being healthy, happy and financially secure. If you’re not healthy, how will you be able to go to work every day or run your own business? If you’re not healthy, what’s the point of even having all that money since you won’t be able to really enjoy it? When you invest in your health, both mental and physical, you’ll feel so much more energetic and motivated to do more. You’ll be able to take on that extra project at work or start that side business you always wanted to start. You’ll be more upbeat when you’re socializing, attracting more people towards you. And of course, you won’t need to spend tons of money on medication and treatments for diseases. Some things you can do to start investing in your health are: exercise (this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sign up for a gym, you can just go jogging at your local park), eat home-cooked meals (processed, microwavable foods do not count as home-cooked) and schedule time to simply relax.

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15 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Increase Your Wealth