15 Of The Worst Bedroom Tips You Should Never Listen To

The internet is one hell of a thing, where people turn to Google to find out how to navigate their lives on a daily basis. People are searching for anything from “how to get a girlfriend” to finding the best place in town for some shawarma. Everyone has the opportunity to chime in and share their opinions however, most of the time that advice is given by people who have no clue what they are talking about. This has been the case when it comes to advice about sex since all over the world, as people are curious about sex. They want to know the best positions, how to turn someone on, how to make someone want them and best yet, how to have the most mind blowing sex ever. Here comes the advice from people around the world who to their credit may have had a lot of sex in their time but not necessarily good sex.

Receiving advice on the internet is hit or miss and it is causing an epidemic; it is making people engage in bad sex and ultimately spread horrible, horrible advice. Suggestions include rubbing her body until the friction heats her up, complimenting someone else in front of her to gauge her reaction because we all know a little jealousy is healthy (AKA disrespectful). It may be time that we all stop turning to the internet for advice that involves any kind of sexual activity; this is why sex therapists exist since they know what they are talking about and they won’t suggest you put yourself, your partner or your relationship in any kind of danger. However, if you are looking for a laugh or just love receiving bad advice then here is a list of sex tips found on the internet and in magazines that everyone should avoid.

15 Just Let Them Do All The Work

14 The Bedroom Burrito

13 Lick The Palm Of Her Hand

12 Just Go With The Flow

11 Do The Same Thing, He Won’t Notice Anyway

10 Bring Food Into The Bedroom

9 Shake His Nuts

8 Try A Bunch Of Different Positions

7 Use Your Phone Vibrator

6 Asking Questions

5 Yank His Hair

4 Turn The Fan On

3 The Sweaty Make-out

2 Try Some Moves You've Watched

1 Add Danger To Your Day

Almost getting hit by a car is a huge turn on and everyone should jump in front of a car and have it hopefully swerve and not kill you. See how ridiculous that sounds? This is an actual suggestion from Men’s Health magazine; they want you to do dangerous things for that dopamine high. Follow in the footsteps of Tim McGraw and live like you were dying, just making sure you avoid death at all costs. They say that this will trigger sexual arousal in women but there are so many other ways for her to be turned on so... maybe choose one of those other options.


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15 Of The Worst Bedroom Tips You Should Never Listen To