15 Naughtiest Places Women Fantasize About Doing The Deed

Everyone has a naughty side; even women. So what is a better idea than to constantly be looking for a new place to have the ultimate sexual experience? Sex is often looked down upon when it comes to women, especially when a woman is vocal about it and admits that she wants it and loves it. It is less important for women to embrace sex than to feel comfortable with it. When sex is embraced by women they are treated like lepers; they are treated like sex obsessed freaks that need help, stat! Unfortunately for society, sex is a topic that creeps into almost every discussion whether it has a place or not. Women are no longer sitting back and acting like they do not know what it is. They are not shaking in their boots or frightened for their future because they have slept with more than one man. They are gripping onto the idea that they too can have a naughty bucket list, feel empowered by the act of sex and feel confident enough in themselves and their surroundings to be forthright about what turns them on and off, and most importantly where turns them on and off.

A woman with a naughty side will always make for some very interesting experiences and what is more interesting than attempting to enjoy one of life’s pleasures in the public eye? Because women are feeling more confident and taking back their sexuality, they are willing to test the waters when it comes to sex and having sex in public; here are a few places that women have admitted to ticking off their sexy bucket list.

15 Car

14 Public Park

13 Bathroom

12 Amusement Park

11 In Their Office

10 On A Roof

9 University Library

8 The Drive-In

7 On Foreign Soil


6 In A Row Boat

5 Sauna

4 Movie Theater

3 On The Beach


2 The Fitting Room

1 In Public. Period.

Woman love letting their inner bad girl come out. No matter how reserved they are, sex is something that no woman is above. Sex in a public place is something that every woman has fantasized about and making this fantasy a reality is risky but if she can pull it off she has ticked off one more thing on her bucket list. Women can be just as deviant as men can be and just because they are not so forthcoming about it does not mean they do not think about it, or better yet engage in it. Sometimes women just want to let their wild side out.


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15 Naughtiest Places Women Fantasize About Doing The Deed