15 Disgusting Things Women Do That They'll Never Admit To

The male species is known for being bigger, stronger and meaner. It’s also known for being stinky, ugly and gross. But men embrace these things. They have farting contests. They belch loudly. They pee in public. To put it mildly, they have no shame. And why not? Society encourages it.

Audiences laughed when Jeff Daniels had explosive diarrhea in the movie Dumb & Dumber. Baseball players are routinely filmed scratching themselves in public. And the internet is filled with pictures and video of men showing off their poop.

In contrast, girls are put on a pedestal and are expected to be ladylike at all times. Remember when Fergie was filmed having peed in her pants at a concert and was relentlessly ridiculed? And what about Christina Aguilera’s self-tanning incident when something (tanner? blood? excrement?) was running down her legs? The media had a field day – and it wasn’t pretty. The fact of the matter is that girls do lots of gross things. It’s just that they go to extreme lengths to hide any unpleasantness.

Some things are no-brainers, like spraying air freshener after using the bathroom or discreetly blowing one’s nose. But there is a whole list of GROSS things that girls do that they will never admit to. One you read this article, you will never view girls the same way again!

15 They Look In The Toilet

Everyone looks in the toilet – so stop being judgmental. But girls do it for different reasons than guys. Guys do it to see what came out of their rear ends, but girls are more interested in the front. Cloudy urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Seeing blood can be a relief when a girl is nervous about getting her period. Analyzing used tampons can tell a girl how much longer she can expect her cycle to last. And then there’s always the chance a toilet baby can come out – just watch any episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”

14 They Wash Their Hair Infrequently

Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Ginnifer Goodwyn let out a dirty little secret girls have kept for ages: girls don’t wash their hair frequently. Many girls only wash their hair once a week – if that. Men often don’t notice because the skilled girls are careful to cover up with dry shampoo and avoid activities that make them sweat which leads to greasy hair. This means that their hair looks perfectly fine – even beautiful. They do it because it’s less work, and it’s healthier for their locks. However, the problem is with their scalps. While their hair may seem clean, their scalps are oily. If they scratch hard enough, they will get a whole bunch of “scalp cheese” under their fingernails. Just lovely. But that’s the price of beauty.

13 They Eat From The Bottom Of Their Purses

12 They Intentionally Put Off Landscaping

Landscaping south of the border has been the norm for years and years. But some girls neglect that area on purpose. It isn’t just because they are afraid of the pain of waxing or are too lazy to trim. Some girls deliberately let their hair-down-there grow to discourage them from having sex. The reasoning is that they will be too embarrassed to sport a bush, and therefore won’t hook up with a guy. Most girls that do this are trying to avoid random hook-ups by slut-shaming themselves.

11 They Don’t Wash Their Bras

A bra from Victoria’s Secret costs about $50, and they are usually hand wash only. So, it’s no surprise that girls don’t wash their bras. They don’t want the bother of hand washing lingerie, but at the same time they are fearful to put it in the washing machine and dryer because it’ll get worn out too quickly. Since girls want to get their money’s worth, they just keep wearing and wearing the same bra. They even keep it in the same draw with the clean ones. Once the bra gets nasty, they still won’t wash it – that’s what Febreeze is for!

10 They Try On Sample Cosmetics

9 They Pick Their Faces

8 They Don’t Shower

Men have to shower because they stink from head to toe. Most men need to take at least two showers a day. But girls don’t get as smelly that quickly, so they can get away with washing less. Even Marilyn Monroe was notorious for not bathing. Girls will skip the full shower in favor of a “bird bath shower.” But she’ll never let you know because then you’ll think she’s “dirty” – and not in a good way. Girls tend to take a full-on shower once a week. Many girls will wash the essentials every day, so men are none the wiser because girls won’t reek – and if they do, they can easily cover it up with perfume. Nevertheless, there’s something unsettling about knowing that girls’ arms, torsos and legs don’t see a good cleaning but once every seven days.

7 They Clean Up Before Backdoor Business

Girls always want to be clean before sex, and this is doubly true for when they do the backdoor deed. Each girl has her own patented ritual or “spa treatment.” It usually starts with eating right, and taking regular laxatives. Then of course there’s soap and water. But the human body is gross, and girls have to tidy up back there or face major santorum which no partner desires. The term is “anal hygiene” and we’ll leave it at that. Except to add that girls also have to clean up after the deed, too.

6 They Don’t Shave Often

Shaving is one thing men do way more than women. But if you pay attention to TV commercials, you’d think that women were religious about it since there’s a plethora of ads for razor blades, shave creams, and bikini bump lotions. Girls have a saying that they only shave their legs before a date. And what girls won’t tell men is that they usually only shave from the ankle to knee. Their thighs can get mighty fuzzy – at least in the winter. Girls also skimp on shaving their underarms. If you’re grossed out by that, just think about how many women in European countries often don’t shave their underarms.

5 They Undergo Crazy Cosmetic Surgeries

4 They Self-Pleasure With Household Items

Remember Jason Biggs going at it with an apple pie? Well, there’s a female equivalent to this. When girls are first exploring their bodies, they use phallic-shaped items. A cucumber is what comes to most people’s minds, but girls use anything they can get their hands on. Just how men see something and will think, “I’d like to put my member in it,” girls will think, “I’d like to put that in me.” Girls often start out with something small. Then, their curiosity gets the better of them and they want to see if bigger is better.

3 They Sniff Underwear

2 They Have Tampon Issues

Most women prefer tampons to pads because they consider it cleaner. While this may be the case, this sort of feminine product has its disadvantages. For example, sometimes they aren’t strong enough and women will double-up. Girls will also sometimes forget they have one in. Then, after a night of hard partying, they will go all the way with a tampon in. The aftermath of this is extra-gross because then they have to remove the foreign body from their nether-regions. There isn’t any place for it to get lost (contrary to urban legend), but sometimes girls feel like they need the jaws of life to remove one.

1 They Improvise Feminine Hygiene Products

One thing that will always separate men and women is menstruation. Women deal with this little inconvenience every 28 days. So one would think they’d be prepared, right? Wrong. They often find themselves without the necessary equipment, and have to improvise. The most common thing they will do is wad up a bunch of toilet paper and stick it in their undies. But if they need something more absorbent, they will get creative and use a sock or even some cotton balls. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Other girls are just plain cheap and don’t like paying $8 a box for name brand tampons. So, they come up with unique ways to make their own, like rolling up soft baby booties or using Styrofoam cups. There are actually DIY videos on this stuff!

Homemade feminine products are never leak-proof, so girls also have to improvise ways to wash their stained panties. Sometimes running them under cold water just won’t do the trick. So girls are often left standing at the sink trying to rub out the marks – this literally leaves them channeling Lady MacBeth as they get blood on their hands. Out damn spot, out I say!


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15 Disgusting Things Women Do That They'll Never Admit To