15 Celebs Whose Appearance Fluctuated Drastically

Many celebrities go through the very same problems that ordinary people go through on a regular basis. They go through depression, worry about their body image and stress out. The difference is that ordinary people don't go through what celebs do. An ordinary person doesn't have to worry about the media criticising how they dress, how they look and how they carry themselves. Ordinary people freak out over small things all the time, but when a celebrity freaks out, it trends on Twitter. Many celebrities appearances have changed over the years, some good and some not so good. In many cases, the change in appearance actually fluctuates several times throughout their lives. Sometimes, a celebrities appearance changes in a healthy way, through eating right and exercise. Others appearances might change because of depression, stress or drug use, which also contributes to the reason the appearance fluctuates. Here is a look at 15 celebrities whose appearance fluctuated drastically.

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15 Ethan Suplee

14 Jessica Simpson

13 Jennifer Love Hewitt


12 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


11 Nicole Richie


10 Mariah Carey

9 Kelly Osbourne

8 Kelly Clarkson

7 Britney Spears

6 Janet Jackson


5 Chris Pratt


4 Christina Aguilera

3 Oprah Winfrey

2 Kirstie Alley


1 Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the critically acclaimed and massively popular sitcom, Friends. He was known for his incredible comedic timing. The series lasted for 10 seasons, and during that time, his appearance and weight fluctuated drastically. He was addicted to alcohol and Vicodin, among other substances. He was in and out of rehab in the late 90's/early 2000s. The drug abuse caused dramatic changes in his appearance. This is most obvious in the season 7 premiere, which was a direct continuation of the season 6 finale. He appeared much thinner and many felt that his comedic timing was off in season 7. However, he received help and was able to return to a healthier state.

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