15 Celebrity Instagrams That Will Corrupt Your Children

Social media has given fans access to celebrities like never before. Lucky admirers are able to jump on their social media pages and Tweet, Like or Follow their idols, and sometimes they even get a lucky interaction with them that they can brag about for years. However with the induction of social media, gone are the days where people value a publicist, as it is practically easier to interact with your fans on your own. More celebrities feel comfortable getting candid on their social media pages, and who can blame them? The fans love it. Unfortunately, not every celebrity is mindful of what they do and say in relation to who they are playing role models to. Now yes, we can argue that they never wanted to be role models or that raising other people’s children is not their responsibility, but being a good role model is more about the image you want to portray in the media and less about raising people’s kids. However, fear not, there is also a good side to social media; not everyone has a profile that makes you want to shield your children from the inappropriate photos and comments that your offspring’s are not normally exposed to. There are celebs out there that value a good image and embrace the title of role model as well. Here is a list of 15 celebrities that are corrupting kids in a good and bad way.

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15 Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj, has never been one to shy away from trouble; she always speaks her mind, finds herself in some kind of mischief or social media beef, and has perfected throwing shade. This is precisely why she is lucky number 15 on our list. Minaj has an Instagram account filled with her finding herself in compromising positions by wearing clothes that allow her boobs to hang out, riding around in a way too small Barbie Cadillac in a toy store and let’s be honest, her curves are a danger within themselves. Minaj is also not afraid to clap back at the haters in some of the most vicious, yet comical verbal assaults known to man; her personality and lifestyle however, are intoxicating and just about enough to encourage your kids to pick up on some of that “bad” behavior.

14 Tyga

13 Taylor Momsen

The actress turned heavy metal musician really is not all that bad and for the most part, her Instagram is pretty clean picture-wise, but the one thing we can find fault with is how dark everything is. She overuses black and white photos; her band promo photos are creepy, along with her extreme overuse of black eye make-up. What happened to that sweet girl who was on Gossip Girl? Or How The Grinch Stole Christmas? Why is everything so dark? Her Instagram page comes off like a devil worshipper’s heaven, not to mention all her bandmates are grown men and they all seemed to be okay with her posing naked on their album cover.

12 Taylor Swift

First, we will start by saying that singer and professional friend collector Taylor Swift is not a bad role model, and her Instagram is not horrible or provocative, but she does make this list because she is giving young girls unrealistic life goals. Swifty goes around collecting friends like she is trying to build an army and hashtags everything with #squadgoals. It seems as though she tries way too hard and has all these secret beefs with people who made the apparently easy decision to leave her squad when it became too suffocating. Her life is like a fairytale that no one can seem to achieve. #kindofjealous

11 Justin Bieber

This little guy has had one hell of a couple of years. He began to pick his life up off the floor in late 2015, but it is still too early to forget that he egged his neighbor's house, abandoned several pets and made Selena Gomez cry, time and time again. However, he is turning things around and has begun to post a lot of gym selfies, and throw out straight mixed messages to Gomez in the form of Throwback Thursday photos. He is trying to do better so we won’t knock him too hard, but he’s still on our list due to his snotty attitude for the last 3-4 years.

10 Lady Gaga

Singer Lady Gaga is in the business of shock and awe, and her Instagram will corroborate that. Everything she does seems to be so interesting, it is hard to keep your eyes off of her and all of the antics she pulls. She pulls off trashy so well with that dark, thick eyeliner, and then she is magically able to pull off classy with her hair up, designer sweaters and in the kitchen making homemade steak Bolognese. Her art pop lifestyle is corrupting your kids in a good way; she is an activist so people should look at her activist side and not her creepy, blood dripping from the mouth side.

9 Jaden Smith

Something weird is going on with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s kid. Besides the fact that he recently came out and made some comments about disappearing in 10 years, he also seems to lack direction and it is not for lack of education or parental guidance. He seems to generally be with an adult most of the time but he still manages to sneak away and post questionable pictures on his Instagram page. Also, what is going on with his hair? No shade, but there is a legitimate confusion here. Free-spirited has never looked scarier or as unappealing.

8 Floyd Mayweather

Now, before we start let’s be clear; Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a great guy, he gives back whenever he can, and he offers kids an outlet through his many charities and contributions to society. Unfortunately, he is also ridiculously materialistic and it seems as though money runs his life. He posts pictures of tigers that he no doubt owns and live out of their natural habitat, he sleeps with money on his bed to comfort him, and he runs through women like he has a chocolate addiction. Seeing as so many young kids (mostly males) look up to him, he should be setting a better example, and maybe not the example that money rules everything.

7 Amber Rose

It is interesting that Amber Rose is being seen more and more as a role model, and while she is beginning to stand up for some pretty important things (like equal rights for women and respect for women), in the media she is also very provocative and does not necessarily know when to tone it down. She posts a lot of inappropriate memes that a young girl should not necessarily know about or even be privy to. And let’s be honest, we do not want to glamorize the fact that if you work in a strip club long enough, a rapper will come in and sweep you off your feet.

6 Amanda Bynes


The actress has certainly grown up since her days on The Amanda Show. She has also gotten herself into a lot of trouble, supposedly due to an undiagnosed mental disorder. Lucky for us she generally documents her incidents on her social media pages and we cannot get enough however, if you are underage maybe you want to stay away from her social media accounts. She posts some suggestive photos and interesting comments like the one about wanting Drake. While Bynes seems to be picking herself up off the floor and attending FIDM, she is still trying to get a hang of how to navigate social media.

5 Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler is not that bad; she posts a lot of photos of her dog and photos of her doing random normal things like riding a bike, drinking wine, and preventing old age by wearing face masks. However, she can get a little naughty and when she does, she wants everyone to know it. She occasionally posts not-safe-for-work photos like her butt-baring barre ballet classes, riding a horse naked, and her in an uncomfortable doggy style position. Handler is one to push limits and has no qualms with baring her body; maybe do not allow your kids to look up to this one.

4 Lindsay Lohan

3 Nick Jonas

This entry does not need that much explanation, just look at the shirtless pictures that he is posting weekly. Jonas went from the cute faced youngest brother in a mega boy band, to the most popular member with the sexiest, most chiseled jaw possible. Looking at his Instagram is most likely what has these little girls running around town acting man crazy. Even a photo as simple as him performing an intimate set for a few fans on the beach is enough to steal your gaze. But really, Jonas’ physical attributes is what puts him on this list and we will not apologize for that.

2 Liam Hemsworth

He is one of three of the Hemsworth men that you feel very comfortable following simply for his great looks. His baby boy face, scruffy beard and wholesome personality are enough to have any young, impressionable girl experiencing impure thoughts. He does not post a lot but when he does, it makes you question your sanity. His simple life makes you love him even more, as he does not fall into the Hollywood trap and his pics with his mum melts your already liquefying heart. Hemsworth is someone who you can easily fall in love with and if he asked you to rob a bank with him, don’t act like you won’t jump at the chance to do it.

1 Emma Watson

This smart cookie should be corrupting kids around the world. She made it to the top as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films however; she has done so much more. Emma Watson is an Activist, University educated and is not afraid to speak out for others who may not have a strong voice. Her Instagram is riddled with pictures of her accepting humanitarian awards and transiting to fashion shows in the same day. She posts positive messages and she should be the one person you allow to corrupt your children’s minds with humility, knowledge and inclusive thoughts. Why are we all not following her?

Sources: instagram.com

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