15 Myths About Big Girls That Need To Be Shut Down Now

Being a big girl is rough; they can be punching bags both verbally and physically, looked down upon by strangers who feel they have the right to judge them, and worst of all people assume some insane things about what it is like to be big, curvy, plus size or whatever you want to call it. But there are myths about everyone and everything-- everyone has a hardship to get through or are on a mission to prove such myths wrong.

With the recent surge in popularity in the plus-size industry, it may be now time to address some of these big girl myths, shine a light on them, and by doing so, be able to see how pathetic these stereotypes are. They lack of facts to back them up and are simply mean spirited. The world for a big girl is challenging, but now that they have a plus-size industry on their side, they can advocate and fight to shut those myths down.

Plus-size girls now have role models like Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday and Philomena Kwao to look up to and say it is okay if I am not a size 2-6; I can still be healthy, happy and a little bit bigger. These women (and many more) have single handedly broken down barriers and myths that have held plus-size women back for years. Here are a few of the myths you can now toss out the window.

15 They Are Clingy


14 They Are Afraid To Show Skin


13 They Are Funny


12 They Hide Behind Dating Profiles

11 They Hate Themselves


10 They Only Attract Fetishes

9 They Encourage Other Girls To Be Fat

8 Size 8 Is Plus-Size


7 Will Do Anything To Be Skinny


6 They Are Not Intimate

5 They Do Not Work Out


4 They Are Beautiful On The Inside

3 They Can’t Get A Man


2 Clothes Don’t Look Good On Them

1 They Are Always Hungry


Where did this myth about big girls always being hungry come from? Not only is it offensive but it is pure speculation. Not every big girl is big because they ate their way there. The fact is that there are several medical conditions that cause both women and men to gain weight. Hypothyroid, diabetes treatment, stress and for women, a more common problem called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). These are just a few of the common medical conditions that cause weight gain. Granted there are people with eating addictions, but it does not mean that every overweight girl is shoving food down her throat whenever possible.

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15 Myths About Big Girls That Need To Be Shut Down Now