14 Celebrities Who Were Caught Getting High

In Canada, voters recently elected as prime minister a young lad who is ruffling some feathers with some of his policies. His name is Justin Trudeau and while conservative Canadians are terrified of him, pretty much every other group in the country consider him to be better than his predecessor, Stephen Harper.

Trudeau has committed to pulling Canadian F-18 fighters away from the fight against ISIS, but what has many Canucks most excited is his pledge to legalize marijuana. What these excited voters fail to realize is that chances are, legalization will involve a massive government bureaucracy much like the one controlling alcohol province to province, and getting their hands on some bud will involve more of a headache than it already does.

Is legal pot really a big deal? It shouldn't be, but such a move does reflect an ever-growing attitude of "do what you want, as long as it doesn't affect me" attitude throughout the country. To many it makes sense. The war on drugs in North America has killed more people than the drugs it has sought to eliminate, and why waste money on prosecuting someone if they haven't caused any real harm? But whether or not pot and other drugs should be legal, the media loves catching celebrities doing anything out of the ordinary. Few things are considered as newsworthy in celebrity gossip circles as stars who are caught up in drug scandals, and as drug scandals go, nothing is more interesting than someone being caught in the act. Here are fourteen instances of celebrities getting caught using drugs. There's no reason to judge these people for ingesting these substances, they aren't hurting anybody. So just look at this with the mindset of "these people get high, so can you, don't let arbitrary laws keep you down".

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14 Rihanna

Gorgeous musician Rihanna is among the most outspoken fans of marijuana in show business. From her many Tweets about the plant to a pot themed Halloween costume a few years ago, she loves grass and doesn't care who knows. She has been spotted by paparazzi quite a few times, smoking blunts on the beach, and even rolling one at a concert a couple of years back. I guess this doesn't really count as "being caught" because that sounds like it would require the person to be ashamed of what they were doing. Rihanna just smoked up and someone took pictures of her. No harm done.

13 Kristen Stewart

If she's stoned all the time that may explain the constant lack of facial expression. Twilight star Kristen Stewart is, much like Rihanna, not too concerned with how the media and fans react to her pot habit. She likes to smoke up and has admitted it in a few interviews. Back in 2008 she was photographed smoking a joint on her porch shortly after the release of the first Twilight film. In her own words, she is a "weirdo, creative valley girl who smokes pot, big deal".

12 Arnold Schwarzenegger

via celebuzz.com

From bodybuilding and acting to politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger has done it all (including smoking the reefer). Even though he ran and sat in office as a Republican, he was never particularly against weed, and was the Governor of California when the state basically decriminalized pot in 2010.

Years ago a video surfaced online of Schwarzenegger, sitting on a couch joking around with a few friends, including Lou Ferrigno. In the video, the Terminator takes a haul on a joint and then the room sings "happy birthday".

11 Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

These two Hollywood actresses, who starred in the Charlie's Angels films, are known to be close friends and both are recognized as celebrities who quietly enjoy a puff from time to time. Back in 2007 they were spotted sharing a joint in Hawaii while on vacation. They both received some negative press for it, but thinking about the "incident", smoking up with a good friend on a beach in Hawaii sounds like an amazing time.

10 Zach Braff

Starring on Scrubs from 2001 to 2010 as John Dorian, has been the highlight of Zach Braff's career, but he has also earned some success as a film actor. Back in 2009 the funny New Jersey native was spotted with supermodel Esti Ginzburg, at the Greenhouse in New York. He had what many believed to be a roach (the remainder of a joint, after most of it had been smoked) in his hand and was in the process of passing it to someone else.

Nobody who watched Braff's 2004 movie Garden State has any reason to be surprised at his fondness for marijuana.

9 Paris Hilton

While some of us may be more familiar with poorly lit or even night-vision style videos featuring Paris Hilton, doing the nasty isn't the only thing she's done in front of a camera. She's also been photographed a few times doing drugs, mostly pot. When you're wealthier than some entire countries, you can pretty much do what you want and Paris Hilton is the embodiment of that unfortunate statement.

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter detailed his own drug addiction in a memoir released a couple of years ago in which he claims that the worst influence he ever had was Hilton, when the two of them dated in 2003 and 2004.

8 Daniel Radcliffe

Tabloids had a field day with Harry POTter puns and stupid comments a few years ago when star of that series of movies, Daniel Radcliffe was seen smoking what looked like a joint. He and his publicity team all denied the accusations, saying that he liked to roll his own cigarettes, but many people did not buy it. Look at it this way, he was 20 years old, and probably had preteen and teenage fans all over him constantly at that time, I don't want to meet the man who doesn't need a spliff after a few days of that.

7 Miley Cyrus

Do you remember that Miley Cyrus? That one, above this sentence. She looked beautiful and had a decent public image. Furthermore, we salute former Miley for not always having her damn tongue hanging out of her mouth like a coked up labradoodle. Speaking of cocaine, she has claimed that it is the drug she finds the least appealing. She is however, a huge fan, by her own admission, or marijuana and MDMA (molly, ecstasy, whatever you want to call it), which she says makes people happy and social. She's been photographed a few times getting high, whether it be salvia or pot.

6 Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson

About a year and a half ago, two members of the boy band One Direction were videotaped getting high and joking around, like two young men in their early 20's generally do. Zayn Malik, who left the band earlier this year, and Louis Tomlinson were smoking up on the way to a concert and Tomlinson videotaped the ride. At one point he points his camera at a cop escorting their convoy, talking about whether he knows the two are getting high.

5 Charlize Theron

I have a joke for you, dear readers. What do Charlize Theron and a teenage boy without enough money for a bong have in common? They smoke dope through apples. No, seriously, this was the way to get high back in junior high (no pun intended), was it not? Over ten years ago, a few pictures floated around the world wide web of her getting high using the apple-pipe technique. It's a good way to get high, as the smoke isn't too harsh and there is a healthy snack available when you're done with the herd. Just don't eat the filter.

4 Matthew McConaughey

Well, this story doesn't fit perfectly here because Matthew McConaughey wasn't actually caught in the act of getting high, nor was he photographed, but he was caught behaving in such a high-larious way back in 1999, we couldn't not include this story. The Dazed and Confused star and a friend were so absurdly high one night back in the late 90's that police were called to his home and found him dancing around naked while playing a set of bongo drums.

3 Michael Phelps

One of the greatest athletes of all time and the most decorated Olympic athlete in the history of the games is of course, American swimmer Michael Phelps. Because we put athletes up on unreasonable pedestals and expect them to raise our kids in absentia, many people screamed "bloody murder" when Phelps was photographed smoking with a bong back in 2009. He's also had a couple of DUI charges, proving that athletes are human, and make mistakes.

2 Kate Moss

The fact that some (plenty of?) models, who need to remain thin and party for the sake of their careers, use cocaine, is barely even newsworthy. It was back in 2005 that British supermodel Kate Moss, was the talk of the tabloids after some pictures of her and what was believed to be blow, surfaced.

She never experienced any legal repercussions and only saw some temporary negative publicity in the wake of this controversy. Ultimately, getting caught getting high was good for her career as she ended up making more money years after those events.

1 Lindsay Lohan

Much like with Miley Cyrus, we used a picture of Lindsay Lohan from back when she was gorgeous. Who really wants to see her today? She was a true gem back in 2004. The same cannot be said of her today.

She's been photographed and videotaped doing drugs more times than we can count and her drug use has been documented with ruthless efficiency by many sources.

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