13 Super Gross Things That Only Happen To Girls

Everybody pees, poops and farts. It’s no secret. But some gross things happen to some people more than others. The elderly are more likely to be incontinent, co-eds are more likely to drink stale ale, and toddlers are more likely to drool. But what about differences in grossness between the sexes? Surely guys have it covered. They have body hair. They don’t cut their toenails. They grow skin tags between their legs. However, girls do the same things. What sets girls apart are that some gross things only happen to them, the so-called fairer sex.

With differences in the anatomy and physiology, there are gross things that only girls have to go through. And we’re not talking about menstrual cramps, the afterbirth or food crumbs in cleavage. We’re referring to nasty, godawful, rank stuff that happens only to girls – most of which they can’t even help. Guys, this list isn’t for the weak-kneed. We recommend that you sit down for this piece, because you are never, ever, going to look at your girlfriend, sister or mother the same way again. And girls – sorry in advance for exposing your dirty laundry.

13 Crap Stuck Under Fingernails

12 V-Jay Lint

11 Leakage

10 Maxi-Pad Problems

9 Tampon Leakage

8 Wrong Hole

7 Dryness

6 Yeast Infections


5 Queefing

4 Urinary Tract Infections

3 Stank Undies

2 Splinting

1 The Hippy Hippy Shake

After a round of lovin’, girls have to do the lion’s share of washing up. Guys just need a good rinse, but girls have to clean a lot of stuff. The hardest thing they have to do is the hippy hippy shake. Basically, that’s when girls have to do tiny little jumps up and down while swinging their hips to free stuff. Calisthenics are not how girls want to spend their post-coital time. But neither is sleeping in the wet spot so they do the hippy hippy shake. The grossest part is that they have to eyeball the goop in order to make sure it all came out. As an alternative, some girls like to sit on the toilet.

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13 Super Gross Things That Only Happen To Girls