13 Signs She Wants You In Her Bed

Girls want it just as much as guys do. But in order to get her in bed we must be diligent, listen intently, and pay close attention. Every moment is filled with verbal and nonverbal communication that you must decipher. Asking “Want to f—?” is not an option.

Let’s start by saying you’re at a bar, or some type of house party, and a girl approaches you. She’s hot, you’ve seen her around and know you’re both single. You start to talk with her and she’s easy to be with. Maybe you see her the next day and go see a movie or have dinner. The evening goes well, leads to another date, and pretty soon you begin to get that itch. You start thinking about her all day, even when she’s not around. You are pretty sure she likes you too, but are you two ready to take it all the way?

Or here’s another scenario: You are both at a party, very drunk and both hornier than a marching band. You’ve just met her but there is definitely some chemistry. She’s flirting and actually enjoyed your awful pick up lines, but you can’t take her home just yet. You have to be sure she’s really feeling it, before you get too forward too fast and end up getting rejected.

There are many different scenarios, and every girl has a different attitude and body language. Depending on how shy or how forward she is, her subtle clues may be harder to spot. But once you get to know her, and get past that initial nervousness, you should be able to notice these 13 signs that she wants you in her bed. Read on, my friend, and best of luck.


13 She Touches You

A handshake is one thing, or a hearty pat on the back. Those are mundane points on your body that get touched constantly. Your uncle, a coach or best buddy touches you there all the time, and a girl knows it. She wants to send you a signal and touch a spot that is more sensitive, and not used to the attention. If she’s forward she might grab your butt on the dance floor. Or a crotch grab means it’s on! A shy girl however may slip her fingers under your sleeve and gently squeeze you bicep, or swipe the hair out of your eyes, or touch your face or neck.

12 She Licks Her Lips


If things are getting hot and heavy you both may get a little fidgety. Just like having a high hand in a poker game, if she likes what she sees, she’ll start to show. Watch for a subtle but repeated toss of her hair. Maybe she keeps tugging on her necklace, or even sucking on its pendant. Her mouth is an erogenous zone, and it will feel good to be stroked in times like these. Licking of the lips draws attention to her mouth and all the fun you could have with it. And her tongue is anxious to lick something besides herself.

11 She Mentions The Act


So the conversation is rolling and suddenly you notice a pattern. Let’s say you’re discussing movies and she keeps bringing up the naughty scenes. She mentions certain actors she would love to sleep with and maybe one of them looks like you. Or you’re talking about music and she recites all the dirty lyrics to that Maroon 5 song that’s playing. Maybe she even serenades you, with the lyrics sung into your ear. She might even bring up the topic out of nowhere. Maybe you’ve had one date too many and she wants action. If she seems to have a one-track mind, then it’s time to capitalize.

10 She Wears Attractive Clothes


On that first date she wore a nice laid-back wool sweater. Then came a low V-neck blouse and jeans. Soon she’s wearing a skin-tight dress with high heels and tons of cleavage. When she walks away you are mesmerized by her awesome butt. Even the waiter has a hard time looking in her eyes when he takes her dinner order. Every dude in the restaurant is watching her. And the women are watching too, because they know what she’s up to. She took the Selena Gomez song to heart: She wants to look good for you, show how glad she is to be yours, and leave her mess a dress on the floor.

9 She Invites You Over

It’s getting late and it’s time for bed. You’ve both had a few drinks and don’t want it to end quite yet. Let’s say you drop her off and walk her up to the door. Even though it’s 1am she invites you inside for one more drink. Well, better hope you brought protection, because getting into the apartment is close to getting into the pants. This is the most obvious cue of them all. Just try not to get too excited. Even though she has stated the obvious, she will still want to surprise and impress you with her best matching lingerie, which she is surely wearing, for a little while longer.

8 She Gives You An Electrifying Kiss


This truth has been around since the first date ever. That final moment, the kiss at the end of the night will teach you more in one second than you’ve learned the rest of the night. You can kiss her and it’s like kissing a bronze statue. Or you can kiss her and be unsure, like there’s more work to be done. Or you can kiss her and the fireworks explode. She’s pulling you in, tongue flailing, wanting more and more and you’re doing the same. Your hands are both probing and maybe even a button or two comes undone. If that’s the case, it’s time to get busy.

7 She Gets You Alone

This is a subtle cue that girls do when you’re at a party. Say you are all talking amongst a group of friends and everybody is laughing at all of your jokes. Next thing you know, the girl drags you away from the crowd to have a private conversation one-on-one. This also might happen at a sporting event, when she takes you to the concourse where you can’t be distracted by the game. She wants you to play a different kind of game, one with her, where she is the hunter and you are the prey. She wants privacy so she can pounce. Better get going.


6 She Texts You


You have been on a couple dates with the girl and you two text now and then, but nothing too crazy. Then one night she starts blowing up your phone and the messages keep getting hotter and hotter. The once totally shy girl has found freedom behind her phone, and is texting about all the things she wants you to do to her body. Do not ignore these texts and assume they’re some kind of joke. She is not playing. She might be drunk and the inhibitions have dissolved. Or perhaps her roommate stole her phone and is texting the desires for her. Don’t hesitate. There’s nothing to lose. Get in the car and find her as soon as possible.

5 She Sits Close

Here is another situation where you aren’t alone but in a group setting, and she’s trying to give you a hint. Lets say it’s a house party, the conversation moves into the living room and there’s a large couch sitting there empty. Forget the gentleman stuff, you need to sit down first, and then she can decide how close she wants to sit with you. If she sits at the other end of the sofa then give up, it’s over. If she sits close, you’re doing well. If she sits so close that she is in physical contact with you, that’s even better. If she sits on top of you and does a lap dance, great, but she might be a little too crazy so be careful.

4 She Flatters You


Sometimes the old saying is true: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This girl is taking grandma’s advice and literally trying to flatter the pants off of you. It may start casually, like, “Nice shirt.” Then soon you are in a group setting and she’s bragging for you. Telling everyone about the great idea you had at work or how you set the curve on the final exam. She is using her manners to a point that it almost seems corny, but don’t fret. That’s just her way to get you to notice her and to let you know that you can do no wrong in her eyes.

3 She Makes Innuendo

This one is more rare, but it does happen. It’s a funny way to arouse interest when the girl might be too shy to speak bluntly. Let’s say it’s hot outside and you two go out for ice cream. She orders soft serve in a cone and proceeds to lick the treat slowly and adds a sensual sigh here and there. You’ve got something going on now. First of all, if that girl wasn’t into you she would have ordered that ice cream in a cup. Maybe you should ask her to taste yours. Or taste hers so she can see a nice licking visual to fantasize about. Then leave the parlor immediately because it's go time.

2 She Reveals Skin


Here is another game that girls like to play. She will act insecure although she is the farthest thing from it. She knows she’s looking good and she wants to hear you say it. It’s called fishing for compliments. This girl is smoking hot with a nice round butt, a perfect chest and a stomach as flat as an ironing board. Then you’re sitting on the couch, she lifts up her shirt and says, “Look. My tummy looks flabby, doesn’t it?” Not at all. In fact, maybe you should touch her to feel its firmness. Maybe you should show her yours. And if that game continues, things will get intimate in a hurry.

1 She Seems Turned On

You know when a girl is turned on. You can sense it in her breath. Her breathing gets harder and she sighs with a smile. Maybe she blushes, or slightly sweats. She’s biting her lips. Saying, “Oh, God”, in a good way, about nearly everything. Maybe you noticed that her nipples firmed up a few times over the course of dinner. She seems to be falling apart at the seams. Something has come over her and it’s time to ask the waiter for a check and get that girl in her bed. This is a state known clinically as super-duper-ready-to-go. A complete sensuality overload. She needs to get off before it’s too late. And there’s only one cure.



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