13 Signs She Wants You In Her Bed

Girls want it just as much as guys do. But in order to get her in bed we must be diligent, listen intently, and pay close attention. Every moment is filled with verbal and nonverbal communication that you must decipher. Asking “Want to f—?” is not an option.

Let’s start by saying you’re at a bar, or some type of house party, and a girl approaches you. She’s hot, you’ve seen her around and know you’re both single. You start to talk with her and she’s easy to be with. Maybe you see her the next day and go see a movie or have dinner. The evening goes well, leads to another date, and pretty soon you begin to get that itch. You start thinking about her all day, even when she’s not around. You are pretty sure she likes you too, but are you two ready to take it all the way?

Or here’s another scenario: You are both at a party, very drunk and both hornier than a marching band. You’ve just met her but there is definitely some chemistry. She’s flirting and actually enjoyed your awful pick up lines, but you can’t take her home just yet. You have to be sure she’s really feeling it, before you get too forward too fast and end up getting rejected.

There are many different scenarios, and every girl has a different attitude and body language. Depending on how shy or how forward she is, her subtle clues may be harder to spot. But once you get to know her, and get past that initial nervousness, you should be able to notice these 13 signs that she wants you in her bed. Read on, my friend, and best of luck.

13 She Touches You

12 She Licks Her Lips

11 She Mentions The Act


10 She Wears Attractive Clothes


9 She Invites You Over

8 She Gives You An Electrifying Kiss

7 She Gets You Alone

6 She Texts You

5 She Sits Close

4 She Flatters You

3 She Makes Innuendo

2 She Reveals Skin

1 She Seems Turned On

You know when a girl is turned on. You can sense it in her breath. Her breathing gets harder and she sighs with a smile. Maybe she blushes, or slightly sweats. She’s biting her lips. Saying, “Oh, God”, in a good way, about nearly everything. Maybe you noticed that her nipples firmed up a few times over the course of dinner. She seems to be falling apart at the seams. Something has come over her and it’s time to ask the waiter for a check and get that girl in her bed. This is a state known clinically as super-duper-ready-to-go. A complete sensuality overload. She needs to get off before it’s too late. And there’s only one cure.



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13 Signs She Wants You In Her Bed