13 Reality Stars Who Thought They Were Musically Gifted

With the advent of auto tune, everyone thinks they can be a professional singer, especially reality stars. Here are 13 reality stars that have tried to make it in music. Some are huge reality stars th

With the advent of auto tune, everyone thinks they can be a professional singer, especially reality stars. Here are 13 reality stars that have tried to make it in music. Some are huge reality stars that are so ubiquitous, they probably figured that they liked karaoke, so why not capitalize on their fame and make some extra bucks? One name on this list is actually so talented, she is a Grammy award winner, but you might have forgotten her humble beginnings on reality television. Unfortunately, many of these stars aren’t musically gifted and have an ego more powerful that the all-mighty auto tune.

13 Kim Zolciak

Former Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak had a single called “Tardy For The Party,” which was first released in 2009 (she's had a few re-mix versions since). Written and produced by former cast mate Kandi Burruss, the dance track was, as would be expected, heavily auto tuned. Burress ended up suing Zociak for profits against the sale of her song, which she also said was released without her authorization. Zolciak won the suit. The single also inspired Zociak’s spin-off series, Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, which documented her wedding to Atlanta Falcon, Kroy Bierman. After the wedding, the show continued, as Don’t Be Tardy.

12 LuAnn de Lesseps

Real Housewife of New York, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has tried to keep her fifteen minutes and title (she is divorced from Count Alexandre de Lesseps) and is basically keeping her title under a “courtesy” for as long as she possibly can. On May 25, 2010, she released her debut single called “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” Sadly, her choice to do this, video and the sound of her voice are pretty classless. However, that didn’t stop her from trying again. She released a second single “Chic, C'est La Vie” in June 2011. Again, not so chic, but oh well, c’est la vie…

11 Paris Hilton

Despite the title of a song from her 2006 album Paris, Paris Hilton will never actually be "Screwed." Paris was quite successful internationally, having reached 6 on the Billboard 200 list and was actually the number one record in Turkey. However, despite critically mixed reviews, by March 2011, the album only only sold 197,000 copies in the US. While the entire idea sounds like it could be a joke, there were many big names involved with Hilton’s album including Dr. Luke, American Idol alum Kara DioGuardi and Scott Storch. Paris continued with a music career, but gave up the singing part and has found some success as a DJ.

10 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian might be married to Kanye West now, but back in 2011, she thought her reality fame and successful family fashion lines would translate into music talent. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Kardashian released a single called “Jam (Turn It Up),” which did nothing but jam our ears up. Despite trying to make the song better by featuring background vocals from The-Dream, he probably should have told Kim to turn it off. However, Kim’s heart was in the right place. All proceeds of the single were donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

9 Miranda Lambert

Many people forget that country mega star Miranda Lambert actually got her start on reality television. Lambert was the third runner up on the first season of Nashville Star in 2003. The first and second place winners were Buddy Jewell and John Arthur Martinez. As with American Idol, which Nashville Star was essentially the country ripoff version of; we all know the curse of winning first place. Lambert was ultimately singed to Epic Records and her first album Kerosene, went platinum. She also went on to marry season 5 judge, Blake Shelton. Not bad for third place...

8 Heidi Montag

Poor Heidi Montag. She tried and yet, failed so hard. In 2009, she released an album called “Superficial”, but the awfulness of her music was anything but. Additionally, she had a single Body Language, which was planned for the album, but was ultimately scrapped. Apparently unaware of her lack of talent, nobody could stop Montag from trying to push this awful song. She even performed it live at the Miss Universe pageant (enjoy the video) and painfully even tried to dance while doing it. At least she looked pretty while doing it.

7 Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila isn't really interesting or talented, so not surprisingly, she has tried her hand at a music career, just like many other reality stars. Her first single, which debuted in 2006, was called “I Love U.” Then she released an EP called Sex. Yep, there seems to be a theme here, which continued with the song, “Stripper Friends.” But wait, there’s more… In 2010, she put out (pun intended) a song called “I f***ed the DJ.” Because sleeping with someone is probably the only way anyone would agree to work with her.

6 Ali Lohan

Ali Lohan had to go all the way around to find her true calling and success as a model. However, in 2008, Lindsay Lohan’s little sister released a single called “All The Way Around.” Not a bad song (the hook was decent), it was written by hit maker Kara DioGuardi. "All The Way Around" was released in conjunction with her E! reality show Living Lohan. The song actually lived on a Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart (songs that are popular, but not quite in the top 100 yet) for a hot minute, hitting a peak at number 11.

5 The Situation

Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has tried to ride the reality wave and extend his fifteen minutes for as long as possible, from shilling the very serious drug Suboxone, to appearing on other reality shows, including Dancing With The Stars. He has also rather unfortunately tried his hand at music. In 2010, he released a single called (wait for it… wait for it…) “The Situation.” He called it a rap song, but it’s basically The Situation saying “The Situation” and other catch phrases over sirens and an excruciating dance track. The situation with The Situation’s music career isn't looking very good.

4 Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield wouldn't be the only former Real Housewife of Atlanta to try and have a music career, but she is certainly the least successful. In 2011, she released a single where she bashed her fellow cast member and rival NeNe Leakes, called “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?” Apparently, very few people checked her song because she hasn’t recorded another single since. With lyrics like, “Before you say anything else to me, go and fix your grill/and/ Saying that your rich, but it’s just a mirage/Stuntin’ like you a star, you need to quit it girl, stop,” who could blame anyone?

3 Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga should know that being a real housewife doesn't make you a real singer. Her first single “On Display,” was released in 2011 to mixed reviews, but that certainly didn't stop her from trying to make more music. The following year, Gorga released three more songs, “Rockstar,” “How Many Times” and “I Just Wanna.” The problem was that people just wanted to shut the music off and she hasn't put out any songs since. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

2 Vinny Guadagnino

All the cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore have tried desperately to extend their 15 minutes, Vinny Guadagnino included. But he’s tried to do it in the most offensive way possible. In his song "Racks racks racks,” he raps about raping women (not cool)- “Actin' like F*** her till she fakin' it.” Seriously? Way to garner negative attention. The song drew criticism from just about every sexually assaulted victim advocacy organization and the public at large. The song was taken down from YouTube and hopefully, we won’t have to endure any of his music again.

1 Farrah Abraham

Former Teen Mom and adult entertainment star, Farrah Abraham is seemingly trying to do anything that will gain her more and more attention, and music is apparently another gig she is trying out. Farrah released a song called Blowin’ earlier this year. Listening to it could probably make you blow your brains out. Worse than the song is the video, which features various shots of Farrah dancing like a stripper. But, it’s not all fun and games. The video is pretty sad and ends with a shot of Farrah’s adorably innocent daughter, Sophia. Hopefully, this song will make enough money to pay for the poor tyke’s therapy bills.

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13 Reality Stars Who Thought They Were Musically Gifted