13 Men That Are Bigger Playboys Than Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has carved out a name for himself on social media; his penchant for yachting, half naked women, private planes and straight stuntin’ has made him wildly popular on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He has even managed to have a few memes that give everyone a nice, little chuckle. Due to his brazen lifestyle it seems as though more and more men are taking to ‘Bilzerian-ing’. Taking a page out of Dan’s book and giving zero crap about anyone else as long as they can make others jealous by posting their awesome lifestyle on Instagram. It is only natural that there would be copy cats or as some for say, fore fathers of the playboy lifestyle that Bilzerian is mastering at the moment. The poker player was first noticed in the stands watching a game of poker go down but what really caught people’s attention was the female who was lovingly stroking his beard as if it was the top of a newborn's head. Since then the world has been infatuated with Bilzerian and everything he does.

While Bilzerian is not the first person to be a douche-y playboy who has received unnecessary attention, he is the only one at the moment who is doing it with such style and class that he has celebs and people from all walks of life mimicking his bad boy style, or at least desperately trying to.

13 Floyd Mayweather

12 Mark Francis Vandelli

11 Leonardo DiCaprio

10 Drake

9 Charlie Sheen

8 50 Cent

7 Danny Lambo

6 Travers Beynon

5 Hugh Hefner

4 Tony Toutouni

3 Colin Farrell

2 Alex Rodriguez

1 Tiger Woods

This boring looking golf player had a cheating scandal that shocked Hollywood and ever since then, no one can look at him the same. How could this scrawny looking man manage to pull the lot of women that he did all while having a really hot wife at home? Woods has calmed down his playboy ways a bit but he still always manages to have a gorgeous woman on his arm and while he does not show off as much as Bilzerian, there is no doubt that he thoroughly enjoys the company of multiple women and no matter how crappy his reputation is, there will always be a woman willing to take him (and his millions of dollars) for a ride.


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13 Men That Are Bigger Playboys Than Dan Bilzerian