13 Celebs Who Love To Show Skin On Instagram

Sometimes fame can be like an addictive drug, and for some celebs, they really can't get enough of it. There are quite a few celebrities out there that are constantly starving for attention. They need to see their faces in the magazines and on the gossip blogs as much as possible so they can feel relevant and appreciated. One way that a lot of celebs keep the chatter going is by posting provocative pics of themselves on Instagram. The more skin they show, the more "likes" they get, and this is a trend that won't end anytime soon. Below are 13 celebs who love to flash skin to keep the masses talking. Take a look ....

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13 Kim Kardashian:

Via: www.nydailynews.com

There is no one on the public scene today who knows how to work the media and the paparazzi quite like Kim Kardashian. It doesn’t matter whether she’s executing an elaborate wedding, stepping out with her sisters or out on an errand with her husband and daughter, she always knows how to keep the cameras flashing. Another way she keeps herself in the news is by posting sexy pics of herself on her Instagram page. She’s not shy to show skin, and if you thought that her becoming a mom would slow her down, you were seriously mistaken.

12 The Game:

Via: trendwatchtv.com

The rapper known as The Game was originally discovered by 50 Cent and was part of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew. But then he decided to go solo and start his own Black Wall Street crew, and he has still managed to enjoy a lot of success in the rap industry. If there are two things Game is known for in the rap industry, it’s namedropping in his songs and loving to flaunt his chiseled body on Instagram. It seems that in between the time he spends in the studio, he loves to hang out in the gym and get buff. This is one guy that certainly has no self-esteem issues.

11  Kesha:

Via: www.meltybuzz.fr

Kesha has been in the news a lot lately – not for her music, but for her controversial and contentious relationship with her producer and songwriter Doctor Luke. Kesha is claiming in a law suit that Luke physically assaulted and sexually abused her, and he was pretty much the person responsible for causing her eating disorder. The case is still developing, but back in 2013, she was in a happier place, because in October, she stripped down to her thong and posted a sexy, almost naked pic of herself complete with her matching violet-hued hair.

10 Aubrey O’Day

Via; www.nydailynews.com

9  Adam Levine:

Via: mancheteatual.com.br

8 Rihanna:

Via: www.entertainmentwise.com

7 Coco Austin (Ice-T's wife):

Via: www.zimbio.com

There are some celebs who love attention, and there are others who absolutely can’t live without it. For Ice-T’s buxom wife Coco Austin, she needs people looking at her like she needs oxygen. For a while, Ice-T used to be the same way, but since he’s had the long-running gig on Law & Order: SVU, he’s calmed down a lot. But back to Coco, she’s recently been pushing her Coco’s Workout World app, and she’s been posting a lot of sexy pics on her Instagram to promote it. Check out one of those shots above.

6 Naya Rivera:

Via: www.meltyfashion.fr

5 Miley Cyrus:

Via: www.huffingtonpost.ca

There’s no way we could have compiled a pic of celebs who love to show skin on Instagram without including Miley Cyrus. At this point in her career, there’s really nothing she can do to really shock the masses because she has topped herself so many times. From some of her all-time hits like the naked pic from her “wrecking ball” video to her recent “under-boob” shot showing one of her many tattoos, Miley is one celeb who doesn’t care at all about flashing skin.

4 Heidi Klum:

Via: www.ara.cat

The 41-yr-old Heidi Klum is one of the celebs out there who undoubtedly has the most fun. There’s a sense of innate freedom and natural confidence about her that never seems to get tainted. Hollywood and television have a way of taking talented people, chewing them up and spitting them out, but Heidi Klum is able to ride the ups and downs and still remain relevant. It also doesn’t hurt that even in her forties, she’s still drop dead gorgeous and she’s not too shy to take to Instagram to show just how flawless her body really is. Klum is currently a host on two television shows: Project Runway and America’s Got Talent, so don’t expect her to fade from the limelight anytime soon.

3 Amanda Bynes:


Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

Fame and celebrity can be wonderful for some people and for others, it can totally destroy their lives. The latter seems like the situation for Amanda Bynes. For a minute, it seemed like she was on the way to having a promising Hollywood career and then all of a sudden, everything went haywire. In 2013, before she went into one of her many rounds of mental treatment, she went on a total rampage and was throwing up all kinds of provocative pics on Instagram. In the pic shown above (right), she is wearing next to nothing and covering her bare breasts with her arms. Hers is one of those situations where you just hope she can see the light and become normal again.

2 Lady Gaga:

Via; onepopz.com

1  Sofia Vergara:

Via: www.lavanguardia.com

Sofia Vergara is another Hollywood actress in her 40’s who is still as hot as ever. She also happens to be one of those polarizing figures in Hollywood – either people really love her and think she’s so attractive and sexy or it’s the opposite – they just find her annoying and really difficult to stomach. No matter your opinion of her, one thing you can’t ignore is that she has an absolutely gorgeous body. No lie, she must spend a bazillion hours in the gym to create the curves she has. And she’s not afraid to flaunt some on her Instagram page either. Hey if you got the goods, you might as well show them off!

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