13 Celebrities That Go Overboard With Their PDA

Spotting celebrity couples being affectionate towards one another in public is captivating to us as an audience. We can sometimes compare it to watching a really intriguing movie that is too good to take our eyes off of. On the other hand, we can also compare it to an eye sore that no one wants to see; public displays of affection better known as PDA is something that everyone in life can say they are guilty of, one way or another. We all do it and in most cases, we can all admit that we are not always proud of it; even the most private of people are guilty of showing their love in public. A good example of that would be the Duggars' Jim Bob and his very fertile wife, Michelle. They aren't afraid to slap some sugar on one another and they have instilled that into some of their now married children. Now please do not be mistaken, PDA can be cute and fun to participate in; however, it can also be weird and go south at the snap of a finger, and when it goes wrong there is no going back. How can PDA go bad you’re wondering? Well, it can be way too much, it can be awkward to look at, and the worst part about PDA is the overbearing undertone that goes along with it, no one wants to stand beside the couple who is ferociously making out while you’re waiting to cross the street. Below is a list of celebrities who just can’t quit their love affair with PDA.

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13 Jessica Simpson

12 Megan Fox

11 Miley Cyrus


Where to start with Miley Cyrus. Ever since coming out of her Hanna Montana shell, she has been kissing boys all over town, and not just a peck here and there, we’re talking about full on tongue out, inappropriate touching and the ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’ to follow. Miley’s public displays of affection take place all over la la land, with the likes of Liam Hemsworth, Justin Gaston, Josh Bowman and currently, Patrick Schwarzenegger. This could be a phase for Miley but chances are, this is who she really is, but her “she’s just being Miley” (that’s a Hannah Montana reference, in case you didn't know).

10 Channing Tatum


There is no denying that no one can resist an offer to make out with Magic Mike hottie, Channing Tatum but unfortunately, he is taken by an equally hot wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and they always make it known. From making out at red carpet events to a rendezvous in the street leaving a grocery store or taking a walk in a park, this couple cannot keep their hands off of one another. Chances are that this is how they ended up with their beautiful daughter Everly, and possibly another one following close behind. There is no denying that this couple knows how to do PDA right, just Google it.

9 Brandi Glanville


Tall, blond, leggy and those high cheek bones, Brandi Glanville does not seem to have trouble finding a man like she claims on her hit show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; however, she does have a hard time keeping her hands off the men that she does find. Young, old or in between, Brandi has dated all types and does not discriminate when it comes to making out with them freely in the streets of Los Angeles. Who knows how much of it is put on for the cameras and how much is her everyday existence, but chances are, what you see is what you get with this mother of two.

8 Katy Perry

7 Shenae Grimes


First, let me correct myself, Shenae Grimes-Beech (she recently tied the knot with her model/musician boyfriend, Josh Beech). These two are all over each other and it casually unfolds everyday on Twitter and Instagram. They definitely know how to show passion towards one another, even if it is at the risk of blinding someone with their blatant public displays of affection. Not ones to follow the conservative, traditional route (Shenae wore a black, low cut Vera Wang wedding dress and danced to house music all night), this couple isn't afraid to show us all what true love is; oh to be young and in love.

6 Justin Bieber

This Canadian is constantly locking lips with whomever he can seemingly get his hands on. Even when he was in an exclusive relationship with Selena Gomez (which is still on and off), he was caught in compromising, embarrassing positions that frankly is just too hard to look at. PDA is part of his image and also what is keeping him in the media these days (oh, and that awkward Calvin Klein ad). What makes Justin Bieber's public displays of affection so weird is that he looks like an underage child who could possibly get someone arrested for even looking at him.

5 Paris Hilton

New dude, new public make out session; Paris Hilton always has to let it be known that she’s got a new man, and how exactly does she do this you ask? Oh, by using public displays of affection of course. Paris loves attention and one of the ways she can get it now is by walking a red carpet, dragging her new man toy behind her and playing kissy face for the cameras. The list of men goes from actors, to club owners to adult entertainment stars, so clearly Paris doesn't discriminate. A make out session is a make out session, right?

4 Taylor Swift


Everybody’s new best friend and serial dater, Taylor Swift is a boss when it comes to her public displays of affection. She has made out with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer (he gets around), Patrick Schwarzenegger, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles and the list goes on and on and on. She’s almost like a kid in a PDA candy store. Like Justin Bieber, she has too much she’s trying to prove by canoodling with all these men, she is a hot commodity and there is no denying that. Swifty isn't shy about her enjoyment of starting a new relationship and hey, who can blame her? Don’t we all get those butterflies?

3 LeAnn Rimes

Ugh, who is sick of seeing LeAnn and Eddie making out? Hands up. Not only do they participate in some of the most emotional PDA known to man, they do it everywhere; on social media, for the paparazzi, on the beach and most recently, on television for their newly cancelled show, LeAnn & Eddie. Maybe now they will realize that you can’t option a show based off of LeAnn’s constant need to prove her love for Eddie is real, by shoving her tongue down his throat. Needless to say, this is not the real reason the show got cancelled (ratings were way down) but it should have been, it's just plain awkward to watch.

2 Kim Kardashian West


1 Mary Kate Olsen


Okay, so admittedly, we do not see much of the Olsen twins but when we do see one or the other, they are making a statement whether it involves fashion, new love interests or a small scandal being swept under the rug. So that brings us to Mary Kate Olsen and her fiancé, Olivier Sarkozy; this is a normal, older-man-younger-woman kind of relationship but when it comes to the public displays of affection, there is nothing normal. He can’t keep his hands off of her and she sits there looking like a deer in headlights, every time he cradles her in his arms like she’s a baby and before he kisses her on her lips like a regular public display, he brushes her hair back and opts for her forehead. Hey, maybe they are trying to start a new trend.

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