13 Actors Who Disappeared From Film

Hollywood seems like a place that is tough to get into and even tougher to get out of. Once an actor or actress breaks into Hollywood, the bright lights, the celebrities and of course, the giant sized paychecks, can all seem rather intoxicating. That is probably why some actors choose to work in Hollywood long after the normal age of retirement and why some actors continue to try to grasp at fame, even when their star power has long ago faded. Even with the multitude of actors continuing to work decade after decade, the stars listed below have all gotten out of Hollywood one way or another. Some of them decided to retire after a long and successful career to enjoy their millions, some simply dropped off the map to go live out their lives without the bright Hollywood spotlight constantly shining on them, and others still ended up landing one big role but somehow never could quite garner the fame they once had. Whatever their reasons for leaving Hollywood, the stars listed below all seemed to vanish from the big screen in an instant. So for your entertainment, below is a list of thirteen celebrities who disappeared from film.

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13 Gene Hackman 

Before Gene Hackman disappeared from the big screen, he had an incredibly successful career. Over the span of his career, Hackman was nominated for five Academy Awards (two of which he won). In addition, the talented actor won three Golden Globes and two BAFTAs. Although Hackman appeared in a multitude of films, some of his most well known include Bonnie and Clyde, Enemy of State and Unforgiven. In 2004, in an interview with Larry King, Hackman announced that he has no future acting projects lined up. Four years later, Hackman confirmed that he was indeed retiring from acting.

12 Sean Connery 


11 Bridget Fonda

Actress Bridget Fonda comes from an impressive family of famous actors and actresses. She is the daughter of Peter Fonda, the niece of Jane Fonda, and the granddaughter of Henry Fonda. Even though Fonda had some big shoes to fill when she entered the acting world, Fonda still managed to make quite a name for herself. She starred in popular films such as Jackie Brown, The Godfather: Part III and Single White Female. However, Fonda has not appeared in anything since 2002. Even though Fonda has never announced her retirement from acting, there is one big reason why she may have retired. In 2003, Fonda married Danny Elfman, the couple have one son together. So maybe Fonda left Hollywood to become a doting mother of one.

10 Macaulay Culkin 


We will always remember Macaulay Culkin as the adorably lovable kid from Home Alone. Culkin was one of the most successful child stars of all time. He appeared in movies such as Uncle Buck, My Girl and Richie Rich. After his success as a child actor, Culkin decided to take a few years off from acting. In 2000, Culkin returned to acting in some supporting roles. He appeared in films such as Sex and Breakfast, but he was unable to garner the fame he once had. Today, Culkin is playing in a band and responding to internet death hoaxes in his free time.

9 Sarah Roemer 

Sarah Roemer’s career looked pretty promising after she nabbed lead roles in the movies Disturbia and Fired Up. Unfortunately, Roemer’s success story didn’t quite pan out. After she appeared in the hit Disturbia, Roemer starred in straight to DVD movies like Falling Up and Asylum. In addition to movies, Roemer tried to get into TV when she appeared in the series The Event, which was cancelled after just one season. Today, Roemer is continuing to act in the series, Chosen. The actress also has a couple of projects lined up so lets hope Roemer can gain back the fame she once had.

8 Daniel Tay


Daniel Tay managed to make a name for himself after he appeared in the Christmas movie Elf, alongside big name stars like Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel and James Cann. However, after his starring role in Elf, Tay seemed to fall off the face of the planet. He gave his voice to a few video games and he voiced Doogal in the film of the same name, but other than that, Tay has yet to appear in anything else. His last film was Brooklyn Rules in 2007, and he doesn't seem to have any other projects lined up.

7 Quinton Aaron 

Quinton Aaron seems to be a one hit wonder kind of actor. The young actor’s first major role was in the movie, The Blind Side. Aaron stole everyone’s heart as Michael Oher, an American football player. However, after his performance in The Blind Side, Aaron seemed to disappear from film. The actor did make a couple of guest appearances on shows like One Tree Hill and Drop Dead Diva, but besides that, Aaron’s career seemed to go from promising to depressing seemingly over night. However, Aaron does have a lot of projects lined up for 2015. Hopefully one of them will showcase his acting skills as well as The Blind Side did.

6 Linda Fiorentino 

5 Rick Moranis 


4 Warren Beatty

3 Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd is a Welsh actor who is best known for his roles in Titanic, Black Hawk Down and Fantastic Four. After Gruffudd was cast as Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four, it seemed like he might have what it takes to be a Hollywood leading man. However, things didn't quite pan out as expected. Although Gruffudd appeared in films after his role in Fantastic Four, his parts were less than fantastic. Most of his roles were supporting characters that didn't have much to do with the storyline. However recently, Gruffudd has made his way into television. He can now be seen on the show Forever, airing on ABC.

2 Chuck Norris 

1 Jack Nicholson 


Jack Nicholson is an actor, director, producer and writer, who has appeared in award winning movies like, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, As Good As it Gets and Terms of Endearment. Over the course of his career, Nicholson has been nominated for an Academy Award for acting every decade from 1960 to 2000, he has won six Golden Globes and he has received the Kennedy Center Honor. The last movie that Nicholson appeared in was the romantic comedy How Do You know, in 2010. In 2013, a rumor went around the Internet, saying that Nicholson had retired from acting because of memory loss. However, NBC quickly reported that the news was false.

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