12 Ways To Tell She's Lying Between The Sheets

Achieving an orgasm is no simple task. Many men have tried and failed miserably for many reasons; they sometimes lack the knowledge of mastering the female body, they can be lazy, or too eager, or the

Achieving an orgasm is no simple task. Many men have tried and failed miserably for many reasons; they sometimes lack the knowledge of mastering the female body, they can be lazy, or too eager, or they have a set of rules that include no oral yet somehow think they are worthy of going down on you. A female orgasm is no laughing matter, where men can achieve an orgasm at an easier rate, women have to actually put work into their body to reap any sort of benefit. A lot of the time men believe that their technique is so profound that it is guaranteed to pleasure their partner no matter what and women, well women are sometimes crazy enough to go along with their plan out of fear that they may hurt their feelings.

It is time to rise up and speak the truth; you have been faking orgasms since day one but his oblivious nature got the best of him. Men believe that because we scream and holler and act like we are losing our minds that we are experiencing the best thing since the pocket rocket but unfortunately, they are wrong and they are actually beginning to realize that they are wrong. More and more they are questioning how genuine their partners are during sex and trying to figure out ways to spot a disingenuous significant other. Whether you are genuinely trying to enhance your love making skills or trying to catch your partner in a lie, here is a list that lays out a few truths about females and their orgasms.

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12 She Is WAY Too Loud

She is trying too hard, and it doesn't seem natural. A ridiculously loud scream, shriek, or yell is not something that should come out of her mouth EVERY TIME she climaxes. This is an indication that A) you have probably never given her an orgasm and she has no clue how to react when you expect her to finish or B) she wants to over inflate your ego because she has no clue how to gently tell you that what you are currently doing is not working for her. This is not to say that some women are not loud every once in a while, but every single time? Something is up.

11 She Is Silent Afterwards

The statement that "silence is golden" has never been so true. If she is lying there quietly, and without a look of satisfaction on her face then chances are you have no reason to be pleased with yourself. At this point, do not assume that she is so completely satisfied that she is at a loss for words; do not assume that her silence is due to you having coma-inducing sex. However, we do give you permission to assume that something is terribly, embarrassingly wrong. You may not have put your finger on exactly what it is as of yet, but clearly she is unhappy and light bulb! It may have something to do with the sex you just had.

10 She Makes Recommendations

This is not something that will happen right away but ultimately if you are doing everything wrong she will try to inform you by dropping hints about changing up your style. What you are doing is not allowing her to achieve an orgasm and she just cannot seem to muster up anymore fake sounds to keep from hurting your feelings. She is officially fed up. You may notice a few more books about sex lying around the house or she may suggest a few new things to try in bed. This is your chance to redeem yourself so do not act up and get defensive; take the directive, at least if it fails you can then blame her, right?

9 She Stops Doing The Deed

There are a lot of reasons why couples stop having sex; the intimacy is dead, one person has no libido, there is not enough time in the day and oh yeah, the sex is not satisfying. Human beings have sex for mutual pleasure (well most of us do, at least) so when that pleasure is not satisfactory, there is no desire to continue having sex (at least not with your partner). A lack of sex is a huge sign in a loving committed relationship that there are bigger problems lying underneath the surface. A conversation should be had at this point to find out how to fix what is broken.

8 Her Body

A woman’s orgasm is written all over her body; the twitches, the sweat, the arches that form in her feet and back right down to how she touches you during and after the deed. If you are not experiencing any of these signs, it is safe to say that you have not helped her climax. No woman can stave off the tell-tale signs of an orgasm, ESPECIALLY if it is a good one. A few other signs you should look for include heavy breathing/panting, increased heart rate, and a flushed look that is usually in her cheeks or neck. Once you experience the real reaction, it will be pretty easy to tell when she is faking it.

7 The Trick

It is not always easy to tell when a girl is faking it as some women have been doing it for so long that they have mastered the art of faking it all while ruining any hope of having sexual satisfaction ever again. However, do not fear, there is a sure fire way to tell if she is faking it or if she really is just a loud, obnoxious orgasm-er. When she claims she is about to climax, stop doing whatever it is you are doing and gauge her reaction; if she is super pissed, you know she is not faking it, but if she seems unfazed then you have a faker on your hands. It may seem like a risky test (as you may get told off or slapped) but at least it will ease your mind. However, proceed with caution and do not attempt this “trick” more than once with the same girl for obvious reasons.

6 Her Eyes Are Wide Open

Apparently it is almost impossible for a woman to keep her eyes open during an orgasm. Every muscle in her body is telling her to shut her eyes and enjoy every last bit of it; that being said, if she is staring daggers at you but still trying to convince you she is climaxing then chances are she is faking it. Closing your eyes is not just an automatic bodily function, it is also a great way to experience your orgasm as it is like getting lost for a few seconds and being okay with not being in control. If she has no desire to do that then her orgasm experience with you has not been a good one.

5 She Goes To The Bathroom After

Now, let’s clarify this first; every woman should be going to the bathroom after intercourse since it is a natural occurrence for your body to clean itself. BUT, if she is in the bathroom for a long time (like say 10 plus minutes) then she is definitely finishing herself off. Women get worked up just as much as men do during sex and not having an orgasm for women is just as bad as blue balls for men. She will spend as much time in there as she needs to because at that point all she wants is a release. 10 to 15 minutes is usually enough time because you have put in all of the leg work however, it still sucks that you could not get her there yourself.

4 She Has Lots Of Toys

There are normally two main reasons why a woman has so many pleasure toys; 1) she is single, not into one night stands and has embraced self loving, or 2) she is using them either before or after you have sex because you mucked it all up again. The amount of toys is simply for variety, and not to be mean but each toy probably does what you were lacking that particular night. There are so many types of pleasure toys out there now she may replace you altogether. If you physically cannot help her get there maybe try incorporating some of her toys into your love life.

3 She Looks Pretty


No matter how gorgeous you girlfriend looks at the beginning of sex, by the end she should look a bit disheveled and more importantly when she is having an orgasm, her face should not have a big beautiful smile on it. This is not a scientific fact or anything, but any girl who has had an orgasm knows that it is hard to look pretty and put together during the big "O". Hell, it is hard to keep a straight face; so take note if she looks like she is in any way unfazed by the awesome orgasm she claims you are giving her because you may want to reevaluate the situation.

2 She Tells You

No signs needed here if she is openly telling you that you have never been able to get her off, and if you are lucky she may even be able to tell you why. This can be a good and a bad sign, since she may be telling you because she wants to help you learn how OR she may be telling you because she is so sick of faking it she cannot fathom faking another orgasm because of how redundant it has become. Take this experience and honesty and value it; chances are the next girl will not give you a heads up, just a broken heart.

1 She Always “Gets Off”

An orgasm from vaginal intercourse is almost always rare; it takes hours of sex to even build up to that and there is still no guarantee that it will happen. If your girl insists that she does not need you to go down on her or perform any kind of stimulation besides you doing your normal thing, then she is already geared up to fake her orgasm. Refusing or sometimes denying that you need foreplay is an amateur move that could ultimately be the cause of your crappy sex life. If she is quick to say no to oral, and you feel like that is okay well, just know that you may never succeed at giving her an orgasm because you will not even have the chance.


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