12 Very Weird Celebrity Diets

The six-pack abs, the enviable guns, the toned legs, the full rear: so often are celebrities epitomized as the essence of excellence because their bodies are literally flawless. Of course, as we compare ourselves to these actors, musicians, and athletes, we wish to covet what they possess. What many people forget though is that these celebs have access to the world's best personal trainers and nutritionists, that they often spend hours and hours in the gym every single day, and that sometimes working out is a part of their job. They hire gym coaches to sweat their bodies back to pre-baby shape or to lose weight after a role called for a fuller body type.

Sometimes, though, being fit isn't enough. We hear it in the gossip news all the time, the latest celebrity who got so scary skinny that the world is concerned. In Hollywood, there's an expectation and pressure to always try to achieve perfection, with the problem being that everyone has a different idea of what perfection is. In an effort to stay in shape, relevant, and even possibly to bring in some money with weight loss endorsement deals, celebs are often the first to hop on the new diet bandwagon, trying out whatever the fad is no matter how ridiculous. If it'll supposedly help them drop a pants size or two, then it's worth investing in.

These are the same diets that we, as the general public, often hear about months after the fact. We scratch our heads and wonder why any celeb would ever think that some crazy-sounding fad would promise results. Maybe, for just a moment, we're curious enough to try this diet for ourselves (and some do). You may want to think twice though before committing to any of these 12 very weird diet fads, though.

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12 The Perricone Diet - Kim Cattrall

Salmon is an incredibly healthy part of any nutritious diet. It's stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, which can positively influence mood and allows your nervous system and brain to function normally. Besides that, your heart and vision stay sharp, you may be able to get better rest at night, and you also get a good dose of vitamin D. What's so wrong with the Perricone diet then, also bizarrely known as the facelift diet?

11 The Raw Food Diet - Amanda Seyfried

What do you think of when you hear the words raw food? Vegetables, fruit, or maybe even sushi? Other edible items under this diet umbrella include seeds, nuts, herbs, sprouts, and that's it. Really, that's it. No wonder when Amanda Seyfried spoke to Esquire in 2010 that she didn't have much good to say about her means of staying slim. "It's intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds," she lamented.

That's not a diet so much as it's starvation. It seems almost impossible to feel full after munching on such small morsels as those mentioned above. Seyfried too realizes that it's not the most ideal way to live. "If I didn't run and work out, there's no way I would be this thin. But I have to stay in shape because I'm an actress. It's f***ed up and it's twisted, but I wouldn't get the roles otherwise," she said in an interview with Glamour.

10 The Cookie Diet - Snooki

For those who are truly trying to lose weight, cookies are occasional treats saved as a dessert or eaten on cheat days. Snooki, most famous for starring on the reality show Jersey Shore, spoke to Daily Mail in 2013, proclaiming that "I've lost 42 pounds!" by eating cookies. Yes, you read that right. Cookies. About 1,300 calories a day of cookies.

Dr. Sanford Siegal patented the diet, which consists of more than downing a sleeve of Oreos. Instead, the cookies are meal replacements and tend to include natural ingredients. On top of that, you take nutritional supplements and drink meal replacement shakes if you're a little tired of cookies. Yeah, right... as if anyone could ever get tired of cookies.

9 The Grapefruit Diet - Brooke Shields

As a model, it's not like Brooke Shields hasn't dieted in her day. You would wonder then why she would endorse the grapefruit diet, which limits you to no more than 800 calories on a regular basis. For the course of 12 days, you start your morning with juice and balance it with some eggs. During the rest of the day, you switch to the actual grapefruits themselves, keeping your strength with only vegetables and a piece of meat. You're banned from eating sugars, processed meals, and carbohydrates.

While snacks are okay, these should be small. Supposedly, grapefruit is good to eat if you want fat to disappear from your body. The enzymes within the pinkish-red fruit are supposed to blast away those stubborn pounds. Just like a lot of these diets so far, it sounds boring, too restrictive, and somewhat dangerous since it doesn't seem like you're getting much in the way of protein and other balanced nutrients.

8 The Fruitarian Diet - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, did not come up with the fruitarian diet himself, but he was associated with it, especially after his passing. Some people speculated that this diet may have been what killed him, but that has since been disproved. Brooke Shields could get behind this fad, though, since being a fruitarian involves just consuming fruits. You can add in seeds and nuts if you want more than grapes, orange, apples, and the like. However, that's about all you can eat.

Research done at Columbia University's Health Promotion Program did not find good long-term health effects for fruitarians. Without vitamins B and D as well as zinc, protein, and calcium, this diet may make you lose weight, but at what cost? It can also supposedly cause stunted growth in children that eat nothing but fruit.

7 The Hardboiled Egg Diet - Nicole Kidman

You already know that you can drop some pounds by eating nothing but grapefruits, salmon, and nutritionally-sound cookies. Does this mean these are wise decisions? Nope. Another fad that you should wholly avoid is the hardboiled egg diet, which Nicole Kidman was quite a fan of. When filming for Cold Mountain, the producers asked the already-tiny Kidman to shrink even more.

She then decided to eat three whole hardboiled eggs a day, one for each meal. That's all. Sometimes, Kidman said that she'd permit herself to two hardboiled eggs in a sitting, but no more than that. Keep in mind that a single hardboiled egg has about 78 calories according to the USDA. That means that most days the actor got only 234 calories and at most 312. Definitely don't try this at home, folks.

6 The Drunk Diet - Lady Gaga

If you thought these other limiting diets before were silly, you haven't seen anything yet. In between touring the world and writing hot hits, Lady Gaga somehow had time to come up with the drunk diet. Supposedly, it doesn't call for too much, just that you do actually get some exercise in and sip some whiskey while you're at it. While booze and yoga don't sound like they really mix, if the concept is anything like Mother Monster's fashion sense, you would expect it to be off the wall.

Gaga may have pushed for this supposed weight loss method because of Luc Carl, her former boyfriend. He expounded on it even further, penning an instructional book that fills you in on exactly what to do. One writer on HelloGiggles.com tried the diet for a week back in 2013 and eventually lost the desire to do much yoga, mostly because of all that drinking. In the end, it's not recommended you try this.

5 The Alkaline Diet - Kirsten Dunst

Not only does Kirsten Dunst like the alkaline diet, but so too do celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow. That says enough, but wait until you hear what this diet actually consists of. As the name suggests, you monitor the pH levels in your body according to what you eat, aiming to keep it in the sweet spot of 7.35 or 7.45 at the max. How do you even know what your basic pH levels are? Urine tests.

You're supposed to mostly avoid acidic foods; think coffee, soda, and even pasta and some vegetables. These should be limited to no more than 30 percent of what you consume in a day while the other 70 percent should include alkaline foods like tofu and herbs. Supposedly, this diet can fight heart disease and bloating. While it is backed by doctors, try it at your own discretion. After all, regular urine samples don't sound fun.

4 The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet - Megan Fox

If you want a diet that "just cleanses out your system entirely," as Megan Fox explained years ago in 2010, then join her and Miranda Kerr and hop on the apple cider vinegar diet bandwagon. Actually, don't. Really. Fox said that she liked having a glass of the vinegar to get her body going before eating. She's actually stated in the past that she's anti-dieting, which is fine, but she's also anti-exercising, which is not so fine. The Transformers actor has clearly changed her mind since then since she's always spotted by paparazzi at the gym.

As you'll soon learn, most cleanses aren't all that they're cut out to be. Fox actually caught quite a bit of heat after sanctioning this means of getting slimmer since doctors found that it's not exactly a great decision for your body. Plus, even if it's flavored like apple cider, you're still drinking vinegar, and how appetizing can that be? Not very.

3 The Master Cleanse - Beyonce

Just like with Lady Gaga's drunk diet, back in late 2013, a NY Mag writer followed not one but several of Beyonce's past diet choices. All in all, she dropped 10 pounds. One of the most popular diets that Bey had approved of is the ominously-named Master Cleanse. This is also sometimes called the lemonade diet because you're supposed to mix water, cayenne pepper (for flavoring, no doubt), maple syrup, and lemon juice into a beverage. Then, drink that at least 10 times for 10 days.

That's all there is to it. There's no food, just that viscous, probably quite tangy drink, again and again and again. In the meantime, you take a salt water flush, drinking what tastes like ocean water. This, combined with the lemon drink, supposedly cleans out your body. Even Queen Bey herself said that trying the Master Cleanse left her cranky, and she's practically immortal. What do you think will happen when you try it? Don't find out.

2 The Baby Food Diet - Reese Witherspoon

Look, losing baby weight is difficult, especially if you have to do it several times. However, as mentioned above, with a good nutritionist and personal trainer, which celebrities like Reese Witherspoon have at the ready, there's no reason why the pounds won't slowly disappear. Many women in Hollywood that are mothers don't even look like they ever gave birth. There's no need to resort to extreme measures like eating the food designed for your newborn. Right? Sadly, no.

Jennifer Aniston, although motherless, also couldn't help but try this very odd diet, where you simply clean the shelves of the baby aisle at your local grocery store and go to town. While these jars are indeed full of healthy stuff, do you really want to be sharing with your new baby? Come on. It's a little weird. Okay, it's a lot weird.

1 The Air Diet - Madonna

Of course, no matter what diet you go on, every food has calories, and even if it's only a few, it still counts. Cut those pesky calories entirely and make like Madonna, eating nothing at all but air. The timeless singer, although she gets older and older, still manages to look increasingly younger. She's always starving to hog the spotlight from her fresh-faced singing divas, and that means a strict diet.

Granted, Madge didn't dream this up herself; it emanated from France of all places. You can make a meal. You can hold the meal. You can even dip a spoon or a fork in it. However, you can't eat it. People can photograph you with food, but you don't ever consume it. Of course, without any sustenance at all, you would die, so to prevent that, you can indulge in what's surely a briny salt soup. Oh yeah, and you can drink water too. Yum.


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