12 Unconventional Things That Get A Woman Going

A lot of men like to believe that women are this mystery that they just have to figure out; they think that a woman needs to be deciphered like they are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Because of this way of thinking, men often miss out on the simple things that women find to be some of their biggest turns-ons. Guys fail to realize that a lot of the small things that they do are sexy; it could be a genetic trait like having a deep voice, their height, or the curls in their hair. Or it can be a personality trait like being ambitious, clever or wearing a particular color of clothing. Women are really not that complicated, and the most that we want is someone who is caring, faithful and fun to be around, basically  someone we can feel comfortable with. However, every once in a while we like a little eye candy to help get us going and some of that eye candy can come off as being… well to be blunt, it can be weird. This is kind of awesome for men because hey, we are not hard to turn-on but on the other hand, we may be hanging off of you more than you would like. The way you flick your wrist, your favorite color, that pudge in your stomach; they can all be seen as a huge turn-on for some women. If you have something on this list than consider yourself lucky, you could be one of the guys who ends up with a girl with an unconventional turn on.

12 The Name Ryan

11 The Color Red

10 “Manly” Hands

9 Dad Bod

8 A Rolled Up Sleeve

7 Doing The Dishes

6 Admitting Fault

5 The Beard

4 Driving A Stick Shift


3 Freckles

2 Cocky Smile

1 Glasses

So yes, a guy wearing glasses can be classified as a weird turn-on, but with the rising trend in glasses and the popularity of the plastic rims there are so many options that can make any man look like an intelligent being. We all know intelligence is a huge turn-on for many people, the glasses only kick it up a notch and make men more exciting to look at. What is that old saying? Knowledge is power; this could be the very reason why glasses on a chiseled face could be one of the best random turn-ons ever.


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12 Unconventional Things That Get A Woman Going