12 Surefire Ways To Tell If She's Cheating

Love is a wonderful thing, that is, until it no longer isn't. If your girl has been acting differently and you suspect some foul play, you'll want to read the article below to figure out if she's got someone else on the side. Women, like men, cheat for various reasons and they can be just as sneaky about as men are. But, there are some definite telltale signs that your significant other is shacking up outside of your bedroom. These include everything from wanting more lovin' to no longer nagging you about your boy's nights. While that all sounds good, it might mean it's because she is actually cheating. By no means is this list exhaustive and even if she is show all 12 signs, she may still be faithful. Use this list to decide if her behaviour is sketchy and then investigate it.

12 She Develops New Grooming Habits

11 She Gets Nicer Underwear

10 She Makes A New Friend

9 She Doesn't Tell You About Her Day

8 She Sends Secretive Texts

7 She's Less Interested in Nookie

6 She's MORE Interested in Nookie

5 She Accuses YOU Of Cheating

4 She No Longer Nags You

3 She Tells You She's Unhappy

2 She Doesn't Care If You Come Along

1 Drinking More

If your lady was a strict one glass of wine a night type of woman and is now getting blitzed on a regular basis, she could be letting her guard down so she can do things she wouldn't do sober. "I was drunk" is a classic excuse used by cheaters, while truly getting drunk is the precursor to allowing oneself to cheat. Most people know they are going to do stupid things if they drink 6 shots of tequila in a row, just how stupid is up for debate. But, someone who is on the lookout for a casual fling might use those shots to get up the courage to get busy behind your back.

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12 Surefire Ways To Tell If She's Cheating