12 Reasons Why Rappers Fall For Dancers

Pole performers have been around for quite some time, mainly because they have the “uncanny” ability to get the attention of men. Of course, most men go to these types of clubs for the visual stimulation (and the food, so we’ve heard), but these guys probably aren’t thinking that they’re going to a club for gentlemen to find the woman of their dreams. Surprisingly, this has been the case for more than a few rappers.

Male rappers, like a lot of men, are drawn to dancers for the “entertainment factor.” Then there are times when a particular pole performer catches a rapper’s eye, and it’s love at first bump and grind. Of course, some of these dancers are sure to be extra impressive when rappers come around, since it’s no secret that they tip well. And if you’re not making money, then what’s the point?

Some rappers have fallen for dancers and provided them with a lavish lifestyle that no longer requires pole performing (but we’re pretty sure there are women from every walk of life who wouldn’t mind building a life with a millionaire). But, what is it exactly that makes rappers want to be with these types of dancers?

12 Rappers Are Visually Motivated

11 Rappers Like To Be In Control

10 Rappers Like to “Accomplish” Things

9 Rappers Love the Idea of Having a Dancer “At Home”

8 Rappers Love Doing Business In Clubs

7 Dancers May Not Want a Commitment

6 Rappers And Dancers Have A Lot In Common

5 Dancers Are Comfortable With Their Bodies

4 Rappers Love to Impress Their Friends

3 Rappers Need Something to Rap About

2 Dancers Have a “Reputation”

1 Men Have Huge Egos

A rapper who can easily spend a few thousand dollars at a club in one night takes pride in the fact that everyone in the place is idolizing him. So, when he chooses a dancer to spend a little extra time with, his ego is inflated even more. After all, the dancer could talk to anyone, but she chose him, because he’s the most dynamic, handsome, affluent guy at the club. It gives some rappers great pride to know that they can rescue a woman who was a pole performer and provide all of her needs. Of course, that may mean that said rapper is a little controlling, but that’s the price of mansions and designer handbags, right? After all, it worked (temporarily) for Amber Rose.


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12 Reasons Why Rappers Fall For Dancers