12 Reasons Why Rappers Fall For Dancers

Pole performers have been around for quite some time, mainly because they have the “uncanny” ability to get the attention of men. Of course, most men go to these types of clubs for the visual stimulation (and the food, so we’ve heard), but these guys probably aren’t thinking that they’re going to a club for gentlemen to find the woman of their dreams. Surprisingly, this has been the case for more than a few rappers.

Male rappers, like a lot of men, are drawn to dancers for the “entertainment factor.” Then there are times when a particular pole performer catches a rapper’s eye, and it’s love at first bump and grind. Of course, some of these dancers are sure to be extra impressive when rappers come around, since it’s no secret that they tip well. And if you’re not making money, then what’s the point?

Some rappers have fallen for dancers and provided them with a lavish lifestyle that no longer requires pole performing (but we’re pretty sure there are women from every walk of life who wouldn’t mind building a life with a millionaire). But, what is it exactly that makes rappers want to be with these types of dancers?


12 Rappers Are Visually Motivated

The rappers who go for dancers are usually men. Men, as we all know, are motivated by what they see. If they see something they like, they tend to go after it. Granted, a rapper may like the look of nearly every dancer at a club for gentlemen. But, there’s a good chance that one particular dancer may grab his attention. This makes the rapper feel that there’s something special about her, and he will probably start a conversation with her and perhaps take her to dinner after her shift. Rappers like Bow Wow and Joe Budden are known for taking girls from the pole performing life and showing them the finer things—all because said girl (of the moment) is attractive.

11 Rappers Like To Be In Control

When you’re one of the wealthiest people in the club, or pretty much any place you go, it’s easy to feel empowered and even a little arrogant. When rappers are handing out dollar bills to dancers, it may seem like the dancer has a bit of the upper hand, since she is getting paid for her “services.” Believe it or not, even millionaire rappers like to feel “pretty” every now and then.

10 Rappers Like to “Accomplish” Things

Dancers are trained to treat men like they’re all the same. They don’t have time to get emotionally attached to men, and are simply focused on making as much money as they can. When a rapper can get a dancer to have real feelings for him, this is seen as an accomplishment. And, the more love, devotion and affection the dancer shows her rapper beau, the more of “the man” the rapper is.

9 Rappers Love the Idea of Having a Dancer “At Home”


Most men would love the idea of having a woman who acts like “girlfriend/wife” material in public, and like a pole performer in private. However, guys can only find out if a woman is the dancer type if she’s, well, a stripper. So, the concept of becoming this woman’s husband or boyfriend is appealing to rappers, even though some men would be a little intimidated. Not only does marrying a dancer make for a pretty exciting home life, but it puts the rapper in the media pretty often and makes for some inspired lyrics for his next few singles.

8 Rappers Love Doing Business In Clubs

Rappers often go to clubs for gentlemen to hammer out business deals. So, they like to have a little visual motivation while they’re signing million-dollar contracts. Some rappers even claim that dancers serve as creative muses when they’re thinking of new songs or trying to take their careers in a different direction. If a rapper happens to get lucky and go home with one of the dancers, this makes the business meeting even better. Of course, most pole performers go out of their way to charm rappers and form a connection with them, and we all know why. Chances are dancers don’t really want stay at their current jobs, and dating a rapper is one of the best ways out.

7 Dancers May Not Want a Commitment


Dancers are also known for not looking for anything serious from men. After all, they are trained not to get too close to anyone and don’t really take guys seriously. Men are prone to confess their love to a dancer several times in a night, and they’re usually met with an eye roll. Rappers have a reputation for not being monogamous, so if they meet a woman who is also not looking for a serious commitment, it’s a match made in heaven. Some rappers even have favorite dancers in certain cities, so they can have some fun no matter where they’re touring.

6 Rappers And Dancers Have A Lot In Common

Aside from dancers and rappers not always wanting a serious relationship, they share the same mentality on a few things. Both are money-hungry and will do (almost) anything to get ahead. Both are also aggressive and make sure they get in front of the right people to get their careers to take off. Dancers and rappers are also flashy and are used to getting lots of attention from people—they also tend to throw tantrums when they aren’t treated like celebrities. So, when you really think about it, some are really meant for each other. Sure, their relationships can be destructive, but some of them manage to turn their lives around and even raise families, like Ice-T and Coco.


5 Dancers Are Comfortable With Their Bodies


You’ve probably noticed that rappers are often penning songs about a woman’s most noticeable body parts. So, it stands to reason that they appreciate a woman with an attractive body. In order to be a successful pole performer, women have to be in pretty good shape, which the average (or not-so-average) man finds pretty appealing. Of course, rappers are also thinking that if a woman is comfortable enough to take all her clothes off in front of men she doesn’t even know, she probably won’t have a problem doing the same thing in private. Yes, this means that rappers like women who are confident with their bodies, but it also means that rappers can be misogynist and immature from time to time.

4 Rappers Love to Impress Their Friends

Part of the fun of being a rapper is the fact that you can spend insane amounts of money on things you don’t really need. This, of course, impresses the friends and family members of the rapper, and most of these people do whatever is necessary to make sure they reap the benefits of the rapper’s success—even if that means encouraging the rapper’s bad decisions. If a rapper is able to get a dancer to pay enough attention to him to start an actual relationship, he is sure to win the respect of his entourage. And what rapper doesn’t want that?

3 Rappers Need Something to Rap About

For some reason, there are a few rappers out there who love to brag about the fact that they slept with women who were in relationships with other men at the time. Dancers are not always single, and it seems like some sort of an accomplishment to a rapper when he’s able to seduce a woman whose job it is to seduce men and not get emotionally involved. Plus, rappers need lyrical content. They need to rap about the fact that they walked into the club, everyone was staring at them, and the hottest dancer professed her love while she was sliding down the pole. After all, what’s a good song without a dancer falling in love with a rapper, or a rapper being in love with a stripper, according to T-Pain?

2 Dancers Have a “Reputation”

Part of the appeal of dancers is that these women are thought to be promiscuous. Most rappers are not shy about the fact that they like that in a woman. Most men wouldn’t admit it, but they’d probably like to be intimate with a woman every once in a while and not have to worry about calling her, taking her to dinner, meeting her family or listening to her hopes and dreams. This is why dancers are thought of as fantasy women. Rappers also have reputations that involve being unfaithful and very sexually active, so of course they’d be attracted to women who meet those “needs.” Just ask Lil Wayne, who was seen with video vixen Karrine Steffans while he was engaged. Wayne has also made it clear that he has a special place in his heart for pole performers.

1 Men Have Huge Egos


A rapper who can easily spend a few thousand dollars at a club in one night takes pride in the fact that everyone in the place is idolizing him. So, when he chooses a dancer to spend a little extra time with, his ego is inflated even more. After all, the dancer could talk to anyone, but she chose him, because he’s the most dynamic, handsome, affluent guy at the club. It gives some rappers great pride to know that they can rescue a woman who was a pole performer and provide all of her needs. Of course, that may mean that said rapper is a little controlling, but that’s the price of mansions and designer handbags, right? After all, it worked (temporarily) for Amber Rose.


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