12 Reasons Why Nerdy Girls Are The Best Girls

Nerdy girls can sometimes look like they're a completely different species. They reference a ton of obscure things you might not have ever heard of, they're more likely to be more independent than the average girl, and they might very well be better at video games than you are. Regardless, nerdy girls are simply awesome. They're smart, they're funny, and they're gorgeous on top of all of that. They're the best kind of girl that anyone can ask for, and here are twelve perfect reasons why.

12 She doesn't take forever to get ready

Nerdy girls aren't about to spend an hour contouring every inch of their face. They've got bigger things to think about, so getting ready isn't always about looking pretty, it's about being comfortable enough to do all of the things they want to do. On top of that, even if your nerdy girl wanted to spend all that time getting ready, she'd never need to, because your nerdy girl could probably rock a pair of jeans and Converse better than you do, and she'll do it with a fun Star Wars t-shirt.

11 She's just as hot as any other girl, if not hotter

10 She loves her independence

Nerdy girls are used to spending a lot of time in solitude for a variety of reasons. Some nerdy girls have solitary hobbies, and others might find themselves more comfortable socializing online than they do in person. Either way, dating a nerdy girl gives you a lot of independence. She has things to do that might not involve you every second of the day, and she'll want to give 100% to those things as well. Which is an admirable trait for anyone to have. This is a girl who has her priorities straight.

9 She's more likely to watch the stuff you watch

Your average nerdy girl is far more likely to watch the TV shows and movies you watch, since more than likely, she watches them herself. Getting her into the things you like won't be nearly as hard as it would be to get a non-nerdy girl into the things you like. If you want to try playing Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with her, she'll at least give it a shot even if it's not her thing, and if it is, expect her to work on her deck on her own and try to find ways to surpass you!

8 She's constantly looking towards the future

7 You'll learn something from her

6 Gift-giving is a non issue

You'll never have to worry about special occasions or Valentine's Day with a nerdy girl. Sure, roses and chocolate on Valentine's Day is always appreciated, but with a nerdy girl, you can have a lot more fun with gift giving. A nerdy girl is more likely to appreciate a gift like the latest Deadpool comic or a Pop! figure. That makes buying gifts for the special nerdy girl in your life especially easy!

5 She values every relationship in her life

4 She's smarter than you

3 She can hang out with your friends

2 Dates are always fun for both of you

You don't have to consistently "Netflix and Chill" with your nerdy girl on date night. A nerdy girl has an imagination, and she'll take you on an adventure. No matter where you find yourself, you'll always find yourself having fun with her, which is part of what makes her so amazing. You won't have to constantly go to dinner and the movies, either. You can go on museum dates or something unconventional with your nerdy girl, and she'll roll with it with a good sense of humor and fun, even if the date doesn't turn out quite so well. And if you guys do want to go see a movie, chances are she won't want to see some random chick flick, either.

1 She'll always be herself

Last and certainly not least, your nerdy girl will always be true to herself. Everything she does, she'll do with full confidence that she's being true to who she is. Whether she's coding an app or video game, putting together her next fabulous cosplay, or planning her next move in her tabletop RPG, or anything else, really, she's not going to do it without giving less than 100%, because that's how she goes about life. This is true for her career, for her education, and most importantly for you. A nerdy girl knows her value, so if you're in her life, that means she sees greatness in you that's equal to the greatness within herself, and she'll go out of her way to make sure that you see it too.


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12 Reasons Why Nerdy Girls Are The Best Girls