12 Reasons Not To Date Your Co-worker: No Matter How Hot She Is

There are a lot of reasons why a potential office hookup is enticing. There’s something about that sense of danger and breaking the rules that makes things all the more intense – more so than sneaking around in other settings. Most workplaces have rules in place that say no to dating coworkers, while others are more lenient about the situation. In general, no matter what the rule, there’s still an electrifying quality to an in-house relationship with a co-worker.

But, as tantalizing as it might be to schedule a janitor’s closet quickie during lunch with your co-worker crush, this isn’t something you should be doing for a lot of reasons. You might find this sentiment to be a buzzkill or like a motherly finger being wagged in your fast, but it’s for your own good. Co-worker relationships, even of the more exclusively intimate variety, are risky at best and destructive at worst. They’re a fantasy that sounds good in theory, but that can actually blow up in your face. Not everyone can make a Jim and Pam situation work – and here’s why.

12 You’re Setting Yourself Up to Fail


Every topic on this list will be a specific scenario in which you’ll find yourself brokenhearted, without a job or just generally unhappy with your overall decision. Smart employees know better than to tread these waters – you’ve heard too many a cautionary tale to think this will end well.

11 People Can and Will Find Out…


It takes a lot of effort to keep office relationships on the down low, especially if you work in small establishments. This doesn’t necessarily mean a small business, either – a small working environment like your local Walgreens or CVS can be a pretty tight-knit employee environment, and you know better than anybody that bored cashiers and the guy who stocks the chips in the vending machine like nothing better than to gossip.

10 …and They Can be Nasty About It


You might have a few work friends that think it’s cool you’re hooking up with the hot chick at work, and you’re sure to receive some congratulatory fist bumps once the news is out. Others, however, won’t take so kindly to this information, and they have good reason not to. Remember, smart employees know this can only lead to trouble, and they have every right to put a stop to your budding romance if and when they find out about it.

9 You Might be a Boss Someday


If you’re a forward-thinking gentleman, you know that you might one day be promoted to a higher position than the one you have right now. This is great news for you – it’s always good to be in charge.

8 She Might be Your Boss Someday


Reverse the roles now. Instead of you being in charge of the other person, your office fling is now your manager or supervisor. Things can get ugly in your relationship and their actions towards you professionally may reflect that. Co-workers are now wondering if you’re asking her to give you lax hours, overtime, benefits. You might be in a position to do so, which is a bonus for you, but it puts a strain on your relationship.

7 You’re Effecting Others


Maybe your first response to relationship criticism is a little frosty. Giving “haters” the middle finger, not caring what people think, it’s your life and not theirs, etc. But in a work atmosphere, what your co-workers think and how they treat you does matter. Actually, it matters quite a lot.

6 It’s Harder to Break Up


Normal breakups are all about being romantically linked – or, rather, how you don’t wish to be romantically linked any longer. You say your goodbyes and that’s that. Good or bad, you’re not together anymore and there’s typically no turning back from that.

5 It’s Flat Out Against the Rules

Depending on where you work, the attitudes about in-office romance can be petty shaky. In some settings, a work fling can be overlooked or simply a common occurrence. Sometimes this has more to do with the personal atmosphere than anything else – smaller businesses and more “Ma and Pa” like restaurants and stores tend to have a more lax attitude about things like this.

4 Other Jobs Will Find Out


Say you did indeed date the pretty new receptionist. Say you had fun together, fooled around a little and the relationship was going pretty well. Say all this happened to change when your boss caught you being a little too familiar with each other in the break room and you both got fired immediately for breaking company policy and being intimate at work.

3 If It Happens More Than Once


In another hypothetical situation, you dated a co-worker and it didn’t work out well, with the relationship ending in a mutual breakup. Everything is going smoothly, thankfully, and you’re relieved – you were worried it might become a little tense and rocky, just like everyone warned you about.

2 It’s Hard to Keep a Work-Life Balance


There’s typically a time for work and a time for socializing. When do you discuss work-related topics? At work. When do you socialize? When you’re off work. It’s pretty simple and easy enough logic to follow along with. Sometimes these lines blur in small ways, like hanging out with co-workers for a beer or chatting at break time. Still, this isn’t anything major and doesn’t necessarily effect your position in either realm.

1 The Dreaded Harassment Claim


This is perhaps the worst of the repercussions – that’s why it was saved for last. If your working relationship sours right along with your previous romantic engagement with a co-worker, you might notice that things are turning more bitter and hostile than you’d expect. A good person would simply try to work through these issues, but being realistic? Not every girlfriend you’re going to have will be a good person. What if this one isn’t?

It wouldn’t be the first time a jilted ex put someone in the hot seat over harassment charges. If your co-worker-slash-girlfriend becomes your ex-co-worker-slash-girlfriend, you could potentially be in hot water with your HR department if she claims you made unwanted advances or forced her into the relationship. You might think this could never happen to you, but be wary. Office relationships can be extremely turbulent. You know the outcome will be bad – but did you ever think it could end like this?


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