12 Reasons Exam Season Is The Best Time To Pick Up Chicks

College is known for being prime mating territory, and for good reason. The girls are smart, beautiful, and most importantly willing to try new things. The trouble is when to make your approach. It’s a little harder to strike up a conversation to a girl sitting in a coffee shop or in a lecture hall, or any other time she’s obviously going to be a little distracted. College parties can also end up being sausage fests more often then not, and the competition on campus always tends to be a little steep.

It’s crucial that you pick the right moment. College girls typically don’t have the time to waste on a million temporary flings, and are smart enough to see right through whatever line you try and use on them. Chat them up when they’re not in the mood and you can expect to go down in flames.

At first glance, exam season might seem like exactly the wrong time to pick up; everyone’s stressed out, nobody seems to want to chill, but there are a few overlooked facts that nobody takes into account when they’re looking to pick up. Exam season is a raw emotional time for a lot of people who suddenly have a lot more time for themselves. If you talk to girls now, when everyone else is distracted, you might find that you’re her perfect outlet for some much-needed stress relief.

12 They Need to Blow off Steam

11 They’re Stuck In Coffee Lines


10 They’re More Receptive

9 They Procrastinate on Tinder

8 There’s Less Competition in Bars

7 They Need Comfort

6 They’re in Study Groups

5 They’ll Wanna Celebrate (We Hope)

4 Their Rooms Are Spotless

3 Their Friends Are Busy

2 They Need A Stress Ball

1 This May Be Your Last Shot

Exam season certainly isn’t going to guarantee you any kind of action, but if you’ve been waiting all year to talk to that dream girl, this might be the last time you ever see her. If she’s in her last year, she might be moving, and even if it’s just to the other end of the city, that might mean you’ve lost your chance. The worst thing that can happen is she says no, and in that case, at least you won’t be wondering about it anymore. You miss every shot you don’t take, and this is your last one with a lot of girls.

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12 Reasons Exam Season Is The Best Time To Pick Up Chicks