12 Rappers Who Surprisingly Don't Do Drugs

Drugs (and the use of them) continue to be the subject of many rap songs. Most rappers have made a song (or a career) out of cranking out party anthems that mention the use of illegal substances as a way to relax and get away from the pressures of life. References to drugs like molly, codeine, cocaine, meth and ecstasy are pretty prevalent in most of the hip hop songs that are on the radio and floating around social media these days. Unfortunately, many fans of rap (particularly those who are young and impressionable) tend to follow the “advice” of these rappers, only to find that a life that involves heavy drug use really isn’t all that glamorous.

Surprisingly, there are some rappers who actually don’t do drugs. Sure, some of their songs may allude to the fact that they love to have a good time and immerse themselves in otherwise irresponsible behavior, but they don’t do drugs. A number of these rappers may even reference drugs in some of their songs, but in their real lives, they’re smart enough to stay away from the stuff. So, they get partial credit for that.


12 Tyler The Creator

Sure, Tyler the Creator has some pretty gory and bloody raps, but he makes it clear that these lyrical rants are not drug-induced. In one of his songs, he even raps, “…and while y’all rollin’ doobies, I’ll be in my bedroom scoring movies.” Clearly, Tyler the Creator realizes that drugs will only slow him down and compromise his mental clarity. He doesn’t want to risk that, since he’s pretty serious about being a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop for quite some time. He’s also the leader of Odd Future, and even though he’s surrounded by drugs on a regular basis, he’s made it clear he wants no part of it. The fact that he’s so energetic is likely a testament to the fact that he’s drug-free.

11 Logic

Maryland-born rapper Logic has a vice, but it’s Newport cigarettes. He likely doesn’t want to add more habits to his life, so he stays away from illegal drugs. In his debut album, Logic makes several references to the fact that he’s a chain smoker. The rapper has personal reasons for why he abstains from drugs. His father was a drug addict, and there were times when Logic’s dad would even get crack from his own sons (Logic’s brothers). These experiences convinced Logic that drugs were definitely not for him, which may have a lot to do with how he got his rap name.

10 Lecrae

A large part of the reason rapper and record label owner Lecrae, abstains from drugs is because he’s a Christian. Most people would label him as a Christian rapper, but Lecrae has stated that he just raps from his personal experience and seeks to be inspirational because of his faith. However, Lecrae didn’t always follow this straight and narrow path; he used to be a drug user. The rapper stated in an interview with Complex that he “pretty much tried every drug there was to try” on a daily basis. Now that Lecrae has left his former life behind, he doesn’t use drugs or drink alcohol.

9 Hopsin

Yes, Hopsin is a hardcore rapper, but that doesn’t mean he’s doing hardcore drugs. In an interview with killerhiphop, Hopsin said he “prefers permanent sobriety over temporary escape.” He states that living drug-free is best, because it helps one to take control over one’s emotions and to understand one’s feelings. He also makes it clear that drugs are merely a way to escape from reality, and that people who do drugs are “f**king their bodies up” by trying to find ways to run away from real life. Hopsin also admits that living drug-free can be difficult, and people have to train themselves to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy way.

8 J.Cole

Rapper J. Cole stopped smoking weed in 2011, and recorded several songs talking about his decision to put down the marijuana. In an interview with Hip Hop –N-More, Cole admitted that he was never an avid smoker, and that he only talked about weed in his music to keep some of his fans interested. He stated that he went through a smoking phase near the end of college, but it wasn’t a phase he was particularly interested in prolonging. Things like this make J.Cole even more appealing to some of his fans, since the rapper also talks about respecting women in many of his songs. The rapper even purchased his childhood home, where he allows young mothers to live rent-free until they get on their feet.

7 Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi was once known as a “weed rapper” because virtually everyone in the industry knew that he was quite fond of marijuana. He stopped smoking in 2011, and made the announcement on April Fool’s Day, so most people thought it was a joke. However, Kid Cudi was very serious about giving up the habit and stated that he was “happy being a new me.” He also elaborated on his life change on his Tumblr page, stating that the people who were criticizing him about being drug-free didn’t care about him to begin with, and they should be happy that he was making a positive life change. Kid Cudi went on to say that he’s not a “tap-dancing addict here to be a miserable muse” and that he always created music to help him get a better understanding of himself.

6 Eminem

Eminem (aka Slim Shady), whose real name is Marshall Mathers, basically started his career rapping about drugs and the disturbing things he did while he was high. Today, however, he’s sober. Over the years, Eminem has gone from being sober to being stoned and back and forth again, and it’s easy to tell which songs he recorded while under the influence. He even told VIBE magazine that he had to re-learn how to record songs while sober. During a concert in Detroit, he was rapping some of his familiar tunes, but stopped to tell the crowd that “he doesn’t do any of that anymore,” and couldn’t fully connect with the content of the songs, which is definitely a good thing.


5 Chamillionaire


Chamillionaire may be known for his single Ridin’ Dirty, but the rapper wouldn’t be caught with drugs or alcohol in his car. Most of the people who work with Chamillionaire, as well as his family and friends, can attest to the fact that the rapper is drug-free. The rapper, who is also known as King Koopa, often travels without a bodyguard as well. This is likely a way to prove to fans that he’s not threatening and wants to be seen as a “normal” person. In general, Chamillionaire avoids the celebrity lifestyle, which often includes heavy drinking and drug use. He prefers to focus on business and making music.

4 Macklemore

Rapper Macklemore has made the decision to stay away from drugs because he used to be an addict. He’s been sober for years, but he never wants to go back to where he was before. In 2011, he even celebrated his anniversary of sobriety on Twitter, which was an inspiration to many of his fans. He Tweeted “very surreal…3 years ago today I got sober.” He also expressed his thanks to the friends and family members who supported him over the years and helped him on his journey to health. Macklemore also welcomed a baby girl recently with wife Tricia Davis, and stated that he wants to remain drug-free in order to set a good example for her.

3 Common

Chicago-born rapper Common, is known for his socially-conscious lyrics. He’s also been known to rap about love in unconventional and enchanting ways, and promotes self-love in several ways. One of the ways that Common shows that he’s a warrior for peace is by abstaining from drugs. The rapper has been known to party with some of Hollywood’s elite, and while the illegal drugs are being passed around in his presence, he remains clean. The Oscar-winning rapper also works out regularly and follows a healthy diet. After all, he’s got to keep his health intact to create new music for his fans to enjoy.

2 Andre 3000

Andre Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000, is one half of the successful rap group Outkast. Benjamin is known for being very experimental when it comes to fashion (he’s worn football pads and feathers, sometimes all at once), but he’s not one to experiment with drugs. Andre definitely partied hard when he was younger, but he stated in an interview with VIBE that he looked in the mirror and “saw himself deteriorating.” He decided then that he was going overboard with drugs and drinking and decided to make a change. Andre 3000 is also a vegan, which indicates that he’s committed to living a healthy lifestyle in more ways than one.

1 50 Cent

Perhaps one of the main reasons rapper 50 Cent doesn’t do drugs is because he used to be a drug dealer. So, he knows first-hand how drugs can literally destroy a person’s life. In addition to staying away from illegal substances, 50 Cent also isn’t a big drinker. He stated during an interview with Piers Morgan that he had a negative experience with alcohol that made him paranoid, so he stays away from it, for the most part. G-Unit, 50 Cent’s rap group, also confirms that the rapper and businessman steers clear of drugs and alcohol. In fact, Tony Yayo admitted that he was actually the biggest drinker in the group.



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