12 Of The Most Rebellious Celebs In Hollywood

Rebel, rebel; this is the age of rebellion in Hollywood, more and more celebrities are refusing to conform to what is considered socially normal and better yet, they are making their own paths and gaining followers who appreciate and respect the causes they are standing for. Hollywood has been turned upside down by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, and almost every recent Disney star possible, simply because they have found their niche and are running with it. Now, most of society may not agree that what these celebrities are doing can be considered rebellion; but this may be the best word to describe their strength to fight for a more equal Hollywood or in Cyrus’ case, fight for the right to be half naked if not fully naked all the time. Most of society assumes that rebellion involves destructive behavior, danger and lethal excitement but truthfully, rebellion can come in all forms and can involve anything from fighting for the right for something or even refusing to be a sex symbol in order to sell records. Unfortunately, provocative behavior is usually what catches people’s eyes when they refer to rebellion; along with being outspoken, having too much clothes on, being too private and so on and so forth. Ultimately, if it is not “Hollywood normal”, it is rebellion. Here is a list of celebrities who refuse to follow the norms of Hollywood, stand up for what they believe in or just flat out act and look so weird that rebellious is the only way to describe them.

12 Zendaya

Shake It Up TV star Zendaya, has used her celebrity voice to fight for equality in Hollywood. Unfortunately for her, not many people like that and she is constantly having to defend her stance about Hollywood. Mot recently, Zendaya had to school Fashion Police critic Guiliana Rancic on black culture and defend a hairstyle that realistically just should have been a hairstyle. Zendaya is not afraid to speak her mind and stick up for what she believes in. Most recently she has had to stick up for her mother and father after posting a picture of them and people commenting on how “ugly” they are.

11 Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg (better known as Rue from The Hunger Games) has made a splash on social media by being a little out of the box with her fashion. She has aligned herself with some of the more eccentric bunch in Hollywood like Jayden Smith, who she went to prom with. She has also been very vocal about how powerful education can be, and this is a rare subject to talk about in Hollywood. She is defying odds by being a young celebrity in Hollywood who does not feel she needs to conform to societal norms. Recently she penned an open letter about black hair and the contradictions that surround it; brains and Hollywood do not mix well together.

10 Amy Schumer

When the comedian hit the Hollywood scene no one knew what to make of her; she did not have the typical Hollywood body, she was not the most refined and she did not pretend to fit in. Schumer has managed to stay true to herself and stick up for what she believes in without compromising her personal ethics. So what makes her rebellious? Her jokes are crude and when she opens her mouth, you really never know what is going to come out of it but you can guarantee that a majority of the time it will shock you. Schumer plays by her own rules and has no problem telling you about it.

9 Adele

This sultry singer has talent beyond her years, so when she decided to take a break and start a family in the middle of her career high, she was consistently warned against it by her manager Louis Walsh. Let’s be honest, who takes a 5 year break during their career high? Adele told Vogue magazine “I am f***ing off for four or five years. If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy.” Five years later and people are still anticipating her new record. Walsh was wrong, her star did not fade.

8 Emma Roberts

7 Kanye West

Ah, good old Kanye West. One of the biggest rebels of our time, West has been known mainly for speaking out against random things that affect him and no one else, like creating the leather jogging pant and being turned down by Fendi, or snatching the spotlight from Taylor Swift because he did not think her video deserved the Video of the Year Award at the MTV VMA’s. West refuses to play by anyone’s rules and if he even thinks he has, he creates a situation that allows him to play by his own rules. .

6 Roseanne Barr

One could say that actress and comedian Roseanne Barr, went a little nutty when she lashed out against Hollywood and disappeared to live on her nut farm. Barr has always been a little vocal about how questionable Hollywood is towards women; however, overtime she has managed to say a lot of things to upset the public and doing some wacky things that make people question her sanity. Most recently, she decided to throw her hat into the presidential race. Not many know what her platform includes, but she has a video of herself flipping people off while wearing a “blocked” t-shirt.

5 Charlotte Church


4 Paris Jackson

3 Taylor Momsen

Former actress Taylor Momsen, may look like she is in her forties but she is actually only 22; but do not make the mistake of fan girling her when you see her on the streets of LA. In fact, don’t even bother addressing the fact that she was an actress before she was a musician, because it seems like she is trying to forget that part of her life. Most people do not remember that she was Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas because she looks so dramatically different. She also refuses to acknowledge that she was on the hit show Gossip Girl. Momsen has turned her back on the glitz and glam of Hollywood and she is proving it by lathering on layers and layers of black eyeliner.

2 Miley Cyrus

1 Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has been called everything from fat to sloppy to a hot mess; however, she has not let that define her or make her conform to what Hollywood wants. She has stayed true to her own quirky self and embraces that she may be rebelling a bit against Hollywood norms but she knows that there are girls out there who want (and so badly need) a role model such as herself. Wilson even managed to lie about her age just to prove that Hollywood is kinder to younger women (as if we didn't know that already). She still has not let anything step in the way of her success.

Here is to looking different, dancing to the beat of your own drum and still coming out on top.

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