12 Of The Hottest Soccer Moms In Hollywood

We see them on the red carpet, and in every fashion magazine on the planet. Dressed in the finest designer threads that money can buy, many famous actresses work the red carpet as if they were born to carry so much glitz and glamour. However, back at home, these same hot actresses take on one of the hardest, yet most rewarding role of their lives: motherhood.

Even though people probably assume that celebrities leave their kids with nannies while they attend to their posh lifestyle, many Hollywood starlets manage to be hands on mothers who take their motherly role very seriously. Paparazzi can often find them with strollers in hand, wheeling their children from one event to another. Sometimes fans even spot some of these hot celebrity moms at their kids soccer games. That's right, some of Hollywood's hottest moms still find the time to cheer on the sidelines for their kid's team. Some even take it once step further and become the coach. Granted, they probably aren't wearing the latest in high fashion when sitting on the bleachers, but whatever the case may be, these celebrity mothers still manage to look good even while baking underneath the hot sun.

12 Denise Richards

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The former flame of Charlie Sheen has proven to be a devoted mom to her kids, and tries to spread her time evenly among all of them. Of the many activities you can find the Wild Things star doing is attending the soccer games of daughters Sam and Lola. Like any mom, Denise Richards brings snacks for her little players, but she has been seen returning an errant ball that somehow got kicked off to the side. Talk about a hands-on type of hot soccer mom.

11 Heidi Klum

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Not only does supermodel, reality show host and occasional actress Heidi Klum know how to strut her stuff down the runway, or show off her wings as a sexy Victoria's Secret angel, but she also knows how to show support to her eldest son Henry, during his soccer games. Not to mention the fact that the Project Runway host and Emmy winner still manages to look stunning while sitting in the hot sun. Both Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia would certainly approve. Klum has three children with ex-husband Seal, and one with Flavio Briatore.

10 Katie Holmes


Before her famous break-up with Scientology member, ex-husband Tom Cruise, Dawson's Creek actress Katie Holmes, played the part of soccer mom to his children Conner and Isabella. Then you-know-what happened (of course), and the rest was history. Nowadays you can find the Miss Meadows actress hanging out with her daughter Suri Cruise at gymnastics or during the Kid's Choice Awards. She may not be acting as much, but she is certainly keeping busy with her job as mom.

9 Leann Rimes

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Not only do some of the hot soccer moms and their famous exes put their differences aside to cheer on kids during a fun game of soccer, but exes and current spouses do, as well. Leann Rimes and Brandi Glanville may have more to say to each other off the sidelines, but when it came to cheering on Glanville's son Jake (whom she had with Eddie Cibrian, the current flame of the Blue singer), they can manage to (awkwardly) cheer together. If you remember, Cibrian was married to Glanville until he started seeing Rimes, thus effectively ending his marriage.

8 Reese Witherspoon

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Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon is known for playing characters with a lot of fire and spunk (as you can see in her most recent film, Hot Pursuit), so it is no surprise that the blonde beauty would bring that kind of energy to the soccer field when cheering on her son Deacon, during his soccer games. Though the Legally Blonde star can usually be found dressed down in plaid or comfy sweats while watching the game, she still manages to look utterly adorable.

7 Anna Paquin

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You don't need to be the natural parent of a kid in order to show your support on the soccer field; nope, in fact some of Hollywood's hottest soccer moms are actually step-parents. HBO's True Blood's Anna Paquin is one example of this, since she has been known to attend the games of husband and co-star Stephen Moyer's kids. Perhaps when her twins Poppy and Charlie get a little bit older, she'll keep the tradition going by letting them join a soccer team as well.

6 Jennifer Garner


Former Alias star Jennifer Garner has found one more iconic role that seems to suit her like a glove: hot soccer mom. The devoted mother to Violet, Samuel and Seraphina and the better half to actor/director and new Batman, Ben Affleck, is often seen accompanying her kids to soccer practice, all while still managing to look as radiant as ever. So there are two things we now know about Garner; whether kicking butt as a secret agent or being mom of the year, the 13 Going on 30 star knows how to do it all with style.

5 Britney Spears

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Though many questioned her parenting skills early on (remember the hair shaving incident?), Britney Spears has shown to be a devoted mother who will put her fame aside when it comes to her kids Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline. There is even a rumor that she volunteered to be the team’s carpool driver. This change is miles away from the young girl seen driving with her infant son on her lap, and proves that the Ooops, I did it Again singer has really grown up over the past few years.

4 Kate Winslet


Though former couple Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes are no longer together, they certainly know when to put adult situations aside and cheer on their son Joe, at his soccer games (it's nice to see that two Hollywood celebs are able to get along for the sake of their children). Though not sporting the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic, Winslet still somehow remains stunning no matter what she wears to the little guy's games. The Oscar winner and Skyfall director split in 2010 after having been married for seven years.

3 Cindy Crawford

Heidi Klum isn't the only supermodel who knows how to strut her stuff at a soccer game. When her daughter Kaia Jordan was younger, supermodel Cindy Crawford was often seen at games and practices. Like Klum, the Fair Game star went for a more comfortable look, but somehow managed to keep her model cred intact. That's not easy to do, but somehow Crawford made it look quite as if anyone could do it (if only that was possible for everyone). Crawford also has a son with husband Rande Gerber, named Presley Walker.

2 Jennie Garth


One has to wonder if Kelly Taylor saw herself leading a group of young people onto the soccer field? Jennie Garth is one hot soccer mom, but she is not satisfied with simply sitting on the sidelines while cheering for her kids Luca Bella, Lola Ray and Fiona Eve. In fact, the 90210 soccer mom took her duties one step further when she Tweeted that she was going to take on the role of soccer coach. The former Mystery Girls star was married to Twilight actor Peter Facinelli, until the two divorced in 2013. She is now engaged to David Abrams.

1 Victoria Beckham


It was probably natural that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, would be the mom of children who loved soccer. She is, after all, married to one of the best known soccer players in the world, David Beckham, so why wouldn't their kids want to follow in his gorgeous cleats? Known for her rocking style, Posh Spice still finds time to be both glamorous and a soccer mom while attending games for sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. She's had a lot of practice cheering for her husband, so why shouldn't the same enthusiasm spread to her kids?

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