12 Of The Craziest Celeb Couple Fights

Love is complicated, whether you’re in the spotlight or not. Unfortunately, having millions of dollars and a successful career doesn’t stop people who are in romantic relationships from having some pretty intense fights. The details of the fight can be so shocking (and sometimes just downright strange), that the media doesn’t hesitate to get these stories out to the public as soon as possible.

Of course, this makes it pretty difficult for celebrities to focus on working out their issues and coming to some sort of resolution. To make matters worse, the media often adds fuel to the fire by misconstruing the words of both parties to make the story more interesting. Past allegations that are connected to the celebrities, as well as disagreements they’ve had with previous spouses or significant others also come into play, which helps to shape the public’s perception. Trying to sort through all of that while attempting to mend a broken marriage or relationship is enough to make some people give up and move on. Then comes the divorce proceedings and the fights over money and property, which puts the celebrities right back on the front pages of entertainment news outlets. Here are 12 of the craziest celebrity couple fights.

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12 Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche


Jesy Nelson of the group Little Mix and Jack Roche of the band Rixton got engaged in July of 2015. Fans have swooned over how happy the two look together, but they haven’t been without their share of disagreements. Jake and Jesy unfortunately had their bad moments for the world to see. After leaving a party celebrating the album launch for Little Mix, Jesy was seen leaving the scene of the party sobbing. A source told The Mirror that everything seemed to be going great at the party, until the couple had a falling out. Jake left and went to his hotel, and Jesy took a cab back home. Nobody really knows what the fight was about, but what kind of guy upsets his lady at her album launch party? Pictures were also taken of Nelson leaving the party in tears, which only made the situation worse. Even though it seemed like things were pretty bad, the couple snapped a selfie with each just a few hours later. Some assert that Rocha was a little jealous that the attention wasn’t on him that night. Hey, it’s a theory.

11 Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult


The pair have broken up recently, and Lawrence has gone on a few interviews talking about how much it sucks to be single. Jennifer and Nicholas have also reportedly fought at Comic-Con, which may have had a lot to do with their eventual break-up. Apparently, Lawrence and Chris Martin were a “thing” for a while, and Hoult was doing everything he could to win her back. Hoult and Lawrence appeared at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the X-Men movie they were starring in together, then reportedly went to a restaurant to discuss their relationship. Jennifer then yelled at Nicholas while at the restaurant, and Hoult appeared irritated as well. Jennifer then left and stuck Hoult with the bill. Of course, everyone at the eatery tried to catch as much of it as they could on their phones.

10 Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund

It seems that the couple are on good terms these days, but they haven’t been without their share of squabbles. In 2012, paparazzi caught the couple getting into an intense argument on their way to the movies. As they got closer to the theater, their shouts turned into “intense whispers” because they obviously didn’t want people to hear their conversation. Obviously, the angry whispering didn’t help much, because they still made their movie-going experience pretty awkward for everyone around. Dunst, who is usually really private about her relationships, recently opened up to Too Fab about her bond with Hedlund, and stated that he was like “family to her,” which may mean that we could see them fighting in public again pretty soon.

9 Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra


Both of these entertainment legends were known for getting into quarrels, but it was also reported that their relationship was a very passionate one. Sinatra got into a fight with Gardner in which he threw her belongings onto the lawn. Gardner responded by throwing some of Sinatra’s things out the window. Ava Gardner even described the first time the couple made love as “magic,” and said that was when she knew that she and Sinatra would be “lovers, eternally.” Looks like the two were a perfect match, since they both had fiery tempers and a mutual undying love for each other.

8 Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Scream Queens star Emma Roberts was arrested on domestic violence charges a few years back. Things got way too heated between her and actor Evan Peters, who was her fiancé at the time. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the two fought with each other. Peters allegedly tried to comfort Roberts, even while she was crying and yelling at him. Months later, the media got a hold of a video that showed Roberts pounding in Peters’ chest and walking away from him in a huff. After the video surfaced, the two broke up. Weeks later, the pair got back together. Perhaps there’s some truth to the notion that “all publicity is good publicity,” but these domestic squabbles definitely aren’t good for either star’s image.

7 Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston


Actors Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston had an on-again, off-again relationship for 16 years. During this time, Houston begged Nicholson for children, but he apparently wasn’t ready to be a father. Then, Jack messed around and had a child with another woman, who was 12 years younger than him. Needless to say, Anjelica was very angry and insulted. She decided to let everyone know how she felt when she came to the set of Nicholson’s movie Two Jakes, and proceeded to beat him pretty badly. Sure, that wasn’t the right way to handle the situation, but at least Houston got her point across.

6 Andre Rison and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes


Former football star Andre Rison and the late Left Eye had a pretty intense relationship. It was normal for the two to get into screaming matches, and they often had arguments about issues big and small. But the most noteworthy fight occurred in 1994 when the two got into a fight at the former Atlanta Falcon’s home and Rison walked out. While he was gone, Lisa decided to burn his Alpharetta mansion to the ground. Wow. Even after such an offense, the two still had an on-again, off-again relationship until Lopes passed away in a car accident in 2002. Unfortunately, Lopes was in the process of turning her life around and learning to properly channel her anger at the time of her death.

5 Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

4 Beyonce and Jay-Z

Ever since the couple got married in 2008, rumors have been swirling that the superstar singer and her rapper/mogul husband were headed for divorce. Jay-Z and Beyonce have always been a private couple, but it seems like they just couldn’t help but to blow their cover (at least a little) when they were seen arguing in a restaurant. Beyonce was seen exhibiting body language that clearly indicated she was upset, while Jay-Z tried to look like the argument wasn’t affecting him. Perhaps the two were still quarreling over the fight that Solange (Beyonce’s sister) got into with Jay-Z in an elevator after the Met Gala. There have also been allegations that Beyonce got a separate home after one of the couple’s fights. However, it looks like the divorce rumors aren’t true, since the two seem like they’re more in love than ever.

3 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton


The two legendary actors met on the set of Cleopatra and were a match made in…well, they were a match—in terms of craziness. The pair was passionately in love, and had some pretty publicized fights. They got married and divorced twice, and the Vatican even classified their union as “erotic vagrancy.” Their fights were over infidelity most often, and neither one of them were thinking clearly when engaging in disagreements, since they both abused alcohol and drugs often. They were one of the first couples to make the tabloids for their fighting, which often involved intense yelling. Taylor later said in an interview that she and Burton probably didn’t make it because they “loved each other too much.”

2 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Professional celebrity Kim Kardashian and basketball player Kris Humphries had a very interesting relationship, to say the least. They should have seen the writing on the wall before they entered into their 72-day marriage, which is why many still feel that the union was a publicity stunt. The two were arguing in a car one day, when Kim apparently gave Kris an earful that he didn’t take very well to. Apparently, Kris got out of the car and found his own way to get home. And yes, the media had a field day with it. The fight got even crazier when it took forever for the couple to officially get a divorce. During the divorce proceedings, Kim started dating Kanye West, which made things even crazier. Now West and Kardashian are husband and wife, and have two children together.

1 Chris Brown and Rihanna

Everyone remembers back in 2009 when Chris Brown and Rihanna got into a fight after the Grammys in 2009. Rihanna was left pretty bloody and bruised, and the occurrence confirmed that Chris definitely had some serious anger issues to work out. The two even tried to mend their relationship after Brown’s restraining order was lifted, and posted pictures on Instagram telling the world how happy they were together. The fight was not only crazy because of how severe it was, but because Rihanna revealed during an interview with Oprah that she understood that Chris was dealing with his demons, and that on some levels, she could relate. The two have since moved on, and Chris started dating model Karreuche Tran (for a while, he couldn’t choose between Tran and Rihanna). Then Chris cheated on Tran, got another woman pregnant, but changed his life around and decided to be a good father. Hopefully, the crazy has died down for the time being.

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