12 Hollywood Celebrities With The Poorest Hygiene Habits

From what we can see, celebrities appear seemingly perfect. They're always well groomed, well toned and dressed in the most luxurious clothing - But, guess what? Celebrities are just as normal as everyone else and their reported hygiene habits prove it. While some of their hygiene habits are downright nasty and not at all relatable, other hygiene habits are actually quite understandable. Although stars are associated with glitz and glamour, some of them do in fact suffer from bad hygiene - and thank goodness their odors aren't captured on film, yet. Without further ado, here are twelve of Hollywood's dirtiest celebrities.

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12 Cameron Diaz


How can someone go out, every single day, without rubbing on an ounce of deodorant? Well, we could always ask Cameron Diaz, as the actress has admitted that she has not worn deodorant for the past 20 years. As if this wasn't already unacceptable, according to Splash news, Diaz will wear the same outfit for up to four days in a row, and then just tosses the outfit out. Additionally, Cameron has publicly said that pubic hair is a natural part of a woman's body and should not have to be groomed. The Hollywood actress is often photographed wearing clothes with sweaty pit stains on it.

11 Zac Efron


It appears that the 27-year-old heartthrob isn't as perfect as everyone might have thought. Although Zac has the body of a Ken doll, he also has the odor of a garbage man. The impeccably groomed actor loves to stay active by playing basketball and working out, but Efron gets a little lazy with the clean up - opting for baby wipes in place of showers. Unfortunately, Efron's sweaty, muscular body is a job too big for wet wipes.

10 Sheryl Crow

In April 2007, Sheryl Crow promoted her Global Warming College Tour by taking part in an interview with the Huffington Post. Here she offered up the advice that people should limit their use to one square of toilet paper per visit and two to three squares during 'pesky occasions' like she does. Although, Crow did not define 'pesky occasions' - anyone who has ever used a toilet can attest to the fact that one, two or even three sheets of toilet paper is never enough.

9 Colin Farrell


Rumor has it that Colin Farrell has no approach to cleanliness - like whatsoever. His signature-look of his sultry slicked back oily hair is achieved thanks to his scalps' natural oils from not bathing. The 38-year-old actor always has a cigarette hanging from his mouth and has been reported to reak of B.O. and cigarette smoke.

8 Johnny Depp


It appears that playing Captain Jack Sparrow wasn't too far-fetched of a character for Johnny Depp - since both, Depp and his Pirates of the Caribbean character have the same hygiene practices - which is none at all. Many sources have reported that the 51-year-old actor doesn't shower or change his clothes for sometimes weeks at a time. Apparently though, Depp's ex-wife, French supermodel Vanessa Paradis practices the same non-hygiene habits as him. We guess you could say, it was love at first smell.

7 Shia Labeouf

While filming the movie Fury, Shia LaBeouf got a little too into character. The 28-year-old pulled out his own tooth and refused to shower for more than three weeks, so he could really see how his character felt. LaBeouf ended up pissing off crew members, the director and his co-stars, including Brad Pitt. He was removed from set several times and was forced to stay at a bed and breakfast miles away from the cast due to his body odor and bizarre antics.

6 Leonardo DiCaprio

5 Jennifer Aniston

4 Britney Spears


Many reports suggest that Britney Spears is a downright mess when it comes to keeping her personal things tidy. Like many of us do, the pop star has been said to toss her clothes all over her bedroom floor when she comes home. And according to a housekeeper, clothes isn't the only thing lying around - cookies, fries and half-eaten burgers have also been found lying around under Spears' bed. Additionally, one of Britney's ex-bodyguards has reported that she would often pick her nose, refuse to brush her teeth, forget to wear deodorant and even sometimes wouldn't shower for days. Eww.

3 Ke$ha

Although, Ke$ha claims to shower four times a day, many people have reported that she smells like a number of things, including 'a hobo' and 'a shrimp on a diaper' - whatever that is. But that's not all. On her MTV docu-series, the 27-year-old singer confessed to drinking her own urine, stating, "Mine isn't that bad, but I'm a very hydrated person. It tasted kind of like candy."

2 Alicia Silverstone

1 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe does not use every day hygiene products, including shampoo, body wash, cologne, deodorant, etc... Crowe has such a strong body odor problem that people have requested that he sit downwind of them at gigs and shows. While filming Gladiator and Noah, the 50-year-old actor got into character by not showering. This upset crew members and his co-stars, who were counting down the days until the both films wrapped - thanks to Crowe's raunchy B.O.

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