12 Newlywed Problems No One Warned You About

Being a newlywed comes with a lot of powerful emotions; excitement, nervousness, fear, and brooding over the decision to get married that will alter your life forever. People are so excited about the wedding and being a Mrs. or Mr. that they do not realize how different everything is about to become. You are not only thinking for yourself anymore, you have a spouse who relies on you just as much as you will eventually rely on them.

Getting married changes more than your dynamic and how you choose to function in your daily life. It also changes how you communicate and perceive everything that you experience. Unfortunately, newlywed life is not as exciting and simple as it looks. In fact, it could end up being one of the most challenging years of your life. Not only are you joining your life with someone else’s, you are in a way giving up a small part of who you are in order to fit someone else in. What sucks most about newlywed life is that no one tells you how extremely difficult it is or even forewarns you about a few of the common changes that you will have to adjust to.

Of course, newlywed life is not all bad; you get to live with your best friend, spend quality time together and shut the world out if you choose to. Also, keep in mind that not all newlyweds experience the same things and truthfully it depends a lot on how you interact with one another before you take the big step. That being said, there are a few common problems that need to be mentioned; here is your official forewarning about newlywed problems.

12 The Living Situation

11 The Fighting

10 There Is No Happily Ever After

9 Your Spouse Always Comes First, Or Else

8 It Is Stressful

7 Money

6 The In-Laws

5 You Are Not Having As Much “Fun Time” As You Think

4 To Baby Or Not To Baby

3 Loosing Friends

2 Annoying Quirks

1 Gender Roles

Gender roles unfortunately play a big part in a marriage. There is no such thing as "things falling into place" when it comes to gender roles, especially with the current generation of newlyweds. There is a greater chance of the male not being the bread winner and an even greater chance of the female not being a housewife. A conversation needs to take place about who you are, what you expect from your marriage (preferably before you tie the knot) and you never know, the both of you might be surprised about the roles that the other wants to take. We currently live in a society that somewhat frowns upon the typical gender roles so do not be afraid to say you want to be a househusband or a career woman.


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12 Newlywed Problems No One Warned You About